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Tom Crean leaves the court after his second technical foul. Jeremy Hogan | Herald-Times





Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”


  1. Tomorrow Alford’s Lobos are heading to Provo, UT, for their most austere test yet: (13) BYU. So far the Lobos are unbeaten (5-0) by top 25 teams which means that their 3 losses have come from unranked teams. How intense will that game be tomorrow? How will Steve Alford motivate his players? Will he get a technical, to demonstrate good coaching pedigree and/or skills?

    Let me post the stats (more can be found here) now before the tough match up with BYU:

    The list is through games of Thursday, Feb. 18, and is based on highest winning percentage and a minimum of five games played against teams in either the AP or ESPN/USA Today polls:

    Team Record Pct. RANK:
    Syracuse.....6-0..1.000 ( 5/ 5)
    Kentucky.....5-0..1.000 ( 2/ 2)
    New Mexico...5-0..1.000 (12/15)
    Kansas.......5-1..0.833 ( 1/ 1)
    Purdue.......5-1..0.833 ( 4/ 4)
    Kansas State.4-1..0.800 ( 7/ 7)
    Georgetown...6-2..0.750 (10/10)
    Duke.........5-2..0.714 ( 6/ 6)
    Wisconsin....5-2..0.714 (14/16)


  2. I love S.Alford as a player at IU and his coaching career I have followed. When he was at Iowa I wanted his teams to beat everyone they played but IU. He only did fair at Iowa IMO but he has found his place at New Mexico and I am pulling for them to win. He has 2 great kids who are going to be good college players maybe for him. With that being said, THIS IS AN IU BLOG SITE not New Mexico!!!# If I want to read about how he is doing at New Mexico I can but this type of Crap does not belong here. If you and all those like you want to blow his horn go to a New Mexico site. How would you like it if folks started posting Purdue , Kentucky or Illinois stats here? In past years all those teams and many more had Indiana players on their rosters. Maybe someone should post Kent State stats they are having a good season with a former IU Coach on their team. You know that guy that was a cheater!! Talk about IU not about everyone you like PLEASE!

  3. ronb,

    Amen! Some of the idiots who come on here can’t just talk about the game (even if they don’t like Crean or whatever) they have to continually post their mindless drivel. No one cares about Steve Alford and his NM Lobos in relation to this site and its intent. Unless/until we play them.

  4. How would you like it if folks started posting Purdue, Kentucky or Illinois stats here?

    Are there any former Hoosiers there — and doing well? Let me know.

    Funny how yesterday someone had to mention Isiah Thomas pulling a Mike Davis. I guess those can be mentioned but Alford not? Alford is probably the only Hoosier currently that can honestly remind us of the way we were.

    Also my post mentioned Wisconsin, which we played yesterday. It’s listed five positions below New Mexico. It’s almost like we actually played the Lobos (and lost, if you know what I mean).

  5. The Crean apologists are a little sore because they see the writing on the wall. I feel a former player who put up our last banner and a future coach is quite relevant to an IU site.

  6. The 36-20 Atlanta Hawks are playing the Mavs tonight. Only 2 games back from Orlando. Mike Woodson (B.S. ’80) having a great year. Go Hawks!

  7. The stats note appears below a Hoosier morning post by Hugh. It is just a collection of links to various Hoosier related things, as follows:

    (a) Tom Crean’s ejection
    (b) Tom Crean’s two technical fouls
    (c) Crean finally losing it
    (d) Worst loss in AH history Crean’s tipping point
    (e) Highlights of Crean’s ejection
    (f) Students loved Crean’s being tossed out
    (g) Crean’s first genuine coaching move to help his team in almost two years (didn’t work).

    This was just about the game and IU.

    There’s also a collection of links about

    (h) Wisconsin’s largest margin of victory in a Big Ten road game since 1942
    (i) Purdue’s Final Four chances

    How is that interesting to ronb may I ask?


    (j) Northwestern beating Iowa away
    (k) Welsh-Ryan Arena — a special place in the hearts of Iowa fans.

