Twelve days of Christmas, Hoosier Scoop-style


On the twelfth day of Christmas, the Hoosier Scoopers sent to me …

Twelve Downing personalities

IU basketball

Eleven bad second-halves

IOWA Indiana Football

Ten calls to fire Bill Lynch

Indiana Penn St Football

Nine illegal phone calls


Eight former Peegsters


Seven soccer fans


Six calls for Bawa

HOWARD Indiana basketball

Five posts about the good ol’ days


Four Korman essays


Three three-star guards


Two cases of Ro*Tel


And a Tijan in a pear tree

Bemidji Indiana exhibition


  1. Happy Holidays to all.

    One thing that I am constantly reminded of on Xmas is how much a dislike the NBA. Can’t we get some college action on TV?

  2. Two cases of Ro-Tel on top of all the Christmas morning coffee, chocolate, and sweet rolls? Urp! Happy Holidays to all – writers and posters alike.

  3. I take huge exception….HUGE!!!!!

    Merry Christmas to all.

    Downing’s 5th

    P.S. I do love the Downing photo and Tijan in a pear tree.

  4. Christmas Long Ago

    To run through the powder of the new fallen snow,
    To sip steaming hot cocoa with melted marshmallow
    To put on three layers of sock and still have cold toe
    To clutch my speeding sled with fingers froze,
    And brave the steepest hill to see how fast it goes
    Bring me back Christmas, Christmas long ago.

    To look into my yard and dream through an icy window
    To build my first play fort in nature’s white pillow
    To smile at the wind’s howl, against our house its winter whistle blow
    To know drifts piled high will force school’s doors to close
    To never worry of today and have so many tomorrows
    Bring me back Christmas, Christmas long ago.

    To watch mom and dad sneak kisses under mistletoe
    To peek at presents without tearing the bows
    To share a sugar cookie with my dog, my protector from foes
    To feel his playful nudge and his tongue lick my nose
    To be young and so lucky, like no child knows
    Bring me back Christmas, Christmas long ago.

    To see my sisters faces in festive candle glow
    To each a beautiful bloom, a pedal of mother’s rose
    To keep forever laughter in a family picture pose
    To watch dad snap a photo, his sweet proud grin shows
    To never think such moments together time outgrows
    Bring me back Christmas, Christmas long ago.

  5. Why would you ever do this to people, Hugh?

    What could make you think this was OK?

    Have you no compassion for your fellow many on this of all days?

    Never run a picture of me that large again. We want to keep at least a few readers.

  6. Oh, and Merry Christmas to all. May your presents be the kind you don’t have to return, may your relatives stay relatively bearable and may your eggnog be spiked with perhaps a bit too much rum.

  7. Merry Christmas to all. Nice work Hugh. Peace on the scoop and goodwill to Hoosiers across the land.


  8. I didn’t even notice the hilarious sequence of pictures. Good job by the scoop. Wish we could get a picture of the real Downing though, not the basketball one.

    Why can’t it snow more in Bloomington? I wish we had Ft. Wayne’s weather.

  9. Gordon continues to give us glimpses of his IU days.

    “The Clippers shot just 40 percent, and no one struggled more than Eric Gordon, who scored 11 points on 4 of 15 shooting.”

    Last night’s performance:

    11 points, 4-15 field goals, 1 rebound, 0 assists.

    Most memory-invoking, though, was his team’s blowout 31-point loss, 124-93, to phoenix.

  10. I guess Korman and Dopirak went on their usual holiday quest for inner truth(translated: Uninspired about Hoosier basketball and can’t think of anything to write…for nothing else matters).

  11. Downing,

    You can’t live without our thoughts for a few days? We’re back home, spending time with friends and family. I’m inspired about that, and have pursued it with gusto.

    The usual deluge of Hoosiers talk will resume tomorrow.

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