After day to regroup, Hoosiers head to Madison

After a blowout loss to Ohio State in which they looked like a broken team, the Indiana Hoosiers took a collective mental health day.

This wasn’t a calculated psychological ploy by IU coach Tom Crean to get his players’ heads back in the game. The NCAA requires teams to take at least one day off per calendar week. Because the Hoosiers played on Sunday, they had to take a mid-week day off, and Thursday made as much sense as any other.

But after seeing his team get away for a day and come back refreshed, Crean said it might have been the best thing that could have happened to them.

“We took yesterday off which I think was incredibly important to us,” Crean said. “Some guys were in the gym and it certainly wasn’t required of them. I think they had a day to really just free their minds. Today it’s load our minds, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.”

And load our minds is something will certainly have to do, because the Hoosiers have just a one-day prep to figure out Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan’s complicated “Swing” offense, a four-out one-in motion system of flex cuts and high screens. Crean didn’t seem fazed by needing a cram session, though, because he said no amount of time would really be enough.

“We used to have a week at Marquette sometimes,” Crean said. “We’d play on a Saturday and have exams and not play until the following Saturday and you can work on it every day with the exception of the day off, and still, it doesn’t matter how much time you spend on it. It’s just a matter of executing. He knows exactly what he wants to do.”

The Hoosiers have to go into this one without senior guard Devan Dumes, who has the flu and won’t make the trip according to Crean. Dumes has been known to take the occasional ill-advised 3-pointer, so there may be ways his absence is beneficial, but it still saps the bench of some of its perimeter scoring punch.

“It takes away a good 3-point shooter,” freshman guard Jordan Hulls said. “A guy who can drive and a guy who can also play defense. It’s gonna be a big loss for us.”

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  1. We don’t need an extra day of practice anyway. We need to decide, each and every guy, that we’re going to be a tough bunch of b*****ds who don’t get pushed around. I keep hoping that this team – which isn’t untalented – will snap someday and decide that they’re “mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.”

  2. kurk81, I am right there with you. I didn’t ever think I would see a Northwestern team, just out right beat down IU.

    For all Dumes mistakes, he’s the only one on the team, besides Coach Crean, with some fire. I would love to see someone, besides Dumes, get pissied off.

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