Ohio State 69, Indiana 52

Emptying the bench.

It has happened.

I’ve run out of things to say.

Indiana did not create effective offense. It did not guard. It lost.

That’s five in a row.

Ken Bikoff of Inside Indiana has just informed me of a most incredible stat: IU’s basketball and football teams are a combined 22-56 over the past two seasons, for a winning percentage of 28.2 percent.

The box score will tell you more.

[8:45 UPDATE]

Hey, here’s Thad Matta. Perhaps he will tell us more, as well.

He told his players it would be tough to play here.

He told them they’d have to be in attack mode (They listened.)

Dallas Lauderdale had a career high 14 points. He also had seven blocks, and Indiana had nine shots total blocked for the second straight game.

A limited-by-early-fouls Evan Turner had a nice balanced line: 10 points, seven rebounds, six assists, two blocks and a steal.

[9:23 UPDATE]

Tom Crean finally arrives. He apologizes for the delay, but says that getting his team’s mentality back to where it needs to be is most important now.

“There’s no excuse for not playing better tonight,” he said. “We don’t have anything in the tank to fall back on when things aren’t going well for us.”

UPDATE, 11:13 p.m.

And after finishing our stories and ScoopTalk, we have audio.

AUDIO: Thad Matta talks about the 12-0 run that gave OSU the win

AUDIO: Tom Crean talks about fixing the team’s mentality

AUDIO: Verdell Jones says it doesn’t seem like the Hoosiers were there

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  1. thats stupid to fire him, we cant afford to do that. i still think hes the right guy, but at times, there isnt enough discipline and fire breathing. he needs to put butts on the bench for poor effort and bonehead plays. no matter how weak our talent is this year, there is no excuse for the pathetic effort they have put forth in the last few days. now for crean, he needs to step up for his team AND IU, and get on the damn refs. chattin them up with a smile and a arm around the shoulder doesnt make your point.

  2. I dont know whats going on with Elston. He got 6 minutes tonight. I’m not one of those guys who thinks he needs to play 20 minutes a night, but he has as much right as anyone to be on the court. I’ve watched several games Elston played at Tipton. I was really excited to see how he would turn out at Indiana. I really think TC has something against him. I’m not in practice so I dont see everything that goes on, but I do know this, when Elston is in the game he grab’s rebounds. Elston committed to Indiana well before TC was named coach at IU. I dont know what it is but seeing how a Crean recruit in Nick Williams left the team I’m just hoping that this doesnt continue to happen. We cant start from scratch year after year after year. Im sorry and I know people dont want to hear this, but IU would be much better off with Nick Williams on this team. I understand Story wanted to be closer to home, but the transfer by Nick Williams makes no sense. Is TC telling certain people they would be better off somewhere else??? Is he telling current players things such as this??? At this point there are alot of questions, much more than answers. I just want to know what the mental state of this team is like at this point.

    By the way, did anyone see Thad Matto look back at TC after the “handshake” it wasnt pleasant at all. I dont think TC even said a word, no nice game Thad or anything. Is it Thads fault that he knows how to recruit and run a solid program?? Is it his fault his team came in totally prepared and basically won the game in the first freaking 5 minutes??? Tell you what, by the looks of the last several games we have 3 or 4 more years before we get our stuff together………….Scary, very scary. Never did I ever think in my life IU’s basketball program would be this bad!!!!!

  3. I never thought we’d ever be this bad either. I also agree it’s time for Crean to put butts on the bench, and he needs to get a technical. He needs to get a tech to fire up the crowd and send a message we are tired of no home court advantage when it comes to ref’s calls. We used to have 2 big advantages at home games and that was the crowd and the other was calls going our way. We still have the crowd, although I don’t know for how long if this type of effort and play continues, but no advantage on calls. I don’t think the refs had much to do about this outcome tonight, but there are times we get screwed and Crean does nothing. Coach, if you are reading this: Get T’d up and do it for the team!

  4. WHo cares. Jordy had a career high. WHat huh what about rivers … . . .. HA rivers drives the lane . . . rejected again . Opps heres a turnover by rivers. Yet again i heard the announcers singing rivers praises yet with a guy as good as they act like he is Iu should definately be at least .500 alone with his majestic presence. Whatever IU sucks and so does rivers crean watford pritchard and every last one of them from The AD down. !!

