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Indiana coach Tom Crean followed through and started three forwards against Illinois. Chris Howell | Herald-Times





Just because I know Alex Bozich was so excited about these guys winning a Grammy last night, here is Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody.”


  1. Now those shoes look good on CTC, and they look like they would hold up to all that pacing around he does.

  2. IU has had a coach that curses and bullied people, a coach that was whiny and lacked work ethic, and a cheater and all some folks do is complain about pacing the sideline and clapping now! IU has a coach that is working harder, most likely, than any coach in the nation and he is killed for pacing and clapping. What the hell is wrong with some of you people???

  3. Easy, J Pat. Easy. I’m not sure Dave was going there. Others have that’s for sure, and they are deserving of your ire. Not sure if Dave is, personally I don’t think so.

    BTW, its good to see a J Pat rant every now and again.

  4. Arguing about whether the coach paces and claps too much kinda reduces us to the level of living-in-mom’s-basement, no-real-life-losers. Kentucky fans, in other words.

  5. steve, I want to win as bad as anyone on here…I guarantee that. Coming down a guy for clapping and pacing, what does that have to do with winning? Just curious!

    GFDave, long overdue, glad you enjoyed!

  6. Personally I don’t have a problem with his constant pacing. I do have a problem with his clapping at times he should be yelling though.

  7. steve, if you’ve ever happened by one of the closed doors at assembly hall while a practice is going on, you’ll understand he doesn’t yell during games because his voice is dead from constant yelling at practice.

    I’m still annoyed with that foul that was called late…

  8. Just once I would like to see a post from this person ( I will not type Steve Alford because I happen to like him and this guy using his name is a travesty) that is something positive about IU Basketball program including the coaches. I am sooooooo tired of his nit picky complaints and his coach bashing. JPat you are so right with your posts but some fans would make a mountain out a mole hill. H.B. you are right about his practices. He is on these guys to do things right and he gets after them. I always told my players that practices would be the hardest part of the program and that games will be the fun part. It is important that every player works hard in practice. The bench players have to push the regular players to the edge to make them better. I read an article years ago about the great 75 & 76 IU teams. In it were quotes from the starting five. To the man everyone stated that the best team they played against all year was the second team in practice. Our Coach now knows that and that is one of the reasons he pushes them so hard in practice.

  9. ronb,
    I believe Hulls, Elston, Creek, and Watford deserve a lot of praise. They have the potential to do some special things here under the right circumstances and I am very glad they chose IU.

  10. ronb:

    I just got through clapping my hands over and over while pacing back and forth in front of my computer all the while agreeing with you 100%. Your post is spot on. Maybe if we emailed the real Alford with some of the stuff the fake one has been saying the real one would sue him for defamation of character or obtain an injunction against the fake one using his name anymore. Being sued by his idol now that would pop his big ole bubble of negativaty. LOL

  11. Come on, guys. He’s the pencil necked guy who never played sports. He’s just comic relief. Really, you can get him to say anything you want. Give it a try. It’s kinda fun. I make side bets with friends.

  12. I see a few people on here go out of their way to slam Knight.. really?.. He has not been a coach at IU for how long??.. But slam him they do.. all he did was win, ohh and ran an honest program.. oh and 3 national championships. Plus his last recruits(although he had need fired by then) played in the last NCAA championship game(a loss to Maryland). But hey slam away..

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