1. For what its worth…

    I’ve seen Kofi several times the past two years and he could end up being the best 2-star we’ve ever had. (This is saying I believe that Tracy Porter was a 3-star? Korman or anyone know?) The kid is FAST and tough. I’m interested to see where we place him because he won’t be a QB for us, possibly a slotlike reciever/Reggie Bush type of back thats not a true back, but can make big plays for us. Obviously not as good as Reggie Bush.

    This is of course if he works hard to get better and be what we ask him to be. Kofi is used to being the best and the big dog, so it may be the first time hes had to fight for playing time and play fundamentally sound football. His skills allowed him to get away with some sloppy play in High School at Cathedral. He fumbles way to much because he puts the ball out with one hand. But these should be easy fixes after about a week when he learns that B10 football isn’t Indiana High School football.

    Fun Fact to end on a positive note: He is a tough kid. I questioned this for a while, until the last game he played (Lost to an Evansville team trying to get back to the championship game, less on him, more on his defense) He hurt his shoulder and could not throw. The kid comes back in and plays the rest of the game as a reciever catching one handed passes, or taking reverses and running with it. He was one of the sophmore replacement QB’s favorite targets despite having one arm basically and still commanded the D’s attention. Thats some guts, and something we need for the HOOSIERS.

  2. Hoagland,

    Kofi’s highlight reel is pretty sick. Who was Cathedral playing in the Lucas Oil game?

    Could see him at the Wildcat at some point or as a slot receiver/third down option.


  3. Not only is Hughes nifty with his feet but made noticeable improvement in the passing department from his Jr. to Sr. seasons. He could be the type of hybrid QB many in college FB seek. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have ARE and a respectable defense?

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