  5. Just think after tonight’s game against Duke UNC will most likely have lost there last 7 out of 8 games and Kelvin Sampson never coached there.

  6. “thats stupid to fire him, we cant afford to do that”

    Yeah, where would those millions go then?

    I wish could Alford to fire Tom Crean but — not yet.

  7. Chris- you summed up perfectly. I probably have no right to comment since I can’t stand watching anymore, but anyone who can’t see that Elston should be playing more doesn’t know basketball. I realize he’s no Brian Evans yet, but he could be that good. I would LOVE to hear TC’s rationale for playing him 6 minutes when a 5’10” walkon gets 13! And the worst thing is that there doesn’t seem to be any prospect of an impactful big man coming in for the foreseeable future. If Elston transfers-and I’m not sure I could blame him if he did-we’re really hosed next year. The light at the end of the tunnel is very distant!

  8. What is disturbing is the incoming recruiting class. When we are rebuilding it is important to build on last year’s decent class. The incoming two commits may not be any better than what we are losing, and certainly don’t create to any buzz as an up and coming program.

  9. It is ridiculous what Tom is doing to Elston. There is no logic to it unless he wants him to transfer. The 2010 class is a joke, so no help is on the way. Just probably transfers so we can listen to the tanned one make excuses again next year about how young we are. When will the cycle end?
    I know.. I know… When the next D.Wade arrives.

  10. I actually agree with 4guards to an extent on this one. I think that Crean is up against it with this rebuilding job and his best chance is to develop this class with VJ3 to build on.

    In a couple of years when they scratch their way into the NCAA (they will get better, strength will make a huge difference, even helping cut down turnovers, and yes experience will make a difference).

    In the end, the five that really need to be leaned on and developed are Elston, Watford, Creek, Hulls, and Muniru. I really believe that they have the physical tools that can improve incrementally each year. Add in Jones and some help from Roth and Capobianco and you have a team that has a chance…

    …then Crean will be able to recruit to Bloomington the way he envisions

  11. I’m amazed your run of useful words has lasted this long, Chris. After ’09 basketball->’09 football->’10 basketball, there’s only so many things that can be said about the dozens upon dozens of identical outcomes.

    Me drink now. Lots.

  12. crean cant recruit top players to IU yet, thats why he has the decade long contract. lame brains will call for his firing after each loss, so tune them out. no coach can rebuild a destroyed program like IU in 2 years. unless they are scum and cheat like calipari and sampson. crean will get it right, but it simply takes time. one thing that doesnt take time is 100% max effort, and that is why people are getting on his case. crean can influence this but we arent seeing it during this poor stretch. losers body language, poor execution, team play, etc. those are the things that are pissing fans off.

  13. Korman, relax, have a sandwich… Always, always, instead of panic and/or disgust just ask yourself: what would Hammel do? Do you wanna join me in the boat? Hop in. Don’t forget to stretch well before you come in, the boat is tiny. The kids don’t know it but there was a time when Knight’s gametime vestimentary choices were the visual equivalent of Tom Crean’s obsessive-compulsive clapping. I know what CTC said not too long ago, but in two years our incoming class will look like this. And we will once again have an undefeated season!

    Until then…

  14. Just think after tonight’s game against Duke UNC will most likely have lost there last 7 out of 8 games and Kelvin Sampson never coached there.

    They also won their first 7 out of 8 games this season (and 5 from the next 7) so it’s not the same. We lost 4 out of the first 7, 3 out of the next 7, 5 out of the next 7 and we’re 0-2 with freezing prospects in the current 7.

    Samspon has coached at Oklahoma. Do you see Oklahoma in the situation we are currently? Conclusion: it’s not Sampson’s fault. Leave him alone! Only a stupid and incompetent administration brought us where we are (and, I may add, also hired The Big Clapper.)

    Alford’s UNM ahead by 16 at UNLV early in the first half! Yeah, I know, they must be playing another sport…

  15. “We can’t alford” your post barely registers…it is basically incoherent.

    Sampson cheated at Oklahoma and then again at IU. He had a good thing at IU and messed it up so he is certainly not free of blame.

