Trask: “I’d have to entertain the opportunity.”

University of Illinois-Chicago coach John Trask was not at liberty to say whether he’d been contacted about the opening atop the Indiana soccer program.

But he was quite candid, otherwise.

“Obviously it’s my alma mater and I spent a lot of time there,” he said. “If that turns out to be the right fit for both sides, I’d have to entertain the opportunity.”


  1. It is a done deal I am sure- the job will go to Todd Yeagley – thanks dad. Soon the press will make a release “Yeagley hired at IU!” Are people stupid??? Freitag did not have a prayer, no matter what the season.

  2. I wrote this yesterday, but late enough that few may have seen it. Still, the three comments above merit it be repeated: As Juan Carlos, King of Spain said to one very, very pudgy and stupid dictator of Venezuela Hugo Chavez, who kept talking only as an illustration of his ignorance….”WHY DON”T YOU SHUT UP?!

  3. It is not going to be Yeagley, he signed a good contract and don’t think there will be a buyout… Porter is the man.

  4. I think it will be Bob Knight…he’s a great motivator regardless of sport. He’s itching to coach again at Indiana…it’s a perfect fit.

  5. Jim, that’s awesome. Well played, sir.

    I don’t *think* it will be Todd Yeagley either. He is just getting started, and needs to prove himself as a head coach a little more. But I could be wrong. I like Todd, and wish him well, but he’s probably my third choice right now- although certainly ahead of his former teammate, Brian Maisonneuve.

    I played for Coach Trask in high school, and if you want someone to whip the guys into shape, Trask is your man. The players fool around on him, and he will run them into the ground. I think he’s also a little more amenable to using his subs and benching a guy who’s not performing- something Freitag was a little gunshy about. He’d be a solid hire and I hope he’s in the conversation.

    Still, tho, having watched Akron, Caleb Porter is clearly the number one choice. Stylistically, they play like Indiana used to play, and the Zips seem to have that kind of edge winners bring to the table. They don’t get too high or too low, they just make you pay for your mistakes. I really like what Porter has done there.

  6. its official Todd’s getting the position. Jerry orchestrated this behind, and was pissed last year when todd accepted the Wisconsin position. To be frank, I think todd’s a great guy, and needed to move out on his own. Too Bad Jerry is just having a terrible time getting used to retirement. Think of all of the hall of fame coaches who retire, and none of them continue to meddle into the affairs of the team. They allow transition and separation. I think for jerry, this is his life and bringing todd in as head coach, says its more about jerry than todd. I actually feel sorry for todd because dad can’t let go. Dad loves the limelight, and power and its actaully sad to watch

  7. jerry- Jerry Yeagley pissed that Todd accepted the Wisconsin position? Bwahahahahahahaha!!! You have no clue. No clue.

    And you’re dillusional if you don’t think HOF coaches that leave on top of their program aren’t still involved in the direction of the program they spent 30 years building, especially when they leave on top. Just remember one thing. If JY loved the limelight so much and it was all about him- why would he retire after winning the national championship with a sophomore and junior laden team? He left the cupboard stocked for Frei to keep continuity and handed him his 1st national championship. When JY was interviewed following that NCAA title game he gushed and gushed how proud he was of Frei. Frei’s problem, plain and simple was that he did not foster any sort of relationship with the alums, and he didn’t have the wins to gloss over that fact. There was a gradual disconnect of the IU soccer family over the past 6 years. Frei didn’t have guys over at the house for IU Classic weekends. Frei didn’t host reunions. The alums and players turned on him gradually and here we are. Current players called past assistants to vent. Alums called alums. I was one of them. We all know Frie well, but he’s just average. And that’s that.

  8. to- iualum200:

    When it is proper or good coaching for alums to run the show for IU soccer program?

    There were plenty of Freitag parties, but maybe you were ‘sour grapes’ and not invited??

    You are sadly mistaken, if you really are an alum!
    Freitag recruited with the other assistant from the second he took the position in 1993.
    He got all the good recruits, not JY! Amazing you feel the Head coach should entertain all it’s former alums all the time!
    The IU soccer Team & staff were always at the head coaches house for gatherings and dinners. Guess that forget to invite you? Oh yeah, why should they?
    During the classic, the staff was busy coaching the team, not smoozing the alums. JY did that and insisted on it! He could not dare part with the party scene and show off house upgrades!

    The 2003 and 2004 teams that won the college cup, were all recruited by Freitag- get real.JY had not recruited a player in years!
    You do not have a clue, and I am guessing you did not play much, when you thought you should!Or maybe your parents thought you should.
    The only gushing that Yeagley did was to try and secure a assistant position for his son, becasue no one in the right mind could justify him getting his Todd hired at IU!
    If you like parties and that is what is important, try hanging out at a bar!

    The real IU family was together all the time and doing their job as coach. Most universites would have Freitag in the hall of fame for his accomplishments in the 6 years as head coach, 10 as assistant. No one could ever compete with his work ethic, recruiting and dedication to IU.
    Party on alum- that is important!

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