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Ohio State guard Jon Diebler draws the charge off of Indiana guard Verdell Jones III during game Wednesday. Chris Howell | Herald-Times





The Drive-By Truckers singing “Daddy Needs A Drink.”


  1. The loss of Maurice Creek is starting to show. One of the few players that could create a shot, in an offense that players need to create their own shot.

    Also, any scoop on what is up with Elston? Not practicing hard, or another issue?

  2. As a lifelong IU fan I couldn’t wait until gameday
    to watch the Hoosiers.Now I can’t wait until the end of the season.
    This team is in tailspin and look as if they could care less if they win another.
    They look effortless in their execution of both offense and defense,and this to me is pathetic..
    I don’t see anyone beating the door down to join the Hoosiers as a player..Until this happens we will not improve..Maybe the answer is to go to division 2

  3. Sometimes the comments on this message board are hilarious. DII? Really? Maybe we currently can’t compete in the Big Ten but a move to a league below the likes of IPFW and Stony Brook and Stetson (all DI teams)? And this is somehow going to make recruits beat down the door to join the Hoosiers?

    You sound less like a lifelong fan and more like a nostalgic old fool or some one who should have jumped off the bandwagon the moment we lost a game after the undefeated run. Truly absurd, sir.

    How is this program going to get better (better players, better coaching staff, fewer big heads behind the basket) if the fans create an environment of negativism?

  4. You folks need some lightening up, and I’m here to help! Take a gander at this here picture of Nike’s unveiling of “Kentcuky’s” new and improved corporate whoredom. Hint: look closely at John Wall’s jersey.

    wee r gud spelerz!!!

  5. *PICTURE*
    Emphasizing pUKe priorities!

    I believe Watford has hit the wall sooner than Pritchard did last year. He is becoming less productive and it is probably related to strength. With more help than Pritchard had last year maybe he will recover season is over.

  6. I don’t care if Tom Crean is the worst coach in the history of basketball and the dirtiest SOB in the State of Indiana, it is beyond ludicrous to consider firing him before he finishes his 4th or 5th season.

    This is being realistic. IU can’t draw recruits on name-only, this isn’t 1991, no one really cares about IU anymore. Also, it would be ridiculous financially. Last year we were damn lucky to even have a team. Totally decimated. Building from scratch. I don’t care if it were RMK himself, it takes time.

    If you need some evidence that firing coaches all the time is not the way to go, just look across the parking lot.

    And if we did fire him and hire Alford, then there’d be a different group of impatient, malcontent, delusional basketball retards who would bitch and bitch about hiring an IU guy instead of the best guy and call for Steve to be fired.

    Also, interesting to note the irony. IU fans crucify (probably rightfully so) Calipari for cheating like mad, but then they expect Crean, who took over a much worse situation to play by all the rules and be just as competitive, almost as quickly.

  7. I think the frustration is that everyone expects continuous improvement. That has been evident at times, but far from consistent. I too looked forward to IU games, but now I am not that concerned if I miss DVRing it if I have another commitment. In years past, that would never have happened. I love IU basketball and long for the success we all used to enjoy year after year. I see a spark of hope occasionally, but boy after last night it was all erased again. I am frustrated with the lack of defense. I don’t understand how we can allow people to drive the lane like it was a freeway. That to me is unexceptable and that is coaching. We are far enough into the season to fix that, but yet I have seen it all season long.

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