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Wisconsin Indiana basketball

Indiana coach Tom Crean talked to Christian Watford for several minutes outside the locker room after Indiana’s loss Saturday. Chris Howell | Herald-Times





Johnny Cash’s “Hurt.”


  1. Seriously? Not one photo of Tijan after 5 minutes of terrorizing the Kohl Center with his presence in the zone? Howell may be one of the best in the biz, but the Pulitzer will have to wait.

  2. Here you go ChronicHoosier. Added a Tijan pic to the IU Wisconsin photo gallery just for you. Don’t think it will get a pulitzer, but I’ll keep trying.

  3. Now that is the essence of our opponents’ fears, Chris; some of the most lethal elbows ever to swing in the Big 10. I love it! Thanks.

    btw-I really do enjoy your work, some of the best out there!

  4. IU has been getting killed in the paint lately…time to get Bawa into the game early and see if he size can create some blocks/turnovers.

  5. So, you chose Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt for Valentine’s day? Hugh, that’s such an incredible downer of a video -beautiful, I’ll grant you- but just tears your heart right out- that I have to hypothesize that something deeper is going on. Did you get dumped on Valentine’s day at some point or is Indiana’s poor performance just getting you down?

  6. Devin,

    I had a great Valentine’s Day. Brunch at the Village Deli with the wife — very solid.
    Indiana’s poor performance getting me down? No, not me. But I read the comments after the loss to Wisconsin and felt like it fit what so many of you are feeling.

  7. If we lose Watford next year we wil have wasted the best chance IU had to have an inside game. Pinning our hopes on the rest of the “Bigs” looks like not much of a plan,

  8. Good to hear on both counts, Hugh. I appreciate the job you and the rest of the Scoop crew do for all of us ex-Bloomingtonites, who must rely on hoosier sports coverage online.

    I miss brunch at the Deli, altho I just went with my own wife and my parents the weekend before last. Can’t remember what all exactly I ate, I just remember it wasn’t “for the faint-hearted”

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