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Minnesota’s players celebrate a second-half run by their reserves against Indiana. Associated Press





Bob Dylan’s “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue.”


  1. Hugh, keep up the great work on linking news about the Hoosiers and the rest of the B10- tough season but you guys are giving us lots of different views on the issues faced by this team!

  2. I agree with KenRex this page makes me sick. Go back to where ever it is that you came from cause it certainly isn’t indiana. Can’t believe we have a good journalism school and we have to listen to this crap all the time. We don’t need you to rub it in any more A**holes, were Indiana fans…we know basketball…and we know whats going on.

  3. One would obviously think this was the amateur site and not insidethehall.com (<—this is the best IU website there is on the net!)

  4. yes, please just fabricate stories about how well IU played. in fact, just change the score altogether! you can even say that IU won! and if you say it, i’ll believe it because i’m not advanced enough as a human to decipher the difference between fair journalism and a fluff piece to keep the natives happy.


  5. Chris,
    They are upset about the poor excuse of a team (if you can even call this a team) that Tom puts on the court. They would like you to be more like Tom and just make excuses for everything regardless of the facts.
    You could start it out like this…..We had a little bit of a setback but it’s ok because we are young. We also have 2 highly regarded 3 star wings coming in from out of state next year. They are both in the top 3 players on their high school teams maybe.

  6. I would assume it’s the celebratory pic of minnesota players or the It’s All Over Now song that rubs salt in the wounds of IU fans that has upset the faithful.

    Hugh – post your apology and be done with it. If Tiger can do it so can you.

  7. One difference between Tiger and I: He did many, many thing wrongs. I have done nothing wrong. So, yeah, anyone waiting for an apology is probably going to be waiting a while.

  8. That picture is the only one we have. We didn’t send Chris Howell to the game, and that was the best thing we got from the AP (and that Hugh had access to this morning) that would fit in the horizontal slot we like to use at the top of Hoosier Morning.

    As for the song, well, it’s meant to be a brief editorial comment. But mostly it’s just an excuse to link to interesting music clips. And any time you can find Bob Dylan singing a song in which you can actually understand the words coming out of his mouth, that’s interesting.

  9. These guys don’t have a lot of IU happy material to work with this year (unless they caught one of the coaches/players enjoying a gas bubble). I think they do a very good job covering the team and Hugh has nothing to apologize for. Build a bridge and get over it.

  10. The people upset probably didn’t go to IU. What are they supposed to write about? IU gets screwed by the refs?

    For the next loss put up video of Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb. Thats my feeling on the rest of the season

  11. Keep up the good work, H-T. You could’ve run this picture or a shot of IU sitting on the bench with blank looks on their faces. I think we’ve seen enough of the latter, so I approve of choosing the former. Besides, unlike what some people may think, there are other teams out there besides Indiana, and I for one would like to see Minnesota do well down the stretch and represent the Big Ten well in March.

  12. Hugh I don’t need your apology. The is no apology you can give to me for this pathetic IU coverage. All you guys do is sit around on your dumb videos and knock IU. If you don’t like it…go to west lafayette and work on the Purdue blog. I can understand why you put down IU…its because your not from here and you have no idea what this program is all about. And quit posting these stupid music video comments. Its flat our retarded. I’m starting to think 4 gaurds is the only guy who makes any sense anymore.

  13. I don’t like the photo either. Here’s an idea–if it’s not important enough to send a photographer to the game to get some shots of the IU boys, then it really isn’t important to have a photo posted is it??

    I like the blog, but I could live without that pic.

    Just my 2 cents. Take it down.

  14. I would just like to have a game at some point this year where the other team isn’t skipping around the court smiling like a Little League team at DQ.

  15. Oh, and as for the picture, I don’t really care. To me it’s kind of like teams running up the score at the end of the game. If you don’t like it, don’t let the other team stomp you into the ground by 20+.

