Pagan out for spring, and other news from missed availability

Thanks to the IU football program’s Twitter account, here is video from the Bill Lynch availability I missed this morning.

Not going to make any excuse here. I completely forgot about it. We got an e-mail about this two weeks ago and within about a day or two it slipped my mind completely until Korman asked me this morning how football went. I stared at him blankly for about 10 seconds before it dawned on me. I apologize to him, to you guys, and even to the guys at IU who set this up.  It might have been at 6 a.m., but I’ll take whatever availability I can get, so I don’t want to give any impression that any hour is too early for interviews. Sorry, all.

Some of the stuff we’ve already reported. Mitchell Evans is moving to safety and Matt Ernest is moving to cornerback. Redshirt freshman Shane Covington, meanwhile, is moving from safety back to offense to play running back. Lynch said there could be some other position changes, but more minor moves could still happen.

Evans, meanwhile, is out for the spring with a hip injury. Defensive end Terrance Thomas is also out after shoulder surgery. Left guard Justin Pagan will also be out for most of spring practice. He will have ankle surgery tomorrow to fix what was ailing him for much of the season. Lynch said he thinks the hope was that he could rehab it without surgery, and he could have waited until after spring practice. However, Lynch said it was more important that he have a full summer of rehabilitation.

Lynch didn’t give any hints as to who he would hire to replace offensive line coach Bobby Johnson, who left last week to take a job as an assistant offensive line coach for the Buffalo Bills.

“There’s some good candidates,” he said. “I don’t want to get too far into it right now. Sometimes you feel like you’ve gotta do something as fast as possible. With this one, I’m kinda taking my time. I want to make sure we get the right guy. That’s an important position in that group. We’ve got a little bit of time.”

Lynch said he hopes to have someone by spring practice, though.

Lynch said he’s been pleased with Lenyatta Kiles and Jeff Thomas, the junior college transfers who joined the team in January. Kiles, from southern California, had never seen snow until he arrived in Bloomington.


  1. You cover a team for the local newspaper and forgot to to the coach’s presser?? Seriously?

    Poor coverage for a poor team.

  2. Don’t worry, none of the fans take this stuff seriously either. We know that the administration does not take football seriously and we will have another of the same old seasons. We might win one more game than we loose or we might only win 3 games.

    Until the AD starts taking the football program seriously who will?

  3. here’s an idea – the DEFENDING big 10 champion IU baseball team opens up their season tomorrow. how about some coverage of a sport that actually wins. please?

  4. It was not a press conference. It was a conditioning session for the team that the media was invited to attend and afterwards I believe is when Coach Lynch spoke.

  5. Dustin,

    You let me down man. I’ll forgive you, this time.

    Next time I’m turning little Mike P. loose in full pads on the HT Sports Desk. 🙂

  6. you sure pagan isn’t out for extensive “surgery” on that thing coming out of the top of his head? I would imagine a hairstylist would need AT LEAST three preliminary visits just to figure out where to start on all that hair. Maybe his ankle hurts because he’s so top-heavy…

    From what I understand, these winter workouts are a great way to watch a hundred college students get dragged out of bed at a horrible hour to be worked half to death for an hour…gives you a good idea of who’s got the discipline thing down.

  7. Lenyatta, dude…. that white, cold stuff on the ground – never seen it before here in the South Beach of the Big Ten. We promise it won’t happen again. Just stay in the weight room until April.

  8. I am excited to see Mitch Evans at safety, I can see that! Hard for me to get excited for this upcoming year. Just losing so many and on defense. Turned my money in for tickets, my wife and kids make 4. Called the people that dropped last year and they all said the same thing as last year. I am actually trying to be positive but I will be objective too as always. Cannot decide if I will take the family to see IU vs Wisky or vs OSU. Any advice on either venue!?

  9. J Pat,
    If you have never been go to OSU. There’s nothing wrong with Camp Randall, the experience at OSU is better.
    Before you are through, take the family to a game in Ann Arbor.

  10. If you ever have the opportunity to go to Columbus, Ohio…..don’t. I’ve heard Madison is awesome though and their fans are usually cool.

  11. I’m sort of with Wisco on Columbus as a whole…not the greatest city on Earth, but there are some nice spots like Dublin and Easton where you can grab a hotel. OSU fans will always be arrogant and annoying, but it always seems more acceptable at The Horseshoe. “Script Ohio”, though nearly three minutes long, always seems to be a very exciting moment.

    As for Madison…of the many college stadiums I’ve never been to, Camp Randall is at the tippy-top of my list. It always looks like so much fun.

    Another thought is the game in D.C., because there’s a lot of other stuff to put on your agenda around the football game.

  12. Thanks for the comments and ideas. I am excited! It will be my second year taking my family to an away game. Hopefully this year if we are up 28-3 at half, we don’t lose 29-28!!!

  13. My buddies and I are committing to one more year of going to F-ball games in B-town (mainlky because my son is a student now), but that will be it until or unless the admin. at IU takes charge and hires a (real) coach who can create some excitement . B. Lynch is a disaster and a loser who will never take this program anywhere.

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