1. Will we see more effort from the Hoosiers today? Is team chemistry starting to unravel? Something is going on as the team is not itself. Earlier in the year, the team would rebound after a poor effort with a hard fought game. Hopefully that will be the case against Wisconsin. I am not expecting a win, just good hard, get down on the floor after loose balls, effort.

    Losing has been hard on the team and doesn’t give them much to keep their chin up about. I hope Crean has something up his sleeve to get the team motivated.

  2. My money is on the Hoosiers today. I say we win. If you ask me why I’ll say: because this will make it even harder for us to understand this team.

  3. redx,
    The only thing Tom has up his sleeve is the recruitment of Cheir Ajou, a 7 foot foreign guy who averages 6 points a game. Why all the uncoordinated foreign guys who don’t understand the game? How about a big from Indiana?

  4. I love the best game ever-Basketball! I played and coached but I am disabled and retired now. I can’t get too many games but I record them and watch them over and over. I often do not watch what most fans would. I do not follow the camera on the ball but rather watch what the other players on offense and defense are doing. I guess it is the coach in me watching game films. I have waited to comment about this because I wanted to be sure it was a problem game after game. Today Watford was quoted in the Indy Star as saying”We are just playing too much of a one on one game instead of making the kick” WOW Finally! If you are going to be successful at the dribble drive and pick and roll offense you have to be unselfish and have good court awareness. Those to things are a big problem with this team. The other teams that play IU know that most of the time when Rivers, Jones, Watford or Dumes go down the lane they are going to keep the ball so they stack and hedge to the middle creating a poor shot, a blocked shot or a turnover. It was every clear in the Ohio State game when one player, on their team, got 7 blocked shots. In that game Jordan Hulls was 5-9 including 3 of 3 from behind the 3 point line. When someone is shooting that well you have to kick the ball out. I have watched game after game when Hulls is calling for the ball open on the side and no pass is made and it is not just him. Before Roth and Creek were inured the same things were happening to them. Some won’t like this but Rivers, Jones, and Watford are the 3 biggest reasons we are not better. When we have games when Watford, Jones and Rivers are a collective 8 of 37 from the field or 21% like in the Illinois game and Dumes and Hulls are 6 of 12 from 3 you know there is a problem. Would you not want to kick the ball to the guys who are making shots? More times than not the kick pass or the dump down low pass is not made.
    Sure Jones is the best at dribble drive but think how much better he could be if he only had to beat one player. If these 3 guys would pass and not shoot every time we could make the defense be honest and have to guard down low and at the 3 point line. This would make it easy for them to do the pick and roll and the dribble drive and score. So, why won’t they pass the ball? A. They have poor court vision or awareness. B. They are selfish or think they have to shoot to win the game. C. They don’t think the big guys down low can catch the ball. D. They have no confidence in their teammates abilities to make shots. E. They don’t like someone or are afraid if someone does well they will lose playing time– I hope this is not true! If you go back and watch the games where we win or play well you will see unselfish play and the ball being shared. I can’t explain why these thing are happening but I can tell you for SURE that they are. So I think Watford now gets it and hopefully others will also. Basketball is a TEAM sport. When the players understand this IU will get better and the best players will get better. This is the kind of stuff that gave me gray hair and I am sure Coach is trying to get them to understand team play and effort but there is always a learning curve. Speaking as an old coach, at this point in the season if a player or players are not following the game plan they would have a long visit with the bench! I know Coach is highly disappointed with them. As fans they need are support while they are having such a rough time winning. It will be interesting to see if Watford’s comment is taken to heart in todays game.
    Go Hoosiers!!!

  5. FINAL: WIS 83, IU 55.
    IU: Watford 15; Jones 11, 4ast; Hulls 8; Moore 7; Rivers 4, 4reb; Elston 4; Capobianco 3; Pritchard 2; Muniru 1.
    IU: 20-43 (47%) FG; 4-7 (57%) 3PT; 11-16 (69%) FT; 22 reb; 20 TO; 10 (18) fouls.
    WIS: 32-63 (51%) FG; 10-25 (40%) 3PT; 9-11 (82%) FT; 32 reb; 10 TO; 12 (17) fouls.
    WIS: Bohannon 30; Hughes 16; Taylor 11; Nankivil 9; Evans 6; Smith 3; Jarmusz 2; Bruesewitz 2, 8reb; Wilson 4.

  6. Aruss – We’re darned lucky and blessed to have such a fine coach in Tom Crean. You don’t think there’s a better coach out there for the money do you?

    We’re only paying him $22,000,000 over 10 years. I think we should rewrite his contract and add a couple more years. We wouldn’t want him to be stolen form us.

  7. IU Grad,
    Steve Alford is obviously a better coach and could be had by IU at a lower cost.
    Tom won’t be stolen from us because nobody wants him. Many of the Marquette fans were even glad when he left there.

  8. 4garuss your comments get more asinine every day. Why dont you defend Alford’s record at Iowa? What happened there to this great coach you refer to? I like alford, but you really disgrace his name.

  9. Not Aruss but the Iowa fans thought they should compete with the elite. My goodness – It’s Iowa.

    They get more excited watching sweaty men in leotards wiggle on the floor all winter than they do watching basketball. I’d say any winning basketball team at Iowa would translate into a great job.

  10. Dear everyone discussing Alford,

    Can we just stop already? Alford is not coming here. He’s not going to be IU’s coach, so whether you love him or hate him, it really doesn’t matter.

    4guards, move on.

    Secondly, college coaches in general are overpaid. Leveraging Crean’s salary to show that he shouldn’t be our coach really isn’t that strong of an argument. Are you saying that if we were winning games in the Big Ten, Crean would then deserve the salary he’s being paid?

    Regardless of wins and losses, does anyone whose job is to coach a game for a living really deserve millions of dollars? Probably not, but that’s the business. Get over it already.

  11. Alford is the best coach of the big ten tournament history. This is saying something for coaching at Iowa of all places.
    Look at what he is doing with not much talent at New Mexico. They are severely overachieving.

  12. I wish Bo Ryan was coaching here. His players are not more talented than ours but he gets them to play. Did I just say I wish Bo Ryan was coaching here? Oh my, how low can we go?

  13. As far as MU being glad Coach Crean came to IU. Iowa not only enthusiastically accepted SA’s resignation for his disappointing tenure for them but probably changed the locks at Carver arena.

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