1. In regards to my question, after the way it was answered and I reread it, it came off wrong. I don’t actually epect Crean to do this, but it would be sweet. My point was how hard the kids actually do work, and I agree with Korman no one would stand much of a chance against Pritch in the paint. That’s why I like the idea, you learn how very good these kids are, even when they are getting killed by the rest of the Big10. Someone mentioned the HPER, and that is where I got the idea. I played several times against Moye and Hornsby (never with both of them together), and even only half trying, no one could really stop either of them if they decided to score. I complain on here about our Offense (or lack there of) and questioning whether Crean is the right man or not (I still have hope even while critical, we just need some adaptation and change) but when it comes down to it, these kids, however young and unsuccesful so far, are still really high class athletes to even make it here. I think it would truly curb some negativity for everyone to get the chance for a sound beating. If injuries are the problem, then don’t let Creak, Jones, Watford, or Hulls play. Everyone else either has lost the youngster tag, or has some proving to do. BRING ON FINK!

  2. Just read on Sportsline that Robbie Hummel is out with a torn ACL. Obviously, I’m cream-n-crimson through and through, but that sucks. Nobody that appreciates good basketball can really have anything against this Purdue team; maybe they’re your rival, but you have to respect how they play. Feel really bad for Hummel, the team and their fans.

    In case any Purdue fans are reading this, I for one wish Mr. Hummel well in his recovery and the team well in the tournament. Hell, someone in Indiana has to be good, and for now,it’s not IU.

  3. eric, I feel bad for Hummel, but not Purdue. As I have gotten older, I have seen first hand how rude some of their fans can be. I know IU fans are bad too but I have seen some really classless behavior in front of my own kids and in our stadium and after a couple weeks back…in our arena! Again, feel bad for Hummel but not PEEEU and their fans!

  4. Never forget, it was the Boils that hacked Scott May and broke his arm, costing the Hoosiers consecutive undefeated national championships.

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