1. under bobby knight wed never loose as many homegames as we have under crean. how many more excuses is he gonna make for being a mediocre coach?

  2. Be patient good things will happen. It may take another two more years. When that happens the Cream and Crimson will rise again like a sleeping giant and we will take back the Big Ten. Also, we will be under the command of CTC!!!


  3. No kidding debbie, with a squad full of freshman and the remaining players here just so we could have a team to put on the floor last year, a cant believe we arent 16-9 without a home loss yet. That makes so much sense. I mean why can’t we win every game at home?? I don’t get, I just started watching basketball yesterday so I’m a little behind when it comes to reality. I just cant believe we have even lost a game. I’m sick of it and will probably just quit being an IU fan from here on out. I’m with you, so tired of excuses with these freshman and soph’s. Yea, he needs to be just like Bobby and throw a chair or get a tech. Who is he tryin to be Tom Crean?? Hasn’t anyone told him that this is Bobby’s house??? We need a coach who disrespect’s the ref’s and makes us look like fools. Geez, who does he think he is?????

  4. FINAL: MSU 72, IU 58.
    IU: Jones 20; Watford 14, 6reb; Dumes 6; Hulls 5; Rivers 4, 6reb; Capobianco 3; Elston 2; Moore 2; Pritchard 2.
    IU: 15-43 (35%) FG; 3-13 (23%) 3PT; 25-28 (89%) FT; 24 reb; 16 TO; 6 (17) fouls.
    MSU: 32-54 (59%) FG; 3-11 (27%) 3PT; 5-10 (50%) FT; 23 reb; 8 TO; 13 (26) fouls.
    MSU: Green 14, 4reb; Lucas 13; Allen 10; Morgan 10; Summers 7; Roe 6, 4reb, 5ast; Nix 6; Sherman 4, 4reb; Thornton 2.

  5. Ugghh! Third straight game without being on the chat. It looks like our shooting woes continued. 25 FT’s versus 5 for MSU, whoa!
    Did Watford respond well this game? Elston with 2 points? Thoughts?


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