    But I am confused about why there is a “The Hoosier Scoop” logo in the bottom of a picture you guys didn’t take. It’s been awhile since I took Business Law, but that seems a little less than legit. Of course, I’m not in the paper business so there may be something about the AP relationship that I don’t know. I certainly understand why some people may have gotten the wrong impression.

  16. We’re terrible- what do you want them to put on the blog?

    How bout just a blank space? Or a pic of Alford?

  17. How about getting upset about the play of the team but no lets blame reporters its their fault. Hahaha you guys make me laugh, “No idea what this program is all about”.

    Enlighten us, what is it about? It hasn’t been about much for about 15 years.

    When people have nothing to use for a rational argument they can always hold on to “tradition”. Enjoy it, wear it like a snuggie

  18. Are you all serious right now?

    Do you take IU basketball and your lives and selves in general so seriously that you can’t possibly be lighthearted about a loss from time to time?

    Sports are no fun if you let the results of games completely ruin you.

    Ben_M — I’m from Indiana. And I can still manage to understand that the only way to get through a season like this is to have a little fun with it. Excuse those of us who don’t go cry and scream into our pillows after every IU loss. Just because someone can poke fun at their team doesn’t mean they “don’t understand” what the team is all about.

    Think about how many Cubs/Bills/Yankees/(insert one of hundreds of teams) fans rag on their team. It doesn’t mean they don’t understand.

    And as for the coverage? There’s no other site online that provides more IU content for free than this site.

    If you were a reporter, covering IU basketball, what would you say at this point that hasn’t already been said? At some point, you have to just have some fun with it. Life should be fun from time to time.

    I’d hate to see how you respond when something that actually affects your life goes wrong.

  19. Appreciate all of the thoughts here.

    I’d point out that our mission is a bit different from Inside the Hall’s, and also admit that we don’t do a very good job of making that explicitly clear. Our goal is to cover Indiana sports in a journalistic way. We’re independent observers. Inside the Hall is written more from a fan’s point of view.

    I’d also say that The Hoosier Scoop is about 40 percent of what we do. It’s important to us, for sure, but the paper and the HTO Web site are equally as important. All of the serious journalism you could want can be found there. As for the blog, it’s meant to be more off-beat and lighthearted. I know for many of you it’s the only time you read us, but ultimately it is an addendum to our other coverage.

    Thanks for reading.

  20. Chris, I definetely agree. The only think I am really upset about is that I have not seen a picture of a “Barolsoled” Tijan. Is there any possible way we can get that this year?

    I would also take three mini, sorta guys.

    Another thing I would take is Tijan eating some Rotel, or if he is just shopping for Rotel.

  21. We have gotten so tired of losing that we are now taking it out on the reporters. Oh I’m sorry but thats pretty funny!!!! OH MAN, this is good, really good.

    These reporters don’t understand cause they aren’t from here? I would concentrate a little more on the team and their struggles opposed to some reporters that are probably as tired of this season as the fans are. What are they suppose to do?? I guarantee if IU was 17-10 and 6-6 in the Big Ten the sentiment would be completely different around here. I love that song by Dylan by the way, kinda a favorite among the Deadhead community!!! And yes, it is all over now — for this year at least so if taking it out on the guys who do an outstanding job of giving us free and pertinent information, then I think it’s time to quit watching for the year. Just a suggestion…

  22. Damn armchair editors & backseat beat reporters.

    It’s called a “blog.” If you don’t like the way this one is written then go start your own. Perhaps then you’ll see why it is these guys get paid to ply their trade.

  23. Thats my perspective, now here is a different perspective…

    Asked my wife (who could care less by the way) if that picture offended her? She said it was pretty lame and snide that the caption read, “the reserves”. She thought it was definitely a low blow to run this caption.