    That’s cool because we’re playing them, I understand.

    There were no comments when I posted except a question by Aruss that is still unanswered. I posted stats that I couldn’t find last week. Yes, ronb, I would have been grateful to you if you had posted these stats here earlier.

    Is there any other former Hoosier doing better than Alford anywhere else? I don’t think so. Maybe Jordan Crawford can get an honorable mention but where else in the NCAA is a former Hoosier doing great?

    Here in B’ton no Hoosier is doing well. You’re right again Clarion: the program is on a long way to recovery. It’s like driving to Indianapolis from Bloomington going through Louisville, Dallas, Guadalajara, Quito, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires first.

    Other than two other bloggers either calling me an idiot or using cheap worship motifs nobody posted anyhting else. Well my stats are better than your inexistent posts and your insults, OK. Post something better yourself if you feel like it. That should teach me something. Until then … there’s always tomorrow.

  8. You just don’t get it. I guess I am a little like coach was last night when he got ejected. Feed up!! You posted nothing about the current IU team or the game. I don’t care if u post positive or negative. I want it to be about our IU basketball team and I think with a couple of exception, that’s what your fellow bloggers want. RonB has it right. Here are 2 examples: Detroit and UAB, UAB had IU players go their and do well, now they are 22-5 with a former IU Coach. Detroit had seasons of 11-19, 2 seasons of 7-23, now with IU players and Coach they are 17-13. Fans of these guys blog on their sites, not an IU site. Maybe you are not an IU fan.

  9. I do know this. If SA was still coaching in a tough conference like the B10 we would not be subjected to this BS.

  10. 4 guards, Do you really think that Steve Alford is coming to IU to coach next year? How sad to have that dream and not have it happen. He is not going to leave New Mexico. He is having the best season of his coaching career. He is a good coach as was Bob Knight but they just are not coming back no matter how much we may want that to happen. I never said anything in my post about
    Crean ,negative or positive, nor did I make excuses for him or the team. I am not an apologist. I am just tried of guys using this site for their own agendas, like you! But not to worry you have heard the last from me. I don’t enjoy it anymore.

  11. ronb,
    Unfortunately, no I don’t believe Steve Alford is coming to IU to coach next year. I believe he will be here the year after next. Alford has a stud center (Kirk) coming in next year and only loses 1 player from his roster this year so New Mexico will continue to be ranked next year. And unfortunately IU is going nowhere with Tom. The alumni and fan base are beginning to recognize this and will be fed up by next year, especially with the transfers that are coming. I hope I am wrong and we win the national title next year. I will be the first to admit I have been wrong and will be extremely happy to do so.

  12. SA’s epitaph of coaching mediocrity in the big leagues was self written in Iowa and he will not chance disappointment again. He has thoroughly demonstrated his confidence to coach in a power conference is gone and understands he has little to lose by staying at NM.

  13. CTC is awesome and will bring us back… mark the tape 4guards, by the way you suck and ruin this blog. Please do as Ronb asks and blog about this (2010 IU) team and future.

    So who will be transferring 4 guards?

  14. IU went all in when they hired Crean. They couldn’t attract any of the so called big name coaches. They low balled an offer to Bennett that was rejected and threw crazy money at Crean to avoid further embarrassment.

    IU is now married to Crean. If it doesn’t get better soon they’ll be like Tiger facing the prospects of an ugly divorce. (And yes the analogy of Tiger fits. Over the past 10 years IU has definitely been “screwing” up. VBG)

  15. I would guess the top candidates are jones, watford, and elston. I really hope we can hold onto elston and watford. I also couldn’t blame them for transferring. Elston should be a starter for us and getting many valuable minutes, but he barely plays due to what appears to be a grudge from Crean. Watford has played out of position all year long. He is a 3 that has been put at the 4. He is not strong/big enough and hence all the blocked shots. I couldn’t blame him if he wanted to play for a coach who would put him at his natural position.

