Abraham moves back visit to March 6

Moses Abraham is pushing back his Indiana visit from Thursday’s to March 6 because his school, Progressive Christian Academy, scheduled a make-up game for Thursday night.

“If they’ve got two teams and an open gym, they’re going to play,” Abraham’s advisor/guardian Joe Boncore said. “They’ve had eight games cancelled, so they had to make them up. We’re going to try to make it out for the Northwestern game.”

Boncore said there was little to no chance Abraham would push back the visit any further, however. He said Abraham plans on making his decision by March 7.

“Mo just wants to get it over with,” Boncore said. “And he has a training regiment we’re starting the second week of March that’s going to take him through August. He wants to be done with it by then.”

Boncore said he was uncertain whether the visit would be official or unofficial, but that he wasn’t really concerned about footing the bill for the visit.

“It’s Southwest,” he said. “It doesn’t really matter.”


  1. I don’t think I’m overreaching when I say that if MoAb makes that March 6 visit, and then commits on March 7th (when it seems he’d still be in BTown, this very, very VERY good news!

  2. Yea, I guess I’m a little puzzled here. Unless he is going to commit to Indiana I really don’t understand why he would come here March 6th. Maybe he thinks he will absolutely be blown away by the campus and team??? If he know’s that he is going to make his decision on March 7th I would assume he has a pretty good idea where he is going to end up. I could understand it if he didn’t have anything but mid major offers, but this guy has a massive laundry list of Div. 1 offers. So either he’s coming to Indiana to commit or he just wants to take a short vacation to visit beautiful Bloomington Indiana in the middle of winter. Anyone care to enlighten me????

  3. i can enlighten you. he will take a short vacation to visit beautiful Bloomington Indiana in the middle of the winter and commit to UCONN.

  4. Well if he takes an unofficial and foots the bill, do you think he’s not serious about IU? I know if my kid wasn’t serious about something, I wouldn’t foot the bill. I think we must have a chance with him or he wants to rule us in or out.

  5. I wouldn’t be shocked if this kid commits before the trip to Bloomington even occurs. In that case footing the bill will not be an issue.

  6. My gut feeling after reading this and the previous story about him is that he will come to IU. It just seems odd that as soon as Crean goes to visit him he immediately sets a visit and then plans to commit the day after our visit. I’ll probably be wrong, but just seems like a fit.

  7. I can’t help myself I’m trying as hard as I can not to get my hopes up but that hopeful feeling just keeps creeping through. Maybe, just maybe, this is the one that won’t tease and tantilize us and we will break through and get a big pick up. If he commits the added pressure to improve over the off season that our other bigs will feel will be an added bonus. The fact that he wants to make a decision by March 7 and is visiting on March 6 in my mind means he thinks he wants to come to IU and just wants to make sure before he officially commits or he just wants to make sure IU isn’t going to be something other than what he thinks it is and not in a good way. Hopefully he is coming in for a visit to just dot the I and cross the T as in commITs. Close the deal Coach !!!

  8. didnt he just get to america? if so i find it wierd that he wants to commit so fast. hopefully tijan and bawa make him feel comfortable at iu otherwise he might want to go to school close to his gaurdian

  9. Having never visited IU, I don’t see how this planned visit would simply be some sort of formality before he commits to our program.

    I’m going to stay cautious and assume that he already has a pretty strong feeling about one of the other schools, and just wants to make sure IU doesn’t blow him away before he makes his decision to go elsewhere the next day.

    I hope I’m wrong. That would be a most welcome and pleasant surprise. This kid seems like he’d be a good pick up.

  10. There has been some talk about him visiting Tennessee the same day he is suppose to come visit for the Northwestern game. Also, I dont know what link it is right off hand but someone had it on HoosierNation, it was a link to Zags and it was not at all comforting. Depending on who is guardian is talking to he makes them feel good about Moses coming to thier University. The guardian said Georgetown was in the lead because of how much attention John Thompson Jr. and Sr. have paid to the kid. He also mentioned Seton Hall being a great fit for this kid. Also something about whoever gets this kid will probably get a two for one cause there is another guy coming from Africa next year with the same exact skill set as Moses and he wants to keep these two together. So there is more at stake here than just picking up this kid. Sounds like there is a pipe line from freaking Africa or something, LOL. Anyway there wasnt much talk about Indiana other than he was going to visit for the Northwestern game. This article was just posted yesterday or the on 2/23 so it’s up to date. I will try to find the link and post it later today. I dont know, but this is moving very fast for some reason. For a guy who has only been in the states for a few months the guardian is really pushing to get this done. He mentioned something about an exercise regiment that is beginning in March and going thru until August, said he wanted him committed to a school before this exercise regiment begins. I dont know kind of weird really.

  11. Well, we will have to see how this plays out. I would love to have him in candystripes, for sure. Of course if Kentucky is in the running (don’t know that they are), Cal will likely offer Moses more money than he has ever seen to be a wildcat.

  12. Notice how when the thread is largely positive the troll stayed out…that is until he found a way to disparage an entire continent.

  13. If he is making his decision on the 7th of March then he already knows where he is going, and I’m afraid it isn’t going to be IU. Then why come here on the 6th? I can see one of two scenarios explaining that. He wants to make sure he hasn’t overlooked anything before announcing for another school, or he is double checking to make sure IU is the right choice. But if IU was his choice, why would he not have made some kind of visit by now? You don’t arrive at a decision as important as what college you are going to attend without thinking about what you’ve seen and whom you have met and how you will fit in. I’m afraid this is another kick in the stomach for IU fans. I hope I’m wrong.

  14. I think he must be considering IU. Otherwise why come on the 6th when you’re going to announce for another school of the 7th? That doesn’t make sense to me.

    I guess one scenario is that the guardian wants to take a look at IU for the future.

  15. This is what I was wondering earlier, it made no sense for him to come here on the 6th when he was going to make a decision on the 7th. So its either a short little vacation to get away for awhile or he wants to visit the school that he will be coming to next fall. Unfortunately I dont think its the latter. Oh well, so much for wishful thinking. Besides this though its really starting to heat up. Kids will be announcing their decisions in the next several weeks and months. I guess IU will find out soon enough whether the team is going to have a nice boost before summer gets here. Fingers crossed??

  16. A probable addendum to consider is this young man has no predetermined process as to how you choose a scholarship offer. He has never seen anyone go through the experience. That leads me to believe all parameters we have witnessed displayed by other recruits should mean nothing. His advisor is clearly rewriting the recruitment map every hour. I think our chances are every bit as good as whomever is considered the leader of the day.

  17. Given all of these projected dates, I kind of think he’ll never come to Bloomington. Hope I’m wrong.

  18. Why don’t we all just wait until the guy actually does something before we start prognosticating?

    Remember, everyone was DEAD CERTAIN that VJ3 was going to Minnesota, too.

  19. From what I understand he doesn’t seem to caught up in the traditions and what not of college basketball. I did read where he was interested in getting a very good education.

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