Vasquez apologizes to fans


Chris Howell | Herald-Times
Maryland guard Greivis Vasquez says he’s sorry to the two student fans seated on the floor during the second half of the Maryland Indiana basketball game at Assembly Hall in Bloomington, Ind., Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2009. Vasquez and the two fans where taunting each other until security forced the students to not say another word with about four minutes left on the clock. Maryland won 80-68.


  1. that must have been what Crean was complaining about, at 4 minutes left I can only imagine the frustration that had set in!

  2. security says something to 2 fans and nothing to Vasquez. I watched it all from across the way. Vasquez is the classless one in all of this, not the IU fans!!!

  3. It was probably uncalled for from each side, but this is nothing new in sports, even college athletics.

    I will be the first to admit that when I am in attendance of my favorite team in land – heck, even if I’m just watching them on TV – I probably sound like the nastiest, most unintelligent jerk there is. So can I really fault the IU students? No, not at all. Is it the type of crowd Tom Crean is looking for? Yes, it most definitely is. Of course he has to make the comment that he didn’t like what some students had to say throughout the game (and he may actually believe that). But if he’s forced to accept a few potty mouths in order to have a raucous, 17,000-plus crowd night-in and night-out, he will in a heartbeat and never think twice.

  4. Respectfully, I don’t think it was a few potty mouths. Rather it was xenophobic, ethnic/racial chants from the fans of a team with two foreign-born players on the bench.
    I don’t think he was trying to get to the PA because of a few isolated jerks that he happened to overhear whose conduct he felt obligated to chastise with a wink-wink. When he was able to get a public forum, it was the first thing he talked about and he was clearly hot about it, and he clearly isn’t willing to accept it as the price of a full house.

  5. How about this for the name of the student section?

    The Clueless Hillbillies.

    Besides adhering to the new transparency it might give us an inroad to recruiting the state of Kentucky.

  6. Tom, were you at the game? Did you see Vasquez taunting the students over and over and over? If this happened I am not excusing it, but Vasquez has a track record..check it out. I heard nothing at all racist from where I was sitting, nothing. The one knock I will say on the students is they need to show up on time. It was not until halfway through the first half that the seats were full in the main level student section. No more complaining about a lower wrap around section until you get there on time!

  7. J Pat,

    You didn’t hear anything racist. Neither did I. But when multiple media outlets and the head coach mention them, it’s a pretty good indicator it happened. And there’s NEVER an excuse for it in a college basketball game.

    I will, however, agree with you on the student section. Take away their seats or make it first-come for the students.

  8. Absolutely the right observation on Vasquez. It is a well earned reputation. He will be a verbal star in pro ball.

  9. Bobby Knight would have stopped the game, put a choke-hold on them “Bluegrass” drifters that abuse our low acceptance standards into IU’s Journalism School, and kicked their butts swiftly out the south entrance doors.

  10. Sure, take away the student seats. Even as an alum now who would LOVE to have better seats, I still believe the first 15 rows all the way around should be reserved for students and I think it’s a travisty that the students have lost the seats behind the basket at the north end of the court. Go ahead and complain about students showing up late, but what about alums now showing up at all for games during the week? If I’m trying to create a home court advantage, I want the people who actually get into the game closest to the court rather than the people that the head coach needs to encourage to make noise. After all, there’s a reason the “stand up old people” chant started.

  11. I was there. There was quite a bit screamed from the student section that should never be said and it started with opening tip.

    There seems to be a mentality that this equates to “cheering” on the Hoosiers. I say this because when I’ve talked with various students during the game, they all say the same thing… I’m cheering our team on.

  12. I only heard of the white out the day of the game on the students IDS website. Sorry, but thats poor planning if you want the entire crowd to participate. As for the comments, you could hear the vulgarity on espn at the end of the game. Watch the replay on espn and you’ll hear it.

  13. Yes, Vasquez is a cocky jerk, but the “Vasquez sucks!” chants started pretty early on. The students were also giving an “a**hole” chant to a Maryland fan at one point, which I’m fairly certain came from a series of events originally triggered by the students.

    It’s just the latest in a series of annoying behaviors from the students. Most notable of these, changing the lyrics of the “hey song” from “go. big. red. go big red” to “hey, you suck. f**k em up f**k em up, go big red” — very bush league and very, dare I say, ACC-level behavior. Even Penn State, known for being some real jerks outside of the stadium, don’t do that. Same with Purdue, and just about every other school in the Big Ten.

