1. I know people have been slagging on Devan for his performance of late, but not having him along will make winning in Madison that much more difficult.

    Get well soon, Devan.

  2. Yeah, I’m sure going to miss his 10-feet-past-NBA-range three point shots and his momentum-killing, out of control drives to the basket — not to mention all of those careless turnovers.

  3. The Badgers are going to be so po’d about losing at home to the whining illini they would beat the Lakers tomorrow. Dumas’ absence won’t matter.

  4. We’ll miss Good Devan (the one who plays tough D and hits big 3’s) and be better off without Bad Devan (the petulant 7-year old who misses 3’s from the next zip code).

  5. Why “dog” Dumes? Yes, he makes mistakes, but he’s kept us in a lot of games, and he’s the only one on the team with a backbone.

  6. Any word on the fight between Dumes and Rivers?

    Did Dumes become sick with the “flu” before or after the fight?

  7. Dumes did not get into fight with Rivers, it was Watford and Rivers last week, the week before it was Rivers and the COaches, the week before that it was Rivers and Moore. Dumes and his teammates get along very well and have the utmost respect for each other. Opposing teams and Coaches have more respect for Dumes than you so called faithfuls, sorry for your LIE, start the next LYING rumor, why don’t you!!! GET WELL SOON DUMES YOU ARE NEEDED!!!! Don’t let these devils get you down!

  8. To IU Grad, you need to quit lying and trying to defamate Dumes character. Dumes and Rivers never fought, Dumes has NEVER fought his team mates. Dumes is aN excellent player even being under the regime of Hitler Crean. Rivers is aggresive towards his team mates and he doesnt bar Crean. Rivers fought Watford & Moore, and he punks the coaches heck he even checked His ownself into the game with Illinois (with the athletic director sitting there watching.) How do you have so much negative to say about IU’s leading scorer Dumes. He hasnt played all year and hes been quiet and faithful despite Creans personal issues. NOW RUN TELL THAT!!!

  9. The reason he is dogged so is that he has no leadership skills and as a Senior he is only equal to Freshmen in processing information for decision making. Both those deficiencies neutralize his positive abilities on offense or defense. He is wreckless and impatient and hasn’t made improvement conquering those poor habits. In other words a slow, hard learner. He had good potential if he would have had better mentoring and coaching at a younger age.

  10. Oh so you do admit he is treated and has been treated inhumanely, as for leadership you wouldn’t know leadership if it knocked on your door. GPA OF 3.69999 is not what you would call unable to process information. He hasn’t been given a oppurtunity, and your recruting will show that. As for coaching I sure hope you are not one, you are on every site with negative comments toward Dumes. Coaching at younger age he’s done fine until he met you!

  11. Wow straight from an insider who admits Dumes is being dogged, thanks Hoosier Clarion!!!

  12. Hell boys don’t your eyes work or do you just listen to the games. He creates Freshman turnovers. The majority of his shot selections are poorly timed and could be gotten at anytime during the possession. Drives with and sometimes without the ball into oblivion. He can play good defense unless he is overmatched then his frustration grows and he lags the effort. He does not block out well in rebounding. His passing efforts are as suspect as his defense. He is a bit of a headline hunter; hence so many three point shots from 25′ plus. He refuses to use a shot fake to get a closer look which could make his shot selection more positive and with a higher % made. His GPA is a known fact and is commendable. It is one reason he was brought to IU by Coach Crean because that was the second thing in the program that had to be cleaned up. He was also brought in for leadership because he was an upperclassman. Remember last years actions on the floor earning a suspension. So much for the “I’ll lead you” leadership skills. All adding up to why he does not start on a very young team as a Senior. Dogged, only by his past performance. Treated inhumanely? Get off your inhalants. Stating facts describing poor performance is not negative. He is the most disappointing recruit Coach Crean has brought to IU. If he were a Freshman or even a Sophomore he could be given a bit of a pass.

  13. By the way Hoosier IU Insider Clarion, you seem particulary obsessed with Dumes and trying to destroy his character. But no weapon formed against him will prosper. Same mistreatment with WES…..

