Crawford talks about why he left Indiana’s Paul Daugherty has an interesting story today about Jordan Crawford, the former Hoosier who is now at Xavier.

Parts of the story have been told before, some of them many times, but Crawford talked about why he left Indiana. Very interesting stuff.

Jordan Crawford intended to stay at Indiana, even as his teammates left, one by one. “Armon (Bassett), Jamarcus (Ellis), DeAndre (Thomas),” he said. Crawford said he knew it was time to leave when he saw one of the last Hoosiers holdovers, Brandon McGee, running stadium steps in the rain, as punishment for being late to study hall.

“He was two or three minutes late,” Crawford said. “It was after the first day of summer classes. No homework. I was thinking, if they’re going to do him like that, they’re going to do me like that, too.”


  1. If you are one time then you are late and if you are early you are on time.

    If you wouldn’t do something like showing up to that late then you wouldn’t have to be running stadium stairs.

  2. Sounds as though he doesn’t have the character to understand rules, discipline and the punishment to correct the three. Thanks again KS.

  3. Guys if I recall it was Dakich that enforced this punishment. And under the circumstances at that time, it probably was not only a bad idea, but made it obvious that Dakich was indeed interim in that capacity. Which is why he is a crappy analyst on the Big Ten Network instead of coaching.

  4. Seems like a Dakich move to me. (whose show I love, by the way and I think he’s a great analyst). Maybe somewhat harsh, but I think at that point Dakich was probably just trying to establish any sense or order, rules, discipline, etc.

  5. Yeah, we’re clearly better to not have him.

    I’m delighted with all that Crean’s done, but to imply Crawford has little or no character because he perceived an injustice and didn’t want to deal with it is more than a bit silly.

    Hope you all have high character posting on comments instead of doing your jobs.

  6. Crean was the coach by the time summer classes started, so it would have been him punishing McGee.

    Crawford and McGee were the only two left at that point.

  7. So, do they not have rules and discipline at Xavier? Is that what everybody here is implying?

    Or do we have double standards again? I wonder if Crean would have sent Jeremiah up the stairs just the same for being two minutes late to study hall.

    Looks to me like Crean wanted to get rid of everybody to start at ZERO so as to later be able to invoke that as an excuse (which is what we’ve been through for the last year and a half). So he intimidated everybody and sent them away. The Big Clapper is such an accomplished pedagogue!

  8. Lake, that is high in the running for being the most ludicrous comments in the history of the Hoosier Scoop blog. Well done, sir.

  9. Mike,

    I did not imply they were of poor character. I stated absolutely they had poor character. Poor character was their issue to be dealt with not mine. They could not deal with the consequences their actions caused as I do. KS supported and condoned their poor behavior patterns which ultimately led to their attitudes of entitlement. I can’t and won’t speak positively about poor behavior. But you make your own decision about how you feel about someone with questionable character. Let slide whatever you feel good about.

    For your education there is nobody paying me for my time on here…it is my business I work at.

  10. So Crawford saw there were consequences for his actions and bolted? Maybe Xavier is coddling him and telling him everything will be ok. Sampson was in it for himself and the kids were simply a means to an end for him. If he truly cared, he would still be at IU and learned his lesson the first time he got caught cheating. Jordan could have been great at IU, but obviously didn’t want to work for it if let stairs and rain scare him away.

  11. Hey, don’t forget the academic shape that Sampson left the Hoosiers in- absolutely terrible. I seem to remember Crean being particularly disappointed with McGee. McGee, by the way, was recently dismissed from Auburn, so he clearly hasn’t learned how to fit in on a team.

    So, yeah, maybe Crean was a little rough on McGee and he was certainly going to be rough on Crawford. But I think they had it coming. And running stairs is not cruel and unusual punishment, btw. If you don’t want to be challenged physically and mentally, there are other paths in life than being a student-athlete (at Indiana, at least).

    Good luck to all the former Hoosiers, I hope they grow up to be good people.

  12. Wow, why all the vitriol for Jordan? He was one of the good guys in that last Sampson year, and who can blame him for abandoning that sinking ship?

    I liked Jordan as an IU player and I like him at Xavier, too. I wish him well.

  13. You guys remember that Crawford was suspended for drug use right? The way those suspensions went down is a joke. Three guys (Crawford, Ellis, Thomas) get caught for the same thing and we let Sampson space out their suspensions? that is ridiculous…

    One of the good guys? What does that mean, he wasn’t at practice when Sampson was fired, he was suspended during the year, he left the team for a weak reason…not impressed

  14. Why the hate? Did you not read his quote? He was weak, and didnt care to work at improving it. He didnt understand that you dont disrespect the coach and the team by being late. I’am sure that it wasn’t his first time as well.

  15. Yes, don’t forget his drug issues as well. Those are not the kinds of players IU needs nor wants. Thank you Crean for running them all out of here.

  16. Bassett, Ellis, McGee and Thomas all ran into problems at IU and then ran into more problems at their next stops so we can safely say that the mess KS left for Dakich and Crean to clean up was real and significant.

    Crawford wasn’t part of the bigger mess, but there is always two sides of the story and I bet Crean told Jordan that things were going to be different. Whatever. We’ve got much bigger fish to fry. I hope Jordan does well.


  18. It makes me sick to watch the O$U game and think we should have had Holman, Ebanks, Crawford and Stephenson in our lineup but Crean couldn’t get it done.

  19. I agree completely with Aruss that it does make me sick to see who would should have right now on the roster, but thanks to Dan, all them players are elsewhere. also, Crean will come around and recruit well. Give the man time since he came in with NO one here. be patient and our hoosier basketball will be back. But don’t go after Sampson, Dan was the coach who released our golden team 2 years ago.

