1. I’d like to hear from some of the football-minded guys on the blog: does Kates give us immediate help and perhaps mitigate some of our lost defensive ability?

    Some of the more stubborn Lynch defenders on this blog have tried to blame the secondary for our string of collapses last year, but the same secondary produced a whopping amount of turnovers in each of those disastrous games that should have closed the door, if not for inept offensive management in the second half.

  2. Your preminition is correct. Kates is immediate help.

    Husky, as you prefer the hardcourt to the grid iron, I’ll give you this comparison. Think of Jamarcus Ellis when he came to IU. Like Kates he was Juco Player of Year in his respective sport. Ellis was a player that IU could plug into the starting lineup and not worry about.

    Kates should be able to solidify the secondary somewhat.

    Looking forward to see how our other JUCO Jeff Thomas fits in with the LB corps. Hopefully he’s a plug and play type player as well.


  3. PB- Thanks. Good analogy. Hope he doesn’t prefer the ganja on the same level as Jamarcus (a little is OK).

    By the way, I actually prefer the gridiron to the hardwood; I’m just not that knowledgeable about the X’s and O’s, since I never played football in high school. Not to mention I am a Washington fan first, whose recruiting class is #21 this year and features this guy. who is “generally regarded as one of the top 10 safeties in the country, [and]also considered Michigan and USC, but had a friend put a UW hat on his head as he announced he was coming to Washington.”

  4. If everything I have read is somewhat accurate I would say he starts next year and is at the least a slight upgrade from what IU has right now. I am happy he signed. I think he signed because he was told he would play immediately at IU! My question is…what position does Finch play next year? I think he moves to OLB but I have no inside scoop on that, just gut feeling!

  5. also, most sites have him at 6 feet tall and he is strong and fast from what I read. He called IU and committed before ever stepping on campus and spurned offers from big schools last year and now again this year…I like that big time!

  6. Ah yes the always present Finch question. I would think that Finch stays in the safety and special team role.

    But your guess is as good as mine. Lynch got asked the Finch question every other week this past season and I still can’t figure the Bobby Capobianco (the situation) out.

    He’s already been somewhat of a miss at the college level and he is running out of time to make an impact. Florida had him moved to linebacker then the injury happened. But interesting suggestion to move him back there J Pat. I mean, if he can’t break into the lineup in the secondary why not give him a shot at LB?


  7. Some of the more stubborn Lynch haters on this board refuse to give the coaches credit for having put the players in a position to make a play. Additionally, they will blame the coaches for the same players’ misreads that result in 90 yard touchdown plays.

    Good play = players are good
    Bad play = coaches are bad

    That’s their formula.

  8. Leaving aside all that. I think this a good group and I think our recruiting is solid. Certainly not spectacular, but solid. The Perez kid is a winner.

  9. GFDave, I thought we had formed a mutual respect man. I only brought Finch up for one reason and that is because Kates says Finch in a way brought him to IU in the first place. At the same time it was you that changed your tune after you saw IU in person in Virginia. No, I have zero confidence in anything this coaching staff does and they earned every bit of it. Dave, you brought it out of me man.

  10. I’ll wait until football season is underway to smash GF Dave’s latest pair of rose-colored goggles.

    For now, the recruiting looks good. Lynch seems to do a good job working with what he has and nabbing some underrated talent. That’s only half the battle, though; you still have to coach the team. Ty Willingham had several top-10 national recruiting classes at UW, and managed to win 2, 5, 4, and 0 games in 4 seasons.

  11. I have seen two comments in this thread on recruiting, one said solid and one said good. I read an article today and this is how IU stacked up.

    54 on scout and 9th in Big 10
    87 on rivals and 11th in Big 10

    This class is no better and no worse than in the past but there is certainly no upgrading or improvement as a whole and that bugs me. IU just built a new endzone and has the biggest weight room in the nation. I am scared that the reason this class is not better is because of the last two years of play on the field and decisions by coaches. If you read the story on a certain IU commit that changed to Cinci, he said that in a way. Any thoughts???

  12. Finch appears to be a great athlete that has difficulty making the reads that are necessary for the positions he seems to be most suited for. The same reason a lot of great athletes cannot make the transition. It’s a double edged sword that explains why the “can’t miss” players often miss and the “under the radar” players often excel.