    I agree that the administration had a very flawed approach to hiring for the past ten years. My firm belief is that most of the decisions that were made, were made out of fear. We were afraid to fire Davis when he proved unable to handle the pressure because it would appear racist perhaps. So we held on to him when there were obvious good candidates waiting (Matta). Then we were afraid not to fire Davis with so much of the fan base calling for his job. So we fired him with no real plan and got embarrassed when people didn’t want to step on the hornets nest that is the IU fanbase. There are reasons that it was not an attractive job to people like Few and Bennett…they knew that they would be criticized the way that Crean is being criticized.

    Then we were afraid to go a long time without a coach and afraid to hire a non-minority so we settled on Sampson…there about fifteen minority coaches I would have preferred, but Herbert had his mind made up (wouldn’t Mark Fox have been better? Anthony Grant? Chris Lowery? etc…)

    You cannot make solid decisions out of fear.

    I am impressed with Crean in his ability to withstand the criticism and stay the course. I think that is a key ingredient to ultimate success in this situation. You simply cannot change directions every two years and actually get anywhere.

    If we fired Crean right now it would be again out of fear. Even as fans jump ship, they will be right back when Crean eventually does get the job done. I have no doubt that he will, just sad that it is going to be a long couple of years

    If you want Crean gone, I assume you want a better coach to replace him. That requires that the job become more attractive somehow. It will only happen with Crean being successful….otherwise the ship is too far beneath the waves…

    It doesn’t have to happen this year or next…It just has to happen with him, otherwise there is no replacement waiting in the wings.

  16. Not Sampson’s fault. Leave him alone. Now I get it you post the things that you do because you don’t know a damn thing that has been going on at IU. If you would take a break from being there to smell the farts that Alford cuts you would have seen Sampson gut our bball program and leave us in a position that probably no other program has been left in. Take in some oxygen with those gifts Stevie is leaving for you.

  17. IU needs to give TC time but I would like to see TC fire the team up instead of the love fest that goes on all the time. I, too, don’t understand Elston getting 6 minutes; especially since Watford plays the way he does. Does anyone know how many times he has had his shot blocked in the last two games? For God’s sake teach these guys to head fake, ball fake or shot fake! I see IU run something resembling an offense only to see CW put up the same lame shot, in rhythm, mind you, resulting in another tie up or shot block. Amazingly he seems surprised when this happens, but it happens time after time. (Classic definition of insanity)SHOT FAKE buddy! Dallas Lauderdale has to love playing against CW. I also see little things that tell me a lot… all of our big guys NEVER square up to the basket. I never see triple threat position. Think about this… how many turnovers alone would be eliminated with a little more attention to detail. It causes IU to be poor in passing, creates traveling calls, poor balance especially since our guys are so physically weak. Come on TC get on some butts, sit some butts on the bench and get a T or two!!

  18. To be a good team you must land 3 top notch players in 4 years, and 3-5 good role players. Look at any good team and you will see this. The problem is TC started with 0 of either. He has landed 3 studs…. but it will take some time to develope them. When Creek, Watford, Jones are upperclass they will be very tough to stop. Crean needs to continue to develope players he has and start looking for that next stud in a year or two. You will not land a top notch recruiting class EVERY year.

    As far as the game this team is playing with their head down and no passion. Watch them next game after a bad play. They hang their head and get down on their self. Losing is tough on them. They need confidence and TC is trying to give that to them. It is tuff but I still believe IU basketball is on the way up.

  19. I don’t want a better coach than Tom Crean. I want people to stop mentioning Kelvin Sampson in defense of Tom Crean. Sampson is gone! If Bob Knight had come back instead of hiring Tom Crean do you think anyone would have still talked about Sampson having coached here and gutting the program? No, it would have been all Knight, good or bad.

    Last night the Lobos won their fifth game against a ranked opponent this season, a record for their school!

  20. No, if your god Knight returned, he would struggle just as much and people would defend him the same way; the team was gutted and rebuilding. Rebuilding a team from scratch takes multiple years, not months, not 1 or 2 years, but 4+ years. Stop with the Alford propoganda, many love that he is doing well, so keep it at that. We have a coach that many support, and understand that we wont be back to where we want to be for at least 3-5 years.