  16. I am hoping Jones and Elston return. I believe Elston simply wants to play for IU, as does VJ3, and that means a lot. I would like Watford back if he will put on weight and toughen up and play to his ability. So, I suppose I would be disappointed if anyone transfers. We are all hoping and praying, however, that 4guards transfers – THIS season – as his play sucks and there is no possibilty of improvement.

  17. Hell it makes no difference who stays or transfers because the “Diviner of Albuquerque” will be here soon. The “Diviner” has never met a challenge he could not conquer (falling off the big stage does not count). For revealing this saluted information please express reverence personally to SA’s clone.

  18. Nice speculation 4guards. I guess you have a direct pipeline to the players. That’s how you get this transfer info. And it looks like you and SA have in depth E-Mail convos daily. You my friend are not a Hoosier. A Hoosier loves and supports the program through thick and thin. You are a rental.

  19. Welcome to Hoosier Scoop Jeopardy!

    GFDave: I’ll take trolls for $400 Alex.

    Alex: This troll and renowned flamer has a man crush on Steve Alford and thinks Hoosier basketball started in 1987.

    GFDave: Who is 4guards?

    Alex: Ever so right about that, GF.

    GFDave: I’ll take misinformation for $200.

    Alex: This coach, supported by inference on this thread, has lost 6 in a row with an older roster in an inferior league.

    GFDave: Who is Tony Bennett?

    Alex: Right GF. The Ghost doesn’t keep up with events does he?

    GFDave: Nope. I’ll take misinformation for $400.

    Alex: The answer: Zip.

    GFDave: What is the amount that Ghost actually knows about our search for a basketball coach?

    Alex: Now its time for our final Hoosier Scoop Jeopardy answer.

    Alex: The Answer: Hell in a hand basket.

    GFDave: Where has the Hoosier Scoop Gone?

  20. Didn’t see it in the paper this morning, anybody know what time the UNM game is and what channel it’s on?

  21. …and still nobody gives a rats ass.
    Why do you guys feed the troll and why does it post under so many different names? Go back to your mom’s basement and stick to world of war or whatever you little twits play. Ignore the troll.

  22. Crean Apologist,
    If you are talking about me, it has already been proven that I only post under one name. Pay Attention.

  23. It has not been proven because only minute research was offered and it is easy to manipulate past the obvious. Everybody knows your M.O.

    In that junior grade ball game yesterday NM allowed more points to be scored than IU did the Badgers. Those two teams would be .500 at best in the B10. The defensive efforts were silly.

  24. Clarion,
    My M.O. is seeing IU become great once again. Both those teams you speak of are ranked in the top 15 in the country.
    Everything that comes out of your mouth is way off and pretty silly. They are 6-0 against ranked teams and they would be .500 at best in the B10? I honestly don’t believe that you actually believe that.

  25. It’s obvious you’re posting under several names. You aren’t fooling anyone but yourself. Back to mom’s basement for you.

  26. Chet and Clarion are obviously the same person.
    You are a fraud. How many other names are you using? GFDave?

  27. I know it’s tempting but please remember the first rule of blogs: don’t feed the troll. PLEASE stop feeding 4guards/Stevie’s 4skin.

  28. Clarion: 21 win streak snapped for BYU. It’s not their defense that kept them winning at home. It’s their transition game. New Mexico outrebounded them and won the game on account of three pointers (ahem: Hoosier coach, anyone?) made in spite of BYU having less turnovers and more free throws scored.

    UNM is now 6-0 against ranked teams. Best record in the nation. I don’t care what planet you’re on Alford’s work at UNM is outstanding so far.

    And yet I can predict your comment: “Who cares.”

    Chet is not Clarion. Chet’s response to the above would be: “I don’t know why UNM is keeping Alford as head coach. He’s no good, his Iowa record speaks for itself!”

