Northwestern blitzes IU with threes

EVANSTON, Ill. — Indiana followed two close losses with one that didn’t have nearly the same drama. Thanks to 10 3-pointers and double-digit scoring from each of its five starters, Northwestern pounded the Hoosiers 78-61 on Sunday at Welsh-Ryan Arena.

Sophomore forward John Shurna led the Wildcats with 16 points and six assists. Sophomore center Luka Mirkovic had 14. Senior guard Jeremy Nash had 13 points and 10 rebounds while junior guard Michael Thompson had 12 and freshman guard Drew Crawford added 10. The Wildcats shot 52.1 percent from the field, knocking down 10 of 25 3-point field goal attempts.

“We put ourselves in a hole at the very beginning of the game without getting enough pressure on the ball and not getting enough pressure on the 3-point shooters,” IU coach Tom Crean said. “Some things didn’t go right for us offensively and we didn’t come down and get stops on them and we played an uphill battle the rest of the way.”

Sophomore guard Verdell Jones scored a career-high 28 points and freshman forward Christian Watford added 16 points, but the Hoosiers didn’t get much of anything for the rest of the offense. Their other three starters combined for nine points and IU didn’t score a bench point until the 4:24 mark of the second half.

Northwestern opened the game on a 13-2 run that became a 21-6 advantage. IU cut the deficit to nine points just before halftime and back to nine just after the break, but the Wildcats followed with an 8-0 run and Indiana never got it back under double-digits.

AUDIO: Bill Carmody, Jeremy Nash and Luka Mirkovic discuss Northwestern’s win

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  1. I am disappointed to say I believe we didn’t have the passion or desire to play again! Next time they have this problem I hope TC pulls them and puts in the bench who probably will want to play!One very positive is VJ. He has shown he will be a STAR at this level.

  2. Coaches need to coach!!! If they are unispired then sit their a** on the bench. I’m tired of listening to the same broken record! In addition, am I the only person who notice when we made our short run in the second half which two players were on the bench? Come on guys show me your basketball IQ.

  3. Jubilee, Dumes did not start,played 2 minutes second half, and he definitely wasn’t playing when they ran up the lead. You talk as if and when he was on the floor, he was there all alone. Dumes needs to be starting and playing!!!!! Any coach in America as well as the broadcasters all say the same thing!!!! Take a look at the staff!!!!!!!!

  4. Nearly everything Dumes does positive with scoring he neutralizes with poor decision making on shot selection, careless ball handling, poor passing, turnovers, loses his man on defense, doesn’t block out well on rebounds, no leadership skills and headline hunting. Other than that he is a stellar and dominate Senior.

  5. I was at the game yesterday, and here are my observations:

    Overall team emotion is lacking. Rivers plays like there is no opposing defense, or he is blind. I do not understand why he has as much playing time. No leadership skills. Unemotional. Poor decision making.

    Jones for all his offense, plays passive defense at best. Offensively, he is terrible on the fast break, and the entire team is thinking to much. No one is sure enough of themselves to really want the ball in tough situations. I’m sure they’re told to run it through Jones.

    Pritchard and “Bianco” playing hard.

    Hulls very limited at this level. A real defensive liability. Put a taller guard on him, he is rendered helpless offensively.

    Dumes had a bad day. However, the entire team could use his fire and passion. It sickens me to see Northwestern bullying IU. None of Dumes’ teammates stood up for Dumes when he was hammered by the NU big man. We need Dumes to be on.

  6. You guys answered my question without answering it specifically. What to players were on the bench when IU made a chort run in the second half?

    Answer the two worst players on the team: Dumes and Rivers.

    Tell me how may division one programs have two guards like these two:

    Dumes-Can’t dribble, pass, or play TEAM defense, and has the basketball IQ of a peanut.

    Rivers-Can’t dribble, pass, or shoot. Thinks he is a friggin NBA lottery pick and he is the worst offensive player in the Big Ten.

    That sounds like a winning formula. Crean is right about one thing. He does need guard depth because two guys he plays now are not very good.

  7. YouWillNeverKnow makes a valid point.
    Dumes and Rivers are terrible. Almost as poor at the guard position as Muniru, Jobe, and Capo are as big men.

  8. By gholly we have tweetle d, tweetle dumb,tweetle dumber, and tweetle dumbest keep being flunkies that you are.

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