  13. Results on the field are going to be the main factor to IU upgrading their recruiting. Players want to win.

  14. Recruiting is fair at best compared to the conference on a whole but improved from 4-5-6 years ago when our national ranking was terrible. We now are bringing in 3 star LB’s. I don’t recall that 5 years ago and we are still in the basement of B10 recruiting rankings. We are also getting some of the top in state talent at skill positions. But we are still losing our top in state O&D lineman. It is a deep hole from which we are trying to recruit from. Over six negative decades as I have witnessed. Yes, improvement on the field is the cure for improved recruiting. Just as last years class and this years class indicates. And yes improved recruiting is the cure for improvement on the field. I also would add a hungry cadre of assistants doesn’t hurt. Commits from Fl., Tx., Ga., Md., and Ca. is a positive sign. I still don’t think we can add substantial conference wins at our present B10 recruiting position ranking. We are still two or three seasons from ever considering we would be getting commits from a class having three or more 4 star players. Four star recruits committing make a program improve in one season.

  15. I completely agree with the “cant miss” and “under the radar” observation. Dont put much in the # of stars they get either. That said our “3” star Matt Perez seems like a cant miss that flew under the radar!

  16. Congrats to the Hoosiers on a solid class and on not losing Kates. Hopefully, we are getting somewhere.

    And, Congrats to Bobbie Sue for making a post that isn’t about the Penn State game this fall.

  17. So JPat, the truth is now out, you have more confidence in them than I do. Who did the one article say IU was ahead of in conf. recruiting??

    The rankings on Rivals are depressing.

    I’ll bet Finch won’t play much. And with the losses on that side of the ball, almost anybody should have a shot. Mitchell Evans is going to play defense now???? That kid has done everything except clean the stadium after games.

    I’ll go to a game or two next year, but am really not expecting to re-up on the season tix.

  18. KevinK, I’m pretty sure Evans takes tickets at my gate prior to the games and I’m positive I seen him serving hotdogs at the signing day event tonight.

    There appears to be a little buzz about the program this year. In years past, the signing day event was always held in the little room in the bottom of the stadium. There was never a shortage of seats or food.

    Tonight they had it in the Hall of Champions, they ran out of food before Lynch even took the stage. It was standing room only with the main level full, and when you looked up there were people lining the railings on the upper floor.

    Lynch done a good job at the podium, and even had a few good one liners. He opened up questions from the floor and wasn’t phased when he was asked about the teams inability to finish games last year. They start workouts at 6:00am tomorrow, and the mantra is FINISH.

  19. Mike P,

    So this is the year we have the new offense installed, nearly all the starters back, lots of senior leadership, young and talented play-makers on offense, a brand-new stadium, a hard-working coaching staff that is really fired up, and a schedule with 6 or 7 wins on it at least?

    I really, REALLY do not want to be pessimistic. I’m sure the kids coming in are great kids and want to do their best. I will always wish them success, and will cheer for them when I’m there.

    But I’ve heard this before….

  20. 6 or 7 wins, you are more optimistic than I am. I think I have them down for 4.

    The JUCO guys will all contribute in some way, out of the 20 incoming frosh, there is only 1 (Cody Evers, OL, 6-4 315) that I think won’t be a redshirt.

    The offense will score a lot of points, but I think it will be like when we had Randle-El, high power offense, no defense.

  21. I was not predicting for next year. Just repeating the company line from a year ago. Pistol, Pistol, Pistol….etc.

    I am afraid 4 may be optimistic.

    Peres is not in the picture next year? What’s his story? Mr. Football(?) in Illinois comes to IU?

  22. Willis is our starter, Nick Turner will be #2, Perez will take a RS so we can have him one extra year. Just my thoughts.

  23. Don’t forget, we still have Trea Burgess and Zach Davis-Walker as well. If Willis couldn’t crack the rotation over Thigpen, do you really think Perez won’t RS?

  24. I’ll bet Kates saw Tracey Porter intercept Brett Favre towards the end of regulation time in the NFC Championship game, and realized that IU CBs can indeed make it big time in the NFL if they show they can be a “shutdown” CB in the Big Ten.

  25. I think redshirting our freshman will be the only way to compete in the B10 consistantly. Give our guys another year to develope and also have them for leadership their 5th year. Very smart move I believe.

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