  21. Steve Alford cannot coach at a BCS (Big School) program. He can succeed at small conference schools, but he can’t handle the pressure at the bigger schools. It has been proven.

  22. Elston can’t make a shot within 3 feet of the basket…for whatever reason, he is awful around the rim. His free-throw shooting is atrocious as well, for someone who shoots the outside shot fairly well. It’s perplexing.

    ON another note:

    UNC has 11 losses.

    UCLA has 12.

    These two schools combine for 16 championships, and both programs have been way, way better than IU for as long as anyone here can remember, including during that “glorious” last decade under Knight.

    No reason to panic yet.

  23. If Sampson was as bad as everybody here says he was how come Oklahoma is not as gutted as we are?

    I’ll tell you: they had a better administration; ours gave us Bill Lynch, Kelvin Sampson and Tom Crean then left with a severance pay the size of Lake Monroe. What program can withstand that?

  24. Oklahoma didnt rebuild with basically ZERO returning players. Go back and look at what Crean had to work with in his first year. Then tell me that the situations are the same.

  25. Tom Crean sent away Eli Holman, Jordan Crawford, Jamarcus Ellis, Armon Bassett… But recently he was lamenting that he doesn’t have Eli Holman!

    Tom Crean recruited Malik Story and Nick Williams and they both transferred after one year. What a solid recruiter he is!

    So he started from ZERO because he wanted it that way. And he keeps us as ZERO for a larger combination of reasons, none of which is Sampson.

    Why didn’t Oklahoma have to start from zero? Didn’t Sampson spend a longer time there? Wasn’t that a recipe for a bigger, longer-lasting disaster? Apparently not… The administration (inept and incompetent here at IU) made the difference.

    As ronb once said (I’m paraphrasing though) every year you will see a powerhouse have a bad year. By that logic 10 years from now we should be still feel good. This year we are like UCLA and UNC apparently. Not that we would beat them if we played them!

  26. Scottie Reynolds was committed to Oklahoma, and when sampson left he joined Villanova. I’m sure Oklahoma wasn’t happy about that.

  27. Lake monroe- Take your medication. Drink lots of water. Don’t drink the lake water, though – seems like you’ve swallowed a lot of that already.

  28. ^ Oh, you’re out of arguments again. Predictable… Hey Husky, didn’t you say that you were smelling a tenth victory recently? That’s what you said — I hope you didn’t inhale.

  29. There are some Crean apologists out there, but much of the fan base is growing very tired of Tom. Alford’s name is starting to come up more and more with the alumni. He has built New Mexico into an elite team.

  30. SA has certainly figured out were he can be the most successful coaching. Unlike someone on here! With success at Manchester and SWMS he tried the big time at Iowa (left to him in good standing by Dr. Tom Davis) and he descovers it isn’t as easy to coach in the B10 as it was to shoot 3’s in the conference was. So he makes a positive adjustment. With the geographic change he has found again his level of comfort relative to competition in the MW at NM. I wish Coach Alford good luck. On the other hand I am not near so liberal with good luck wishes for KS.

  31. 4guards,
    I think I’ll just call some friends of mine in the athletic dept. and one of the trustees to verfiy your claim that more and more alumni are unhappy, these people know what’s going on. Sure people are not happy but you and your band of malcontents carry no weight within the dept. You’ll know when the people that matter are unhappy. Your opinion matters not at all.
    Oh, you never responded about May and Wilkerson. Cat got your tongue?

  32. I am “IN THE KNOW” and know that Tom Crean definitely needs to go quickly. He gets these young men in here and promises them the world and then when he sees that there is a bigger and better one out there they are pushed to the wayside and forgotten about. Believe me when I say – Some of these young men won’t be here next year because of his antics. I am “IN THE KNOW”. He is a slimy coach and if people knew some of the things he has done they would call for his contract. NO DIFFERENT THAN SAMPSON in my opinion. It all comes down to coaching with these young men. They screw up – You bench them and get in their butts until they hear you. They do a good job and that is when you stand on the sidelines and become Captain Clapper. It is easy. No player at this caliber should be ‘not’ even hitting the rim on ‘free-throws’ like certain players are. That is elementary mistakes. Embarrasing. For God’s sake our own fans are booing us. How embarrasing is that. IT STARTS WITH COACHING. DUH.

