Fun with numbers

Stats don’t tell much of the tale about the Indiana basketball program right now.

While earlier in the season, you could use specific numbers in certain categories to explain what was ailing the Hoosiers (e.g. free throw shooting, rebounding, turnovers) you didn’t need to see any stats from the last three games to understand what was wrong — a total and complete lack of energy.

But without much going on on this chilly Tuesday afternoon with more than two hours separating us from tip-off, I combed over IU’s season stats and found a list of things I found either intriguing or telling or otherwise strange. They follow.

— Freshman guard Maurice Creek has now been out for 12 games, which now accounts for exactly half the season. But he still ranks third on the team in total points (197), second in made 3-pointers (30) and third in field goals (69).

–Sophomore guard Verdell Jones and Christian Watford are the only two players on the team with 100 field goals. No one else who is currently active has more than 53.

— In 165 fewer minutes, freshman forward Derek Elston has scored seven more points and grabbed one more rebound than sophomore center Tom Pritchard. That being said, Pritchard has taken 30 fewer shots and made the same number of field goals (49) as Elston.

— Watford and junior guard Jeremiah Rivers are the only two players on the team with more than 100 rebounds.

— Jordan Hulls has taken 30 fewer field goal attempts than Devan Dumes but made just two fewer shots. He’s taken two fewer 3-point field goals, but made six more.

— Dumes has played 299 fewer minutes than Jeremiah Rivers, but scored six more points and attempted six more field goals. That being said, Rivers has 70 more assists.

— If you take out the awful free throw numbers of Jeremiah Rivers, Tom Pritchard and Bobby Capobianco, IU is shooting 74.2 percent from the line. That would tie the Hoosiers for the Big Ten lead with Purdue.

— Tom Pritchard commits one foul every 6.6 minutes. Tijan Jobe? One every 4.6. So if Jobe ever played 40 minutes, he’d almost foul out twice.

— Christian Watford has played exactly 666 minutes. That doesn’t mean anything, just freaked me out a little bit.


  1. Goes to show you Elston really needs more minutes. I mean he has more rebounds than Pritchard in 165 fewer minutes. That is beyond significant.

  2. Those numbers on Creek make me realize just how much of a difference he would have made and I already thought that it made more difference than alot of people. Think it also illustrates just how much harder it made Crean’s job.

    TP has made the same amount of shots as Elston with less attempts because all he can shoot is a point blank shot and if you counted all of his shots that have gotten blocked as shot attempts the number of shots taken would probably be about the same. That is why at this point in the season I say let Elston play and give TP the minutes that Elston has been getting or less. I wish we could hear from CTC exactly why, in his opinion, which is all that matters in these kind of things, why it is that TP gets more minutes than Elston. Elston’s upside is so much more brighter than TP’s that I feel like we stand to gain more in the big picture from the reversal of minutes between these two players than what we would lose, if anything. Rebounds per minute played on these two guys would also be a stat that I would be very interested in.

    The numbers concerning Dumes and Hulls is a very good reason why myself and alot of others think that the only reason Dumes plays as much as he does compared to Hulls is the defense aspect. How many turnovers each one of these guys has per minute played would be a stat that, I think, would be an interesting point in the Dumes versus Hulls for minutes debate.

  3. Just reread stats missed the rebound part. With that stat out there it says even more that the minutes should be at the very least reversed.

  4. Dumes and Rivers should never play again. Dumes and Rivers are our oldest players and make the worst decisions.

  5. In 1st half action Rivers attempts to split a double team only to be knocked down and the ball go to MSU for an uncontested layup. This sort of thing happens all the time. I can only think he gets away with it in practice and, therefore, thinks he can pull this move off in the game. Problem is he is practicing against IU…. who has got to be the physically weakest team in the B10. You always hear that a son of a coach REALLY understands the game. I am afraid that is NOT the case with Rivers. He has to make better decisions. Settle for a good shot and not a spectacular shot. I would like to see IU run the offense more from the double picks on both wings rather than the weave on top of the key. That would open up more shooters but also get them away from desperation shots from Martinsville as the shot clock expires.

  6. Let me tell you, as a Hoyas fan, Jeremiah Rivers was awful.

    He was a turnover machine and at Georgetown would jack up 3pt shots that were bricks or airballs. He was shooting 32% FG% for a Final 16 Hoyas team and getting 20 minutes a game for some strange reason. When he came in the game the team, the other team would go on a run.

    I was so glad when he left.

    The bright side for you guys is this is probably a throw away year anyway, and you might be able to get Jeremaih’s younger brother who is one of the top PG’s in the nation.

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