1. Whoa, that’s amazing news. Try to make sure he doesn’t sell the seats to France after the game.

  2. Always proud to have the Governor in attendance. Hope he wears the colors and can attend more often.

  3. Wow…with Keady in attendance recently, that makes TWO famous comb-overs in a 2 week period!

    Who is the next celebrity guest? Donald Trump?

  4. Wow. The architect of the Bush tax cuts for the rich. What an honor. I’ll keep a hand on my wallet.

  5. This isn’t a surprise, he likes to attend the IU-Ohio State games. His son-in-law is an Ohio native and grew up as an OSU fan.

  6. Dustin, I don’t know why you even try telling this bunch anything.
    You guys are bad about throwing these writers under the bus. Your
    attitudes and your attempts at humor are embarrassing. The kid is new and trying to be helpful give him a break!

  7. Ron- I appreciate your attempt to be Good Cop, but Dustin is a big boy and knows that journalism is a tough world, with a lot of jerks and clowns out there ready to give you a bad time.

    I’ll bet that this is making him laugh more than anything.

  8. Yeah, ronb, I don’t feel like anybody’s ripping me here. I just got the info, felt like it was my duty to report it. I’m not saying it’s the biggest deal in the world, but figured it was worth a two-sentence entry.
    Now, as for what everyone thinks about the governor, well, that’s a discussion for you guys.

  9. I’m not sure that a basketball blog is the place for political banter, but if not for Governor
    Daniels, we would be in a big mess. Look at the states around the country. They are coming to him to ask how to get out of their messes. People in universities are so arrogant and believe states have an endless supply of cash to pay their ridiculously overpaid professors with tenure and classes topics that have no value in society. Grow up and become a Republican.

  10. I knew it was bad when the first thing he did in office was the time change and I am a teacher so I will stay away from him!

  11. Jackie, my job of 10 years in education at public school is on the chopping block because of our governor. I hope you can sleep well tonight, I have 2 kids and am worried sick. Take care and GO IU!!!

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