Crean: Hoosiers excited about rivalry

Half of Indiana’s current team has never played Purdue. The other half has never played them at Assembly Hall. Coach Tom Crean, said, however, that all of the Hoosiers have shown an appreciation for the rivalry going into Thursday’s home game against the Boilermakers.

“I’ve been really impressed with how excited our guys are to play this game,” Crean said. “In the sense of even the guys who aren’t from the state. They know that we’re playing against a really good team. They know we’re playing against a team that’s not only a household name in Indiana but throughout the country. They know that. These guys are astute basketball fans as well as players, but I think they understand that this team is very good and they feel very competitive right now in a sense of ‘let’s go play it.”

The seven in-state players, however, are especially hyped up.

“I can definitely say I don’t really like them,” freshman forward Derek Elston said. “I haven’t been here for a while, but I’ve been around Indiana my whole life to know that if you go to Indiana, you just don’t like Purdue.”

They’ve also been around long enough to know, however, that beating the No. 8 Boilermakers isn’t going to be easy. Purdue has two stars in the frontcourt in JaJuan Johnson and Robbie Hummel, but counters that with guards like Chris Kramer, E’Twaun Moore and Lewis Jackson who can give the Hoosiers problems on the perimeter. Because of Purdue’s speed and ability to attack on defense, Crean said he isn’t sure how much he will use the three-forward lineup he implemented at the start of the Illinois game.

“I think it did a nice job,” Crean said. “Except we just got into some foul trouble and we wanted to get some backcourt work a little bit. I think tomorrow we need to rebound the ball, so that’s big, but at the same time, you’ve gotta have people that can handle pressure. I’m not exactly sure how we’re going to go with it. … we’ve gotta really really handle pressure the ball tomorrow. They get on you for 94 feet, and we’ve gotta do a good job with that.”

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  1. Oh Mr. Elston, goin out there and saying that he cant stand Purdue. I love it!!! I’ve got a good feeling, IU 67 – PU – 64 or should I say I might be 5 – 0. Oh my bad thought we were talking bout championships!?!?!?!?!?! GO HOOSIERS

  2. What’s up with the student section?

    The Crimson Guards?

    Crimson flames tied through my ears

    Good and bad, I define these terms
    Quite clear, no doubt, somehow.
    Ah, but I was so much older then,
    I’m younger than that now.

    We are going to walk all over Purdue tonight!

  3. Domination by Purdue Nation!!!

    I just hope IU can score at least 40 points so the rest of the nation won’t view us as bullies picking on our little sister.

    Maybe the Hoosier scoop needs to take off the anti-spam protection. Because right now the only 2 IU fans who can add are able to post comments.

    Boiler Up!

  4. Purduesboiling,

    The mere fact that you felt the need to seek out an IU sports blog and post about how good Purdue is simply reflects the fact that Purdue fans still and always will feel inferior to IU.

    Even when your team is clearly better than ours, you still can’t escape the fact that Purdue is the secondary school in our state. IU is and always will be Indiana’s school.

    Your team’s rise to the top is admirable, and I congratulate you, but it’s only temporary.

  5. I was directed to this article by way of Purdue’s ESPN page under local news. I did not feel the need to post something until i read the comment “Oh my bad thought we were talking bout championships!?!?!?!?!?! GO HOOSIERS”

    Every IU fan lives by the past or their supposed future. In my Boiler Years we have been the better team and school (No NCAA violations and better STUDENT athletes.)

    Casey, thank you for love in stating “clearly better.” I wish all fans could understand that current fact.

    P.S. It isn’t temporary.

  6. I love how Purdue fans think their team is actually good. They are fifth place in the big ten.

  7. PU Boiling, check out the win/loss in the past 10 years and it is good to at least have a past!

  8. Hey purdon’t boy pick up a win while you can and that doesn’t mean a win tonight is a for sure thing. If recent memory serves me correctly you were owned by none other than Mike Davis so thinking it is NOT temporary is simply you having smelled the cow patties too deeply for too long and it clouding your vision of what is coming down the pipeline right at you and your kind. If you lose tonight and you could very well do just that make sure you show us what you are made of and come back to see us but something tells me you are just like most of your kind in that you can dish it out but you can’t take it or to put it another way I guess is most of your kind don’t realize that you have let your a$$ overload your mouth until it is too late.

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