Crean: Roth still out

Tom Crean said Monday on the Big Ten teleconference that Matt Roth has not yet rejoined the team for practice and that he did not expect him to be back this week. Roth will be evaluated later today, however, and Crean said he would have more information then. He said a determination has not yet been made as to whether or not Roth would redshirt or when a deadline would be set, but that with every game he misses, Roth comes a step closer to sitting out the season.

More on this later.

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  1. Honestly I think it would be a waste by this point. By the time he actually gets his legs and body together for an entire Big Ten basketball game the season will pretty much be done. Looks like Roth will get the medical redshirt and there goes a scholarship spot for 2013. I keep thinking, among all the things in the last several years here at IU (Basketball Program) that have gone wrong or have been negative, isn’t it a matter of time before they actually start getting some breaks or just something that goes there way for once???? Maybe, just maybe?????

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