Leary faces 17 felony counts

I was chasing this a bit after the game and couldn’t come up with anything, but the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette is all over the story.

Todd Leary, a former Indiana player and current color analyst on radio broadcasts, faces 17 felony charges for his part in a scheme to misappropriate real estate title funds.

This story is, as you’ll see, multi-layered.

According to court documents, Leary’s former teammate, Brian Evans, cooperated with state investigators to uncover the scheme.

Leary played basketball for coach Bob Knight’s Hoosiers from 1990 to 1994; the team advanced to the NCAA Final Four in 1992.

Leary once worked for former title insurance broker Joseph Garretson, who pleaded guilty this week in Allen Superior Court to conversion or misappropriation of title insurance escrow funds, corrupt business influence and unlawful loan origination activities in a scheme that court documents say totaled $2.7 million in losses.

IU police arrested Leary – an analyst for the Indiana University Radio Network – on Thursday evening, and he was booked into the Monroe County Jail in Bloomington about 6:45 p.m., 15 minutes before IU’s home game against Purdue.

Leary, 39, of Carmel, is accused of conspiring with Garretson between July 2008 and February 2009 to commit a variety of felonies, including conspiracy to commit conversion or misappropriation of title insurance escrow funds, conspiracy to commit theft and conspiracy to corrupt business influence. The majority of the charges are Class C felonies, with penalties of up to four years in prison each.

We’ll obviously have more on this story tomorrow. I believe Leary is actually an employee of Learfield Communications and not IU, but clearly the university has significant say in who broadcasts its games. They’ll be looking for a replacement.


  1. Extremely sorry to hear that it looks like Todd made some very bad choices.

    However, I’d like to let it be known that I am available as a replacement.

  2. So, I caught some of the halftime show, but watched it on TV and didn’t hear the post-game. Who filled in, or did Fisch go solo?

  3. Wisco,

    Fischer went solo. I don’t know when, exactly, Leary was escorted away but he was booked at the jail just 15 minutes prior to the start of the game.

  4. OMG, and I thought losing to Purdue was a tough pill to swallow. Wow, looks like Leary is the one who came out on the wrong side of the loss last night. Lose a basketball and well you live another day to play another one, try to steal millions of dollars from innocent people/the bank trying to make mortgage payments and you might have just as well seen your last day as free man. I thought IU had problems, please…..

  5. I loathe hypocrites. Leary is one in a major, major way. Pretending that he had something to say about how IU’s players, coaches and administrators should comport themselves! Ha!

    Wisco: I support your candidacy.

  6. Thanks, GF. By the way, you wouldn’t happen to be a manager at IU Sports Properties or Learfield Communications, would you? If so, that’d be great.

    Anyway, in addition to being a hoops junkie, I almost have my JD. I could give advice during timeouts or something? And help sweep the floors after the game. And carry bags. Clean the restrooms. Whatever. Thanks for your consideration.

  7. Listen, Wisco you are on to something here. At timeouts you could take legal questions (Hello, Todd from Wabash Valley, you’re on, what’s the question?). You could provide real estate planning and investment seminars after Crean pressers. Finally you could recruit Martha Stewart to sponsor a guest speaker series through Learfield on the delicate art of holding others to higher standards while committing felonies:

    I love this. It could work. LMAO.

  8. Yeah, I’m game. Every fifth question, I could answer the question how I think Coach Knight would answer it, poor impression included.

    You never answered my question though, Dave.

  9. This is shocking. Why an intelligent, successful, well known young
    man would commit felonies is beyond me. I wonder what Brian
    Evans knew about it, since he helped investigators with this.

  10. Shocking. I’ve come to really appreciate Leary’s color commentary the past nine years (Wow, has it been that long?) alongside Fischer. He was certainly a better radio voice (though not the same wealth of IU knowledge) than Bob Hammell, bless his heart.

    I wonder who they’ll find as a replacement. I love the idea of using former players as color analysts and hope that continues.

  11. I hear that Knight is leaving ESPN to join Fischer and that Assembly Hall will be renamed MARSH ARENA!

  12. stevealford/4guards care to comment on a former knight player? i thought these problems were impossible with all things knight? knight must be a terrible coach/mentor/leader and alford is terrible too because hes from the same knight tree!

  13. Wisco, not so fast my friend! I, too am available to lend my insight and wisdom to IU radio broadcasts in return for free tickets and transportation. My qualifications? I’ve been around longer than George McGinnis and I promise not to swear at Pritchard on live radio….wait a minute, bro…it’s all yours.

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