    UNM has had streaks of 12 and 13 wins this season. And if it’s true that nobody cares maybe this will be to Alford’s advantage. When Bird was playing for the Sycamores Seth Davis wrote in his book When March Went Mad that “Bird was so underexposed that his roommate and teammate at Indiana State, Bob Heaton, would later say that up until the championship game he had friends in Denver (where Heaton had played before transferring to Indiana State) who thought Larry was black.” Let them not know. Go Steve Alford! Go Indiana!

  29. Second tier leagues are second tier because of their mediocre defense. 80 plus points apiece, please.

  30. ^ Oh, you haven’t seen the game and now you’re just taking/typing for no other reason that to try and stay awake. No problem…

  31. We must give New Mexico’s star, Darington Hobson, his due because he provided one of the five best defensive plays you’ll see this season.

    Read the rest here. Or don’t. Whatever. Keep your head in the sand if that makes you feel better.

  32. As inconsistent as this young IU squad has been in B10 play this year they have only allowed 80+ points 6 times. Now your going to tell us these two juggernauts of the MW play good defense by scoring 80+ on each other. By the way I watched the game and it supports my post. In the B10 they would be .500 performers.

  33. You make it sound like 80+ per team and game is the rule over there. UNM has 4 games in which they allowed the opposition to score 80+ points: 97-87 at New Mexico State, 84-81 when they beat (16) Texas A&M, a loss at San Diego State (86-88) and yesterday (83-81 at BYU). They have 14 games when they scored 80+. BYU has 3 games where they allowed 80+ points: 110-104 at Nevada, 74-98 at UNLV and yesterday (81-83 at home with UNM) by contrast in 19 games they scored 80+. Together they have played 60+ games and they’re 33-7 in scoring above 80+ against their opposition.

    I think BYU would beat Wisconsin in Madison and in Provo. I think both would be in the first four in B10 exactly as their ranking indicates. (This year, not last year or the next, just thie year).

  34. Some team defense. BYU allowed NM to shoot better from the field than was shot from the foul line. Most of them would be fifth year redshirt ballboys in Madison.

  35. I’ve got nothing against Steve Alford. I think he’s doing a fine job at New Mexico. I just don’t care about New Mexico basketball. Nor does anyone on this blog but 4guards and his various noms de plume. I also don’t know why anyone would bother posting under multiple names as does 4g.
    To agree with yourself? Who spends that much time here?

  36. Chet Clarion you are the only one here posting under 2 names. Coincidence both comments are always near each other? I think not.
    My case has already been proved. yours?

  37. Some team defense. BYU allowed NM to shoot better from the field than was shot from the foul line. Most of them would be fifth year redshirt ballboys in Madison.

    Great argument, Clarion. By that criterion Wisconsin has an awful defense. Take for example their game at Penn State on Jan 3: Penn State’s FT and FG’s percentages are just 0.01% apart! So Penn State shot with equal accuracy from the field as they did from the FT line… Bad, bad Wisconsin defense! BYU would hit 100 against them every time.

  38. I think anyone who posts under more than one name is a weasel with raisin sized nads and I urge the keepers of the blog to seek out said weasels and ban them.

  39. Clarion:

    If MWC is so weak and B10 is so strong why did Wisconsin lose to UNLV 74-68 in the second round of the Midwest Regional in St. Louis, Missouri, in March 2007? Let me know what you come up with.

  40. Wisconsin has also represented with pride the Big Ten in their very narrow loss to Georgia State in 2001 (49-50) but as we know the Atlantic Sun Conference (to which the Panthers belonged at the time) is a much stronger conference than most where they play very very tough defense.

  41. EXAMPLE: Team Defense by the Big 10 boys.

    MSU 53 over PU 44 Today

    80+ a piece by the two top teams in a mediocre
    conference is “run ‘n’ gun” and the D is a

  42. PU without Hummel is a disoriented toddler. They’ll have trouble with us on Wednesday, you’ll see. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hoosiers pull the upset. Just wait.

    And the Spartants — if MSU plays UNM in the first round of NCAA it will feel like they’re playing George Mason in 2006 all over again (but getting beaten even harder).

    I don’t know what to make of the Alford – Tavernari exchange. ?!

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