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Bill Lynch was happy yesterday as he talked about this year’s signing class. So why is the picture of him yelling? Because angry Bill Lynch is so much fun. Chris Howell | Herald-Times





Greatest. Bob. Knight. Moment. Ever.


  1. I saw that as it first aired and about had a heart attack I was laughing so hard. Of course, Bob did hear about it from the B10 Office, but the zinger was worth taking the heat afterward. We talk a lot about good Dumes/bad Dumes. Well this was good Knight spicing things up while avoiding hurting anybody.

    I always felt sorry for Chuck Marlow though. On the best days Knight tolerated Chuck. On the worst days Chuck was treated, how shall I say it? Poorly.

  2. This particular episode sure fed the Hoosier frenzy. Chuck Marlow I am sure is of very tolerant character (he would have to be to do that show as long as he did) which also could cause him to agree with Coach Knight’s clarification of a question in the bat of an eye. But he still had courage to do the show and ask a tough question or two that would ruffle up the hair on the back of RMK’s neck. This specific show along with a hand full of others were absolute gassers for IU fans and Marlow had a part in making them happen. At times you could have put the two of them together on a comedy stage doing their act and they would have packed the house. Coach Knight was always Bob Knight and Chuck Marlow was always the good soldier whether he was fighting or marching.

  3. That was back in the days RMK was still fun. It still seeps out from time to time on ESPN. I used to talk to him from time to time during my student days and he was always very pleasant and, for some strange reason, remembered tidbits about me. I was always impressed by that. It’s a shame it all went south. It would be nice to get him back in the fold. I think CTC has that on his priority list.

  4. Heard that CTC was trying to get RMK, Quinn Buckner, Scottie May, Steve Alford, his brother in laws’ from both football teams, Tony Dungy, and maybe even Jumping Johnny back for tonight’s game.

  5. Why would he want the guy who posts under stevealford….oh wait…the real steve….my bad. According to the poster, we need to get him in the locker room to make sure we win tonight.

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