    Later my mom (who cares even less than my wife and has not a clue about the Mens Basketball Team) was asked the same question. I explained the situation about the team and how they have struggled all year and that some people were upset with the picture and caption along with the Dylan song. Her first comment was, “Who ran the picture”. I showed her the three guys who work for the HT, the scoop and so on. She laughed and said this was bad journalism. Thought they were rubbing it in and that the Dylan Song was absolutely in bad taste. This all coming from people who could care less. Well it doesn’t bother me cause these guys were not around when Keith Smart buried that jumper on the base line. I was. They aren’t from here so don’t expect them to shed a tear. I guess that why I don’t mind, but for some people on the outside looking in it was some pretty lame journalism.

    Everyone has a different opinion, thats for sure!!!! For those of you wanting to run over to Inside the Hall just know that Alex has a snide remark almost every game about IU’s play, from “Im not sure Indiana know’s how to play basketball?????” to “Here’s when Indiana looses the lead” (as the second half just gets underway) – paraphrasing of course. So if you think it’s any better there your dead wrong. The point is they have every right to say what they want and I guess the fans do as well.

  24. Geez, how did some of these people pass the anti-spam test. It’s a low blow to write the caption? it’s what happened. Their reserves went on a run against IU. What do you want them to put? our own opinion (i.e., not needing Korman to

  25. …reassure us IU basketball is good) is our own opinion. we can write our own blogs or leave comments saying how we feel…but to blame the HT, indy star, ids, or anyone’s journalistic skills for simply writing facts is idiotic.

  26. I’ll give Korman a little bit of credit because if Wilson was still running the show he would have folded faster than Superman on laundry day and issued an apology to me.

  27. I dont have a problem with it. I’m simply stating what someone else said that know nothing about the situation. Sorry for putting an outsiders point of view on here to make a point. I agree thats what happened, they did make a run but a lot of other things happened as well. So attacking me is pointless, just stating what others thought. I am not blaming them for anything, so what are you talking about?? Why most you attack me or try to put me down with your ridiculous comments?? I believe no one is blaming them for anything that has to do with Indiana being good or bad. The point people are trying to make is that is was in poor taste. So before you start insulting people maybe you should reread the comments there hero

  28. Instead of even attempting to address all of these ridiculous posts, I’ll sum up my sentiment with this:

    If I ever stop reading the Hoosier Scoop, it will be because of the people who post on this site, not because of the journalists who generate the content.

  29. Casey – First of all your a stroke. This is the last site I go to for info on the hoosiers becasue sometimes they break a story first (And they shouold with the advantages they have…but not often do they break one). Go to insidethehall their coverage is free and most of the followers know what they are talking about. Secondly, I’m fed up with seeing this crap day in and day out. Its not just this particular post. The town of Bloomington loves its hoosiers along with much of the state. We don’t need to see stupid bob dylan vids insinuating how bad we are. That is poor journalism. Take it to another town. Bob Hammel would never of done something so stupid.

    Korman – Do you call professional journalism missing Bill Lynch’s meeting? Is playing dumb videos about bob dylan (while later insulting bob dylan) insulting our team good professional journalism? Is this neutral observation? At least over at insidethehall.com they focus on positives that are going on at Indiana even though there might not be much to talk about in that catergory. This is bad for publicity and bad for recruiting.

    Cooper – Its fine that you don’t embrace the tradtion of IU. I mean its just 5 national championships, 20 big ten titles, and 2 legendary coaches (one of wich is the NCAA division one leader for most wins and accumulated most of them right here at IU) to name a few. But what does that mean right? I am an IU fan come hell or high water and I would rather loose every game and know we haven’t cheated than be a part of some bandwagon fan bases that cuts corners on the rules. Oh yea, I almost forgot, I think I left my snuggy at your mom’s house. Have her bring it with you next time she comes over.

  30. The truth hurts. How does losing with no effort or pride not affect people, but the picture of it does? I am surprised Tom is not in the background clapping.

  31. Ben_M,

    There may be better and more tactful ways to get your point across. Slanderous comments aren’t the best way to start a debate. The Scoops coverage is delivered with an honest and light hearted tone.

    Now, I’m trying to see the Scoop from your point of view. But, I can’t really gather what it may be from the examples you gave above.