    Yes, you want to make the environment difficult for the opposing team. However, you don’t do it in a hateful sort of way (except, maybe, for Bruce Webber…he’s earned it, though). We need to send some Student Athletic Board people on a note-taking mission to Duke, then they can come back here and actually coordinate our student section like they should be doing in the first place.

  14. and I realize i contradicted myself by insulting ACC fans’ behavior and saying the SAB should go to Duke. I should clarify by saying that every ACC school outside of Duke have very immature fans.

    Maryland, ironically, is one of the worst offenders.

  15. Sorry but I want nothing to resembles Duke in our Hall. Every fanbase around the country trys to act like Duke, and look pathetic doing it. Case in point is the UI fans that jump around like the Dukies. Lame.

  16. I dont mind the jumping so much, since we don’t do it all the time like the Dukies. It really only happens when the fans are really pumped up…I think, at that point, it’s alright and conveys the energy nicely.

    My point is that, at Duke, they are raucous, loud, and annoying, but they’re generally not hateful as many fan bases have become.

  17. Hey alumni, let’s make a deal:

    You actually stand up and cheer for the majority of the game and we’ll start showing up on time.

    What’s more embarrassing than empty seats and late arrivals is seeing people sitting on their asses behind the basket when the opposing team is shooting free throws. And maybe if half of the students weren’t seated in the balcony/45th row of the main level for most of the games, they’d start showing up a bit earlier.

  18. Can someone please name a “classy” fan base at a prominent basketball school? Whom should we mold our conduct after?

    I’m not defending vulgarity and inappropriate personal stabs, but let’s stop acting like IU is unique in its immaturity, “hillbilliness,” whatever you’d like to call it…

    Let’s also stop acting like vulgarity at sporting events is simply a student-centered issue. I mean, come on, how many times have you gone to an NFL or NBA game and had to sit in front of the drunk, obnoxious fan who won’t stop swearing and yelling? Some people just never grow up. The majority of students and fans antagonize the opponents in an acceptable, sporting way, but as always, there’s a small percentage of fans that make everyone look bad.

  19. Casey,

    Duke, UNC, as much as I hate to say it I don’t hear this stuff out of tthe UK crowd. Kansas. Maybe just because I have never been to most of those places, but I certainly don’t hear that tripe on TV when those schools play. Duke students are obnoxious as hell, but they keep it clean and are actually very clever most of the time. They have more original thoughts than “_____ sucks” or whatever.

  20. iu student

    you children don’t get a vote. just shut up and go to your room. just be glad your daddy is paying for you schooling. hell, i’m still home schooling my college age children. anything they need to learn is just a google away.

    white outs are for kids. does it give our team any kind of advantage? no. does showing up on time so that the players can feel some support when they take the floor? yes. white is not even part of our school colors.

    us old people get tired and mellow out with age. we can’t stand and cheer all game long. just wait. you’ll find out sooner than you think. but we’ve been supporting the team since you were in diapers and we’ll be there long after you are gone. when i was a student we didn’t show up late. bob knight would’ve kicked our ass.

    so students, shut up, respect your elders, put down the bong and get to the game before introductions. or i’ll personally make sure that floor level student tickets are first come, first served next season.

  21. Wow…Very well said, Casey.

    “On The Pleasure Of Hating.”

    Nature seems made of antipathies. Without something to hate, we should lose the very spring of thought and action. … Pure good soon grows insipid, wants variety and spirit. Pain is a bittersweet, which never surfeits. Love turns, with a little indulgence, to indifference or disgust: Hatred alone is immortal. William Hazlitt

    Here’s an interesting opinion piece from The New York Times(2007) that addresses the school we all love to hate-this blogger included.
    I’ll never forget the way my young daughter once looked at me when I was going off my nut at a Hoosier basketball game…It was during our comeback at the IU vs. Duke, NCAA Regional Semi game, in 2002…Though I wasn’t spitting out vulgarities, the tone in my voice must have been so out of the ordinary that she looked at me as if I were Linda Blair in full head rotation…The demon took me over and it was fueled by a Blue Devil fan sitting one row behind me…Every time Carlos Boozer would score in the paint he would scream in my ear “ALL DAY LONG!!”….I’ll embarrassingly admit into getting fully possessed by the moment. I managed to stay away from Bobby Knight and coach “K” locker room language, but I did lose myself while metamorphosing into some strange crimson version of a Hoosier Hell Boy. My daughter’s fearful eye shook me back like holy water thrown on my heart to briefly regain sanity and give her loving grin of reassurance that it was still dad sitting next to her.

