Lynch: I’ve never felt so good about a class

Signing day didn’t bring a lot of surprises for Bill Lynch. Cornerback Andre Kates made him sweat a bit, but the other 24 members of the class were signed by about 9:30 a.m. on signing day. Here’s an overview of the class, provided by IU.

And here’s a link to the video highlights IU showed at its signing day reception.

Lynch said that the general lack of drama was one of the more enjoyable things about this recruiting season. Lynch said he didn’t offer a scholarship to a high school player after July. He had a few who didn’t commit until December, but most of his class was finished before the start of the season.

“That part of it is different than probably the old days,” Lynch said. “I think our staff did a great job of holding onto the commitments. What I liked about it is the opportunity to really get to know them as we go through this process. It used to be that you spent the whole time recruiting selling, selling, selling. But once you’ve got them committed, now it’s a much more relaxed environment when you just get to know them. I said this to the staff, I worked through Friday night in terms of home visits and all. When we got together on Monday, I told them I can’t remember the end of a recruiting year where I felt so good about the kids coming. We knew they were talented, that’s not the issue. But the more you get to know them, the more comfortable you are with their character, their families, their commitment, knowing that they really want to come to Indiana University. That’s something I’m really excited about it.”

Lynch said that he made a point with this class to stock defensive backs (he has six) and linebackers (also six) to replace the combined five starters the Hoosiers lost in those two units. The small number of Indiana recruits (four) and larger number of Ohio signees (eight) was more by circumstance than design.

Lynch also said that wide receivers Mitchell Evans and Matt Ernest will move over to the defensive side of the ball to give even more help to the depleted secondary. Evans will not practice in the spring, however, because of hip surgery.

Audio follows in parts.

AUDIO: Bill Lynch Signing Day Press Conference, Part 1

AUDIO: Lynch part 2

AUDIO: Lynch part 3

AUDIO: Bill Lynch Part 4

AUDIO: Lynch Part 5

AUDIO: Lynch Part 6


  1. According to, 26 kids from Indiana signed D1 football scholarship offers this year. The state of Ohio produced 162. FWIW Hawaii had 29 D1 signees.

  2. Seen the rankings for BigTen recruiting at Rivals?

    1-Penn State 20 0 12 7 3.55 1,852
    2-Michigan 27 0 6 20 3.19 1,479
    3-Ohio State 18 0 8 9 3.39 1,334
    4-Michigan State 21 1 4 12 3.10 1,213
    5-Iowa 21 0 4 13 3.00 977
    6-Minnesota 24 0 2 18 2.92 702
    7-Purdue 24 0 1 13 2.63 564
    8-Illinois 20 0 1 11 2.65 367
    9-Northwestern 17 0 0 16 2.94 281
    10-Wisconsin 24 0 0 21 2.88 160
    11-Indiana 25 0 0 11 2.44 115

    I hope we can develop our players.

  3. I hope you are right, Bill. You certainly did well with Doss, Belcher, Chappell and Willis. Now, the challenge in front of you is to not call a wildcat formation leaving all your best players out of the action on a crucial 4th and 1; to not burn your final time out with 12 minutes left in the game; to find a way for your offense to grind out a first down in clutch time.

    Lets go Bill. 1 conference win per season is a little low, even for the average Hoosier football fan who will clap for you under almost any circumstance.

  4. KevinK,

    There is a profound gap between Scout and Rivals in this regard:

    Scout: 58th nationally, 9th in B10
    Rivals: 92nd nationally, 11th in B10

    I think this is Lynch’s third (fourth?) solid group in a row. I really do think he’s gaining traction on this thing.

  5. Also, an even bigger gap was Wisconsin – 85th on rivals and 38th on Scout. Rivals has some screwed up formula that makes absolutely no sense. Its probably something designed to compare the top 10 classes or so, but they apply the formula to everyone

  6. Another interesting tidbit; According to, B10 schools signed only 1 out of 26 of Rivals’ 5 star players.

  7. I have said and will repeat it again. When it comes to football, Rivals is a complete and total joke.

  8. At the risk of sounding like steve you know who I hope Lynch can pull it together and do something he has not been able to do since he has been here like win with some kind of consistency and win a game once in a while that no one expects him to. He seems to have the talent to do better and in his own words he has never felt better about an incoming class. Here’s to hoping for the players’ sake as well as the fans’ sake that he gets it turned around in a big way this year. I want to be optimistic but in reality remain skeptical. Bill please make me feel bad for remaining skeptical….please.

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