    The Scoop can be sarcastic and snarky at times but as for me I find that type of humor funny. Perhaps this is what irks you?

    The Scoop is not trying to divide Hoosier nation. These guys put forth much effort into providing accurate journalism in everything Indiana University sports related. That’s their job.

    Hope that you find what you are looking for in terms of IU sports coverage bud. As for me I like a steady dose of the Scoop, HoosierChronic’s blog, and InsidetheHall.


  32. Ben_M,

    Please leave. You can barely spell and you’re incredibly childish. Did you really insult somebody’s mom in a blog’s comments section? Since you remember Bob Hammel, I can only assume you are an adult. Which makes this whole thing very sad. Enjoy Inside the Hall. It’s run by fine people I consider to be dear friends, and I cringe thinking that you’ll be their problem now.

    Everybody else,

    I get where you’re coming from with the picture. We had a baby shower for Hugh today and discussed the usage of the picture for a while. To him (and I’d agree) it sort of told the story of the game. Minnesota emptied its bench fairly early and ended up celebrating the success of teammates who don’t usually get to play. That really shows you where Indiana is right now. Dustin focused on this element in his story as well. The Associated Press photographer wrote a caption that said, essentially, “Minnesota’s starters celebrate the play of their substitutes.”

    There’s more being read into the selection of the photo than Hugh ever intended. Which is something we’ll learn from.

    As for the Dylan song: well, it’s meant to spark discussion.

  33. Couldn’t agree more, Casey.

    A picture of Alford high-fiving Elston on his 30 point, 18 rebound effort to keep us undefeated on the season would have been better. And exactly what would have happened.

  34. Thanks, Korman. Not that you need me or anyone else to tell you, but you guys do a great job. I consider this site to be the best coverage of IU sports and think you guys do the best of anyone covering breaking news.

    My only request would be to try to rid the site of posters like Ben more often.

  35. Well, a lot of angry folks on here today I see. Not that it’s not understandable — I’m pretty sure repression is the last stage before acceptance. But I also can’t say I think it’s directed toward the right target either.

    It’s been a tough season, probably tougher than the last considering the fact that there’s actually reason for optimism and expectation this year. And the truth is that there’s probably nobody to be mad at. The players have, for the most part, probably given their best, but losing like this wears everybody down.

    That said, it seems unfair to attack those in the press for writing what’s happened as plainly and objectively as they can, and presenting it in a light-hearted way. As one commenter pointed out, you’re going to go crazy if you can’t find a way to get a little bit of humor out of this season. I’ve covered this team for two years now. Trust me, I know. So the anger, misdirected though it may be, shouldn’t land here. The guys at the Scoop do a stand-up job covering not just IU basketball but Indiana sports as a whole.

    Please understand, also, that I’m not attacking anybody on here, just calling for some cooler heads to prevail. (Off topic: Commenter who said Inside the Hall rocks, muchos gracias.) Many of you have pointed out that picture above was akin, if I’m reading your conversation correctly, to rubbing a bad loss in your face. I look at that picture and see three student-athletes who shaved their heads in silent support of a young woman fighting cancer. I understand that that’s probably not how some of you see it, and it might not be the way it was intended when it was posted, but there are bigger things in this world than a basketball game, and perhaps we all need to relax and realize that. Dylan is greatly chillin’ music.

    So no, Hugh, I do not believe you should apologize for anything other than, perhaps, some of Frank Wren’s questionable offseason personnel decisions. And yes, you may consider this an attempt at brown-nosing to make sure my Inside the Hall articles still pop up on the Morning with regularity.

    All the best, y’all.


    p.s. Korman, you should absolutely apologize for closing my hand in the door on the Purdue trip last year. Damn thing still hurts.

  36. This is a generation thing. Old farts don’t like any criticism, ala Hammel who always remained loyal to Knight at all times. Kids these days enjoy ripping on people, trying to be funny in videos and blogs, etc. Call it disrespectful, not professional etc., but it’s just a change in journalism, deal with it.