  22. Does not take much character or class to apologize for something when the other party involved is not around. If he had done it in person last night, then that takes swallowing some pride.

  23. Quoting Casey:

    Can someone please name a “classy” fan base at a prominent basketball school? Whom should we mold our conduct after?

    How about this idea, Casey? WE don’t need to mold OUR conduct after anyone else if WE become the model that others would try to emulate. Just because there are profanities at other sporting events doesn’t excuse OUR fans from following that model.

  24. Gonzo,

    I agree, which is why I said I wasn’t excusing it. My point is simply that posters on here need to stop dismissing it as being a result of the “hillbillies” that support IU athletics. My point is that it’s an issue everywhere, not that it’s acceptable.

  25. coachv,

    How can you tell a student to respect his or her elders when you belittle students and their role in creating a raucous environment for visiting teams? Without us thugs and brats, Assembly Hall wouldn’t have a reputation for being one of the most hostile and difficult-to-play-in environments in all of college basketball (see: older fans sitting down the entire time and not making noise).

    The “white out” was confirmed and promoted by the IU athletic department. I received an e-mail from the department on the day of the game telling me to wear white, so if you have a problem with that, take it up with the folks over there. As far as our school colors go, red isn’t one either, but the band still plays the “Go Big Red” chant (has a better ring than “Go Big Crimson,” and having a “Cream Out” just doesn’t sound appropriate).

    I find it ridiculous that as someone who attended IU and knows what being a student entails, you fail to appreciate the importance of the student fan base at IU. Furthermore, a university isn’t quite the same with no students.

    I’m sorry, but I refuse to respect or acknowledge you as my elder when you post something as immature, degrading, short-sighted and close minded as what you expressed above. I can’t take you seriously when YOU in fact are the one saying things I’d expect a teenager to say.

    My daddy’s not paying for my college, I don’t own a bong, and I’ll be a lifelong fan of IU athletics. Apparently one thing you didn’t learn in Bloomington is how to show some class.

    Your attitude is the kind that turns kids against their elders. I truly hope the college-age kids you’re home schooling emerge more dignified and respectful than you seem to be.

  26. Sorry old man, but you aren’t going to be around long after I’m gone. It’s not just students that show up late, it’s alumni too – especially during the week. Oh? You have work? Well we have class. Students actually attend class and there are many classes that go until 5 or 6 PM all over campus.

    And to the argument that students should get there on time before they get a section: Give the alumni balcony seats and 40th row for over half of their games and see if they come in early for a 6 win team!

  27. Profanity/vulgarity/hypocrisy exists at all levels in sports…Hell, why stop at ugly fan behavior?…There’s bigger moldy eggs to fry…WE seem to now have OUR commander-in-change modeling his conduct after the profane policies of OUR old ugly George Bush behavior…That wasn’t the lever of emulation I pulled in November.

  28. What a boring topic.

    Let me make one correction: calling our students “hillbillies” is flat out inaccurate, unless there are mountains that I don’t know about in New Jersey.

  29. Check this out, from, rating the best student sections:

    1. Duke – The Cameron Crazies are the epitome of what a student section should be. Their seating lines the court all the way up to the front row, and is big factor in what makes Cameron Indoor the toughest place to play in the country. A good friend of mine was a straight – A student until his freshman year at Duke, when he camped out with several other friends in Krzyzewskiville for over a month for the North Carolina game and ended up with a 2.5 GPA for the semester. But was it worth it? “Absolutely” he said.

    2. Kentucky – Not only does Kentucky have one of the best student sections, but they also have one of the best overall fan bases. With a capacity of 23,500, Rupp Arena is the third largest venue in college basketball. Students wait in the freezing cold for up to 12 hours before gametime. In honor of former coach Tubby Smith being from Scotland, MD, students dress in blue plaid, kilts, and face paint down in the “eRUPPtion Zone,” the standing-room only section behind one of the baskets.

    3. Michigan State – The Breslin Center is commonly regarded as the toughest place to play in the Big Ten. Students have to regularly attend games for their first three years to get a shot at seats in the lower bowl their senior year. Plus it just sounds cool to sit in the Izzone.

    4. Illinois – The Orange Krush make Assembly Hall in Champaign, IL a brutal place to play, as many of them are seated right on the floor. Not only are they loud, but they’re incredibly nasty, and got a lot of heat for how they treated Eric Gordon’s parents when Indiana came to town last year.