  33. What’s funny? If either UCLA or UNC fired their coach right now, Tom Crean’s name would come up as a possible replacement?

    What’s funnier than funny If Crean were fired, we might – might – be able to hire someone the caliber of Dan Dakich. But that might be optimistic. We probably would be looking at more of a Steve Lavin-caliber coach. Someone who wouldn’t mind coming to work for the most petulant fan base in the world; someone who could overlook the fact that said fanbase hasn’t seen a championship since Reagan was president, yet they act like they are so elite that they can fire coaches every two years and still maintain their status as one of the great programs.

    What’s even funnier? Given Fred Glass’s track record of firing the good coaches and keeping the bad ones, you just never know.

  34. I would have to say every life long fan of any base would offer petulance whether you are loyal to the Ramblin Wreck, Orangemen, Salukis or Ducks.

  35. What’s funny? If either UCLA or UNC fired their coach right now, Tom Crean’s name would come up as a possible replacement?

    Apples with apples please: firing the UNC coach is stupid, so is firing the UCLA coach. Firing Tom Crean is also stupid, but for very different reasons.

    Tom Crean needs to be shaken, stirred — not fired.

  36. PARPP – Well mark my words at the end of the season or school year, there will be young men leaving. We will see, we will see. Also your comment about ‘our’ God Bobby Knight is a hoot because if Bob Knight were here coaching he would sit some of these players down especially when they make as many turn overs as what they do and don’t even hit the rim during a free throw. That is what our ‘GOD’ Bobby would do. Not continue to let players make crazy turnovers as what they do. SIT THEM DOWN and let them think about the way they are playing and not worry about who their DADDY is. HOOSIER DADDY?

  37. Comments sections after a loss seem to draw all the hairdressers who got a run in their stocking. That is before thinking about how many of you are using multiple aliases.

    Grow-up. If you think Alford, Knight, Bennett or John Wooden could have a tourney-ready team this year after what Sampson did, you’re unqualified to coach 7-year old girls at the YMCA.

    Most of us who support TC had reasonable expectations about what the team was going to do this season. We were picked by every publication to be dead-last in the Big Ten this season, and there is a chance we could end up 9th. Not great, but better than expected there. We had some terrible losses, but also won a couple that we shouldn’t have won. Welcome to a team with 18 – 19 yr olds.

    Comment sections aren’t exactly a place where a call for perspective gains much traction, but there are an awful lot of people that come around here that do have it, so I guess this is an appeal to them. There are plenty of reasonable critiques that can be had about TC, but the ones I’m reading in this thread are soaked in imbecilic drool.

  38. after what Sampson did

    Crean is just as guilty if guiltier than Sampson. Sampson was an addict who was left at his own devices by an irresponsible administration. He was fired. The administration was proved to be inept. Fired. Crean came and continued the destruction; he’s working at it right now. Through ignorance, incompetence, or bad luck? It doesn’t matter, he’s going to be here for a long time and will be paid the equivalent of 30-40 good teachers to just make sure Jeremiah has a good GPA.

  39. soaked in imbecilic drool

    Drool is from the Husky. He was claiming a few days ago that he could clearly feel the smell of Hoosiers’ 10th win of the season. Alas, he did inhale.

  40. Tom should have stayed at Marquette, but he knew they were getting tired of him as well. He is in over his head here and can’t handle a big time program.

  41. Reminiscent of Alford at Iowa, then? Except Iowa wasn’t even a “big time program”, it’s a small fish in a big (10) pond. No, wait, he had one win in the tourney at Iowa in his second year as head coach there… Pure coaching excellence. But since things were going so well there, why is he now coaching at New Mexico?

    Crean has a lot to prove. But to claim he can’t handle a big time program after less than two seasons of coaching scrubs and then support a guy that has already proven he can’t handle even a program of middling significance in a major conference is a questionable stand at best. What exactly is it that makes you discount Alford’s years at Iowa? What do you see that apparently no one else does?

  42. Yes, and Steve Alford has found his competitive comfort level at NM because he was not successful in the big time at Iowa. ENJOY…

  43. People, do we forget that Crean barely has an AAU team here. We all knew the Big 10 season was not going to be easy. Crean has put them in position to win many more games than they have…It’s just a combination of lower talent and youth

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