  37. Ben_M,

    My question to you is this:

    If you hate the blog and its journalists so much, why do you continue to return to this thread and post your childish crap? Just go already. Seems like the logical action to me.

    And lala,

    As far as your “this is a generational thing” comments go, I’d argue that most of the posters on this blog who regularly antagonize and badger others are not kids. Sadly, they’re old enough to remember the glory days of IU basketball. It’s disheartening.

  38. Original caption:

    Minnesota starters Damian Johnson, left, Devoe Joseph, center, and Lawrence Westbrook, right, race onto the court during a time-out as Minnesota substitutes took advantage of a commanding lead against Indiana in the second half of an NCAA college basketball game Saturday, Feb. 20, 2010, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

    Three captions that could have been:

    A. Yellow Tubby starters storm court to celebrate Tinky Winky win against rebuilding Hoosiers.

    B. It’s time to hand out the headbands for Derek Fisher lookalike awards!

    C. 6th place in standings and no looming NCAA sanctions? Gophers haven’t been this alright since a hit Kenny Loggins’ song.

  39. RHF,
    I am very happy to say I agree with the opinions of the fairer sex of your family.

    I if I would stop reading the Scoop it would not be for the same reason you have stated.

    I share with thoughts much of what you have to say. But it is the HT’s show and trendy seems to be the norm in our present timeline.

    Vehicles now are offered in many colors and Life Savers aren’t a nickle anymore; so sports reporting as I was conditioned by and enjoyed was bound to change. But I can honestly say even with Bob Hammel in retirement I did not like the damn picture and still don’t think much of the music gig promotions in these articles.

  40. How’s that line in those commercials go? ‘Who do you think you are, me?’ And then the other guy says something like, ‘I wish I was.’

  41. I love the picture! I think it illustrates the season perfectly. We aren’t very good–except at getting our a** kicked. Dumes and Rivers for first team all big ten!

  42. clap-pace-clap-pace-bend over and clap-pace-clap-clap-pace-bend over and clap-clap-pace-clap-pace-clap-clap-pace-bend over and clap.

  43. Frankly, I’m shocked that the picture wasn’t Christian getting blocked. The AP had plenty of chances to get a picture of that.

    But in all seriousness, I’m totally lost on why that picture is offensive.

  44. because ppl take offense to everything. it would be great if some sort of censoring of comments could be applied. this whole argument is stupid. if you dont like the picture say the picture is offensive. not YOU ARE A BUNCH OF a-holes. thats dumb. also one IP address could be blocked to keep 4Guards and Youwillneverknow from acting a fool.

  45. The picture was chosen because it (re)presents the game accurately. Non-partisan, accurate journalism it is — I agree. On the side of the newspaper that you need to pay for the picture was credited as follows:

    Minnesota starters Damian Johnson (34), Devoe Joseph (5) and Lawrence Westbrook (20) race onto the court during a timeout to cheer on the play of the Gopher substitutes against Indiana Saturday night in Minneapolis. The Gophers built a 21-point lead midway through the first half and rolled to an 81-58 victory. Jim Mone | Associated Press

    The logo on the picture above is probably because they had to pay to get the picture and didn’t want to let it fly away for free.

    However: there are 8 other pictures, all of them with IU players in them. As fan I’d have chosen the Rodney Williams block over VJ3. But it would have given the impression that IU has fought hard and Minnesota’s defense made the difference. IU has not fought hard and Minnesota toyed with IU — we know that! Exactly what the picture above is trying to convey. Accurate.

    Some fans are only now awakening to the rude reality. Minnesota did this to us — and their fans didn’t even storm the court afterwards.

  46. People who are offended/outraged at a picture on a blog…time to re-evaluate life.

    However, the amount of guy-on-guy action between the editors here and at ITH is nauseating. Awesome you guys are all BFFs on press row and on roadt rips…awesome great cool…we all REALLY care.

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