    5. Kansas – The student sections at the Allen Fieldhouse are a big part of what make this venue so great. Students sit directly behind the south basket and the entire north end of the court. The Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk chant is arguably the most well-known these days in college basketball. Students camp out for upcoming games as soon as the current home game ends.

    6. Washington – Hec Edmundson (Hec Ed) is arguably the toughest place to play in the Pac-10. The athletic department has gotten very creative in recent years. How do you get students to buy tickets for a football team that just went 0-12? By ensuring priority for basketball tickets! Former Washington State coach Dick Bennett got so mad at the student section that he once flipped them the bird. My personal favorite part about the Husky faithful: they randomly break into “Total Eclipse of the Heart” while waiting all day for a 7 p.m. game.

    Go Dawgs!!! #10 in the country and counting!!!

  30. so students, shut up, respect your elders, put down the bong and get to the game before introductions. or i’ll personally make sure that floor level student tickets are first come, first served next season.

    Who the hell is this guy. What an idiot.

  31. Husky Tom, I did an assignment for a class and discussed that exact thing. Students have the Crimson Club now where you get points for attending athletic events, but they give you nominal prizes instead of priority seating. The good prizes are impossible to obtain (earning 250 points with 260 points available for the entire year) and the ones that are achievable for the average student are things like coupon books.

  32. frozone-

    Sure it’s not just you pretending to be an old fart?

    Speaking of old stinky stuff…It’s amazing how mutts from every corner of obscurity can find internet Milkbones to blow their own foul Dawg gas.

  33. What in God’s name are you blathering about?

    … but seriously, is your pontificating any better than what you are accusing frozone with?

  34. I don’t care who gets there early or late or stands up or cheers hard; I mean I do, but that’s not the point. Fans cheering hard for one team are always going to strike the other team and their fans as obnoxious. The Bulls fan yelling “See Ya!” in an LA sportsbar during the Lakers-Bulls finals every time Paxon went into his shot, was obnoxious to the surrounding LA fans, but within his rights—the Lakers fans were just as vocal when the Lakers scored. But if he’d been yelling “Yeah, beat the faggot spearchuckers” every time the Bulls scored, he’d have been obnoxious to most Bulls fans as well.

    If we can only judge ourselves by the standards set by others, what about Nebraska football?
    Worship their team, obsessed with their team, but have been known to give ovations to the opposing team even or especially when they’ve beaten the Huskers.

    How about the jeering “Daaaarrryl” chant the Red Sox fans gave Strawberry. Obnoxious to Strawberry, surely, but offensive to no one.

    If all you can think of are slurs and profanities, you’re too dumb to make a difference and better off staying home.

  35. Thanks, Mikey, for the backup, or at least for throwing some of those turds back on Downing’s lawn.

    Careful, though – he’ll be off his porch-top rocking chair chasing you with a broom in no time.

  36. The most classless act I’ve ever seen from a student section came from the little turds at Duke. Steve Kerr was playing for Arizona. His father, a US diplomat, had been assassinated in the Middle East days before the game with Duke. Whenever Kerr touched the ball the Dookies began chanting “P-L-O”.

  37. Husky, who cares what IU fans in New Jersey are yelling?
    Assembly Hall is in southern Indiana, and for better or worse the fans are representing the state and the school to the country at large.
    Crean understands that. “It’s Indiana” was a statement of high praise, and now the fans should make sure it’s earned.

  38. Crean understands that. “It’s Indiana” was a statement of high praise, and now the fans should make sure it’s earned.

    It’s not like the fans came a year ago from Marquette, you know.

  39. Uhh, the IU fans in New Jersey are here in Indiana, buddy, in case you didn’t get my gist. Spend a day on campus and you will realize that half the state of New Jersey is represented in the male fraternity population at IU. They are also the ones at the basketball games.

  40. Let me simply point out that people from New Jersey are not hillbillies, they are guidos. That is all.

  41. sorry it took so long to respond. me and the wife were having a “cream out”.

    as i ready myself to slurp down my forth tequila shot while watching an excellent duke/wisconsin game, it occurs to me that i don’t even have any kids. i wonder who that is using my computer all the time?

    kids were much more chillaxed when i was at IU. what the hell are they doing to you guys there?
    of course, we didn’t have the internets back then. and i don’t own a bong, either. i have a one-hitter.

  42. The greatest profanities are always delivered as roses.

    Spend a day on campus and you will realize that half the state of New Jersey is represented in the male fraternity population at IU.