  20. Yes, don’t forget his drug issues as well. Those are not the kinds of players IU needs nor wants. Thank you Crean for running them all out of here.

    I agree wehave a much bigger fish to fry but I still don’t understand how some people on this blog are thinking! So, apparently we know that:

    1. Crawford was a druggie
    2. If he had stayed he’d ruined the team/program
    3. Thank Goodness he’s at Xavier!

    But are we sure that:

    4. Is he a druggie currently at Xavier?
    5. Is he ruining the team/program there?
    6. Couldn’t Crean have kept him?

    I don’t understand how some people here see 1-3 but not 4-6. One side of the coin but not the other.

    Look, the same thing happened with Larry Bird a long time ago. Knight agreed that was his biggest mistake as a coach but I think in the end, in the bigger scheme of things it may have been better for both IU and Bird. But it still happened: Bird came, Knight ignored him, Bird left:

    If he thought he might get some emotional support from the coaches, that notion was quickly dispelled as well. One night, while walking down the street with Jan Condra, who had also enrolled at Indiana, at Larry’s behest, and her sister, Larry looked up and saw Knight walking toward them. He stiffened and readied himself to speak to his head coach for the first time since arriving on campus. Knight walked toward Bird; Bird said hello — and Knight blew by without saying a word. “Larry didn’t say anything, but I could tell with his demeanor that his feelings were hurt,” Condra says. “Larry was used to people being a lot nicer to him. He didn’t like Coach Knight’s personality.”

    This is taken from here. To me it’s very similar to the Crawford story: Crawford was worried of what Crean might be like, he saw McGee running up and down the stairs, and like Bird he decided “I’m out of here.”


  21. I don’t think anyone is going to confuse Crean’s personality with Knight’s. The kid simply wanted an easy out, and took it with Xavier. Last time I looked, Xavier wasn’t a top research university, known for stellar academics. Simply put, he went to a good basketball program that would let him be as loose as he wants.

  22. Venezia,

    You attempt to mix apples and oranges failed.

    Coach Dakich took the right actions to change the culture of the team and bring MUCH NEEDED discipline to the program. Coach Crean supported those actions and reinforced leadership to the program with more actions of his own. Otherwise all that was needed after firing Sampson was to hire a KS clone. I hear no one complaining about character problems with our present team personnel. Indeed the right actions were taken.

  23. Quit because of bleacher runs !!!
    I teach HS band, ALL my kids do 10 to 15 mins bleacher runs and run a half mile before we hit the field for practice.

  24. Considering the teams complete collapse in the classroom I bet it was more than understood there were no excuses good enough to miss a class or study hall.

  25. Clearly, the kid didn’t have the intuition to realize that he was in a period where there was no more screwing around. It was a new coach who had just taken the reins of a program that had spiraled out of control. Crean needed to find out who wanted to be there and who didn’t. Show up late to a meeting at that time – you paid a heavy price. That simple. Too dumb or lazy to figure that out? – see ya’. Sampson created that environment and left it to the next guy to clean up.

    For a mother and kid who are supposedly as “street smart” as the article wants you to believe, you’d think they would have clued into what regime change meant.

  26. Dakich is a hack and an IU groupie

    as for Crawford no one wants to be the last one on the sinking ship. I’d have left too. You can blame him all you want but he made the best decision for him.

  27. as for Crawford no one wants to be the last one on the sinking ship. I’d have left too. You can blame him all you want but he made the best decision for him.

    Dakich did more to hurt the team during his interim basis than he helped. Now he is a talk show host. I hope he gets a coaching job far away from IU

  28. Accountability: not what Crawford signed up for at IU. Likewise, it’s clear that history wasn’t Crawford’s major at IU either: he was openly shopping for a transfer in late March/early April of ’08. Revisionist history always makes for a good victim.

  29. I liked Clarion’s answer. It was formulated with minimum amount of verbiage and sounded most plausible. Thank you very much. My analogy was actually a bit far-fetched — and right after I posted I realized that Crawford is as far from Bird as Crean is (or will ever be) from Knight. I mean as far as we can tell now. Who knows what the future will be bringing? It’s so dark in that direction you can’t see a thing.

  30. Crawford saw Crean run off McGee. Williams saw Crean run off Story. Who will it be this off season?

  31. Thanks Venezia, after I posted I thought maybe I had used to sharp a point to make my point. I too think at times the light isn’t shining bright enough in any direction. But I have no doubt next February after a years worth of toil to strive from this young bunch will provide us with some thrills. That is unless you think like some on here. Some think Coach Crean is wrong for the program or McGee should have been kept on at IU. Devin just posted above that he(McGee)has also been kicked out of Auburn. Damn that is SEC land and it takes something to get kicked out of one of their schools. Maybe with the use of a magnifying glass there could be detected a pattern of questionable behavior with that young man. The new leadership both on the interim basis and the permanent selection have made positive impacts on changing the culture of the BB program.

  32. Hope the door didn’t hit him on the butt on his way out. See ya. Good to see Aruss post on here to make me feel good about my opinions. He’s like a compass that always points south.

  33. I’m sorry, but if you see one of your teammates running stadium stairs in the rain because they were late to study hall……DON’T BE LATE TO STUDY HALL!!!!!!

    We need work ethic, not fear and excuses.

  34. WOW….never thought I would see the day that I agreed with 4guards and twice at that!!! I have dogged you for some of your comments I didn’t agree with so it is only right that I speak (type) when I do agree with you. Did I just type that I agreed with you on something related to IU bball ? If it is possible for me to admit that I agree with you I guess anything is possible.

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