Who is Steve Addazio?

I’ve been thinking about the above question for a few days. Dude was an assistant at Indiana earlier in the decade and now he’s the interim coach at Florida.

Quite an interesting journey.

We weren’t here during Addazio’s tenure, which coincided with Gerry DiNardo’s. So what I know about him is: he was a prolific screamer on the practice field and his daughter interned in the sports department of this newspaper.

Pete Thamel, college writer for the New York Times, discovered more about Addazio.

The subject of football coaching has been as popular as any on this here blog. You’ll learn from the above story that Addazio is a master motivator. Here is what The Chosen One said:

“He’s got the best leadership qualities of any coach we have on the team,” Tebow said. “He can inspire, motivate and drive people like not many people I’ve been around. I’m so excited and proud for Coach Addazio.”

So I ask: do you believe this is the sort of leadership that has been missing at Indiana? Every staff obviously needs to have a good mix of personalities, and Bill Lynch has emphasized a need for teaching and development at Indiana (which does not recruit at quite the same level as Florida.) But my feeling from reading many of your comments is that some of you believe Indiana players aren’t being pushed enough. This provides an interesting frame for that discussion.


  1. YES YES and YES! I remember him well and he is a motivator! I am not sure it is about pushing the kids hard enough as it is the elementary mistakes to even the untrained eye that we have seen for the last 2 seasons!

  2. Coaching at Florida vs Indiana is not comparable and to think that the coaching techniques used at Florida will work at IU is being a little naive. Our players for the most part, are not as developed as athletes as Florida’s. Florida does not have to teach kids fundementals in blocking and tackling. We do. Florida’s coaching staff refines skills that are already developed. IU’s staff has to develop skills oftentimes from scratch. Florida’s players for the most part are superbly conditioned when they come into their program. By contrast, we need to invest a lot in strength and conditioning just to get our kids through a D1 season. It just isn’t the same deal!

  3. These are the types of coaches IU should be going for, a guy who is an up and comer someone looking at IU as a stepping stone to another job.

    A company needs two types of people, career guys and climb the ladder guys. Career guys are for the sports that don’t make any money. Climb the ladder guys are for sports that bring in the money(football, basketball). No one should kid ourselves that IU footbal is a top job, we need to think of it like Cincinnati does. Get a good young guy or guy who hasn’t gotten a chance and let him stay. If he is successful great, let him move on and find the next guy

  4. How about a Barry Alverez kind of guy? A guy who comes in, builds a program out of thin air and keeps it on, or near, the top for his entire tenure and then retires from that school. Yeah, I want one of those guys.

  5. Agree for the most part with WK. The other factor is that Florida is able to attract a higher caliber of athlete than IU is — it’s not just how well coached they were before they get to college, or how good the conditioning program is. When you have better athletes, it’s AMAZING how smart coaches are.

  6. Seriously….bring in Mike Leach! I like Bill Lynch on a personal level, but we need someone who can recruit.

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