    Is there a certain scent a Jersey frat rat gives off when they pass a Husky dog on campus?…Does Tom’s back hair stand up? Do they squirt British Sterling out their armpits into his eyes? Can he hear Frankie Valli Broadway songs playing through the earphones of their iPods? Do the hot chicks walking with them sound like the nasally cast of Golden Girls? Is bagel cream cheese slathered about the edges of mouth? Do they rollerskate down Jordan Ave with sequined backpacks of bad taste? Just wondering…

    Oh pretty baby, Hu Flung Pu! The turds are back in my lawn…and thus I’ll play us out with a frat rat song.

  43. I hope Tiger’s wife divorces him…not because I am holier than thou and believe cheating to be inherently bad, but because Tiger is an a$$hole, like ARod and perhaps Kobe, although I think Kobe is a cut above the other two…

    Tonight’s marquee game, despite all the hullabaloo about the “Big 10 ACC CHallenge”, is being played in Eastern Washington, where GOnzaga and WSU, two teams from the Dark Side, are duking it out to the finish…

  44. Can someone please tell me what was exactly said that has the IU coach so PISSED?

  45. Bill,

    If it was as offensive as it seems it may have been, wouldn’t it be inappropriate to regurgitate it on this site?

    It’s most likely something inappropriate a handful of fans said. Despite what people may think he’s mad about, no one knows for sure except Crean, so let’s just let it die.

  46. Tiger will be just fine…It’s not like he was caught wearing Adidas.
    He’s already given nickname to his wife’s favorite short iron used to rescue him…It will now be known as “The Bitching Wedge”….Guaranteed to find the green.

  47. frozone now understands. frozone apologizes to coachv. frozone cool now. and now an anecdote from an invented (though likely) future:

    Years after he graduates Husky Tom goes (back) to LA for his job. He goes into a bar and orders three beers in three different glasses. Bartender brings them to him, and Husky takes care of each one in turn. This goes on once a week for about a month.

    One day the bartender asks him: “Why three glasses? You could use one and the same glass, you know, and you could pour in it from the bottles as I bring them to the table.”

    Husky says: “No, you see, I pretend I am here with my friends Downing and Remora (or Casey, or whatever) I don’t see them as often as I used to and so I’m using three glasses and as I drink them I pretend my friends are here with me.” “Nice” says the bartender, happy with the explanation.

    Everything goes on for a few more weeks when one night Husky comes and orders only two glasses. “Oh, my” says the bartender. “I hope nothing has happened to any of your two friends…”

    “Oh, no, they’re fine,” a smiling Husky replies. “They’re fine. I, on the other hand, I decided to give up drinking.”

  48. Sorry I’m late on the topic.

    1. Find a safe way to make the student areas General admission. There are kids in the balcony with me, on time, that could/should be down there in those seats, and I’m sure would appreciate them.

    2. The vulgarity song is “Dr. Hoosier” I believe, and if you pay attention, you will find the band will not be allowed to play it anymore if the obscenity continues. That’s what happened a year or two ago. My kid was a member of the band.

    3. Crean should grab the mike-rule or no rule-and deal with it just once. Can you imagine how stupid (even more so than usual) an official/conference would look for protesting a coach doing the right thing? I was a student there fortunate enough to see championships, and the place was very loud, but for all his own personal faults BK did not put up with any of that during the game. Why it didn’t apply to him personally is a whole other question…..
    If he can’t then he needs to address the student body in another, specific way about what he wants from them. I still have two at IU myself, and they tell me TC is very popular with the students.

    4. Players on visiting teams should not be attacked personally, and certainly be intelligent enough to know not to INVITE abuse from thousands of their peers.

    5. Rather than talking about this, I wish somebody would explain to me/us what the problem was the idiot official had with J. Hulls trying to draw charges in the lane in the first half! It appeared to me that he was grandstanding, threatening him with ejection and even intruded into our timeout huddle to make his “point”? Was that Hightower? Is it against the rules to draw a charge now????

    6. The future of this program is so bright, if we could just get past these turnovers, play a little better defense, and not stand around on offense occasionally, the future could be now, and we could shock a few of these teams and win some games. I would love to go to an NIT game or two this year.

    7. If Chet’s story about Kerr is true, that is horrible. As I have posted here before, the most embarrassed I have been in attendance in the Hall, was a few years ago when Sean May was booed mercilessly in the Hall during a championship season with UNC.

    Hang in there gang, IU hoops is on the upswing. It’s always easier to be a good sport when you are winning, and fortunately that is coming soon!

    Go Hoosiers!

    —All bets are off when Brucey Webber and his whining crying towel come to town. 😉

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