  14. Just like I said before – Once ‘Captain Clapper’ gets someone else in here to be his pet these sophomores and freshman will be thrown to the wayside. Mark my words. And for Rivers – He is a bully and thinks he is better than everyone on this team. Captain Clapper is star struck and lets him run this team when he is one of the reasons we have lost so much. There is a reason he didn’t finish at Georgetown – Coach Thompson wasn’t star struck and didn’t care who is ‘Hoosier Daddy’ was.

    Get well Devan. I am sure you are ‘sick’ of being treated the way you have been in the last two years by coaches and the ‘so-called’ fans.

  15. Never said a word about his character. I am sure it is above reproach. Besides student athletes with poor character either adjust or don’t usually prosper at IU. As far as the “Hoosier IU Insider Clarion” there is more to watching a BB game than the ball going through the hoop or the rebound bouncing away. Now I hope I have put to bed any negative thoughts you try to envision between the lines in reading the facts about my observations of Devin’s basketball prowess.

  16. Given a pass?????? Let me guess Nick, Malik where given a pass also… NO Totally disliked the Staff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Maybe, but with only rumors and no reasonable available facts for support.

    What did you do pull your nose up from the hi-test fumes and realize any more mention of inhumane treatment is indefensible.

  18. Available Facts Will Come To Light After The Season – Believe Me! Then Hoosier Clairion You Will Get Your Answers! Sit Back And Wait and See!

  19. I am sorry to disappoint you but when you mix coaches who have to win and impatient 18 and 19 year old talents nothing surprises me anymore.

  20. Wesley Matthews do your research, Matthews was treated the same at Marquette as Dumes is being treated now, didnt hold Matthews from going to NBA and it wont hold Dumes back either!!

  21. I am an IU fan. The Warriors/Golden Eagles are of no interest for me to research (even when they won it all 33 yrs. ago ). Good for Mathews! But Devin Dumes is a Senior and non-starter for a major conference school who’s paramount need is an outside scorer after losing two to injury. He will not play even development league ball after his eligibility runs out. Whine all you want with your rumors and bleeding heart. He is only a role player on a team that is very young and not very good.

  22. We’ve loved Indiana b-ball since 75. It disappoints me to read ‘H C’s’ comments on a student of our dynamic institution. UR speaking from personal experience as a staff mbr, ur view of the kid is tainted and poison-be careful of God’s elect. My wife & I prayed for the safety of Devin and others after listening to ‘huddle’ shouts/screams from Crean this year. To no avail, Devin sweat blood and tears each and every game last year. We all know that he carried the team on his shoulders and sure he would get bumps and knocks the way he gave his all. Devin, get well soon. U r a next level player despite the lack in the professionally immature coaching staff.

  23. – I’m dissapointed that u mentioned teammates fighting when I flew into Illinois for the game from Florida and Rivers cursed and screamed at Skeltzer (sp?) and possibly Buckley. It was extremely distasteful after making several mistakes and Rivers never once shook the hands of his teammates. REMEMBER -We r the hoosier nation! It’s healthy to disagree but it’s not beneficial to disrepect the coaching staff with fans so close to the bench. U made a comment of Dumes being ‘treated unfairly’ and it speaks volumes of the underlying truth. U gave us an ‘ah-hah’ moment- We couldn’t put our finger on it but thanks for enlightening and giving the inside scoop. Looks like our coaches have allowed their personal judgement to hinder their success as leaders. Remember Covey’s quote- seek first to understand then be understood. We need to clean house once again and get a coach that has EXPERIENCE. The entire team looked terrible the past few games and I’m wondering if they are tired of receiving negative reinforcement? Crean seems to be ‘unraveling’ ‘walking time bomb’ HE’S NOT FOOLING ANY OF THE OLD TIMERS and we’re buzzing.

  24. IUAANetwork,

    I go a lot farther back than “75” and you are the first person I have ever heard that could give a woodpecker a headache.

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