Digging a bit deeper on the Leary issue


Above: the haunting mug shot taken of Leary when he arrived at Monroe County Jail Thursday night.

First, here’s a copy of the probable cause affidavit: this does not look good.

Next, you can listen to what Leary’s lawyer, Ginny Maxwell, told Dan Dakich this afternoon: Ms. Maxwell is not pleased with the way Mr. Leary was apprehended.

It’s worth noting that Maxwell works for the law firm of Baldwin & Dakich. Yes, that’s Thomas P. Dakich, the brother of Dan, who coached Todd at IU.

Learfield Sports has announced that Don Fischer will handle in-game broadcast duties by himself for the rest of the season before a new color commentator is considered. Joe Smith will continue to handle pre-game, halftime and post-game duties. Bob Agramonte, the vice president of Learfield Sports, did not say why that decision was made.

“We’re evaluating what we’re going to do,” he said. “That’s our plan right now.”

Agramonte did not clarify whether or not Leary is still an employee of Learfield Sports. He said all employment decisions on the broadcast teams of each school the company works with are made jointly between the university and the company.


  1. Todd seems like a smart, hard-working guy. Too bad he couldn’t have figured out a way to make an honest living. But the IU basketball family is a big, forgiving bunch (me included) and once he takes his lumps for this big screw-up someone will give him another chance. But his nine lives have been used up now, no more slack. Todd, you’re our brother, but we only have so much patience even with family.

  2. Is that a picture or a painting? I know police stations are facing budget cuts but can’t we get a camera for them at least?

  3. His “lawyer” needs to go back to law school. Hey, Maxwell, there is no protocol as far as how someone gets arrested once a warrant is issued. Perhaps, if you represented more than 2 or 3 criminals in your life, you’d know that?

    Who the hell does Maxwell think that she, or her client, are that they want special treatment? That the cops should have INVITED Leary to come in. Heck, if he owes over a million dollars and has a passport, he’s a huge flight risk.

    And as far as her not getting copies of the charges, they don’t release the charges until after an arrest. Looks to me like the sum total of her experience is traffic or misdemeanor court.

    If Leary is going to rely upon this broad, he better get ready to serve some real DOC time and learn not to drop the soap. If he gets a real lawyer, he might be able to get off with 6 years of probation and a heavy dose of restitution.

  4. Kackie,

    I’m sorry to have to be the one to break this to you, but watching Law & Order reruns on TNT doesn’t certify you as a legal expert.

  5. Kackle has a point. This is a guy who was part of a multi-million dollar white collar fraud scheme. Give him advance warning and he may try to leave the country or may commit suicide. Better to catch him unaware.

    Ginny should stay out of the media and start investigating, hoping to find some new info. If the probable cause statement is accurate, Leary is going to DOC and will be owing restitution for as long as he lives.

  6. Well, if the charges are true and he stole a LOT of money he might be OK. The more you steal the less likely you are to go to jail. Maybe he should just claim he’s a lobbyist.

  7. The way Leary was apprehended kinda reminded me of an episode of Chappelle’s Show. The one with the difference between criminal apprehension of white and blue collar people.

    I don’t have any sympathy towards Leary.

  8. Chet, sorry but I have to agree with you. Let’s hope Todd was kicking back some campaign donations to Dan Burton up there in Carmel. That should be a ‘get of jail free’ card.

  9. short of it is, yes he was a IU favorite, but he may just be a no good crook. no better than the evil banks that have been killing americans, all for the buck$. no sympathy for him, hes just another crook.

  10. Sounds like people are convicting him before he is found guilty.
    There is a chance he could be innocent in all of this.

  11. Kackle is pretty close to correct. I’m not a legal expert but I do have some experience dealing with these types of cases. I don’t live in Indiana so I don’t know his lawyer or any of the parties involved but there are a number of inferences you can draw from the facts so far.

    1) This is probably only the tip of the iceberg as far as what Leary could be charged with if they want to. they could add on a number of other charges just from the facts in the police report.
    2) They have probably frozen any assets he has and his lawyer will have to go to court just to get him some sort of allowance.
    3) His lawyers comments are a ploy for any potential jurors out there to say, boo hoo look how he was treated.
    4) These types of cases usually revolve around people snitching on others. They go to someone say we have this against you, cut a deal, tell us all you know or we are going to hammer you. As far as Leary is concerned the reason they didn’t come to his lawyer first (which they do in certain situations) is because, in my opinion, they don’t think they need to. They have the info they need, they have the players involved and Leary doesn’t have much he can offer to get himself out of it. They normally don’t arrest someone like they did if you need there cooperation. he was arrested that way to send a message.
    5) As far as him going to prison, I would think he probably will unless he can pay off all the restitution up front, which he can’t I would assume. Even if he does he is going to face time.
    6) He is going to face a large lawsuit after the criminal part is over. I’d expect somewhere down the road you’ll see an auction of Mr. Leary’s assets, so be on the look out for IU memorabilia.

    If I was his lawyer I’d be telling him to get ready to sing like a canary and hope you have something they don’t. If not, it could get ugly

  12. of course you would say that 4g/alford. leary robbed innocent people of their money. no different than walking into a bank and robbing it. yet, your first post is to defend him. not surprised with your knight loving slant. why arent you trying to blame this on CTC? based on all your lunatic posts, you should be saying CTC was in on this and turned him in. i wonder if Evans had any part in this and decided to turn leary in for a plea deal? i hope he isnt part of it, but how did he know about learys actions?

  13. lala,
    Let the legal system decide his fate. He could be innocent. This is America you know.
    Secondly, you should be ashamed of yourself for dragging Evans name through the mud. Your speculation is immature.

  14. 4/steve, thanks for the laugh. your attempt at taking the moral high ground is comical. now you know how everyone thinks of the crap you post here

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