1. FINAL: OSU 69, IU 52.
    IU: Watford 15, 7reb; Hulls 13; Jones 11; Pritchard 6; Rivers 4; Dumes 3; Capobianco 6reb.
    IU: 20-54 (37%) FG; 5-11 (46%) 3PT; 7-14 (50%) FT; 34 reb; 14 TO; 10 (18) fouls.
    OSU: 27-56 (48%) FG; 2-10 (20%) 3PT; 13-16 (81%) FT; 30 reb; 6 TO; 11 (17) fouls.
    OSU: Buford 21, 7reb; Lauderdale 14, 8reb, 7blk; Madsen 11; Turner 10, 7reb, 6ast; Lighty 6; Diebler 3; Hill 2; Simmons 2.

  2. Coach needs to start giving us some better answers that include points of action. We know it’s hard and it’s not going to be easy, Coach. What are you going to do, Coach? Things do not seem to be getting any better. What is the plan? Are the scholarships being put to best use?

  3. He’s got answers. They are just bad ones. His answer is to play Moore and Capabeonko more than players like Elston.

    Has Elston done something to Crean? He plays so hard and does so much good. But gets 4 minutes tonight.

  4. I see hints of beginning criticism of Creen. I’ve never seen an Indiana team play such bad defense. The last 2 games are the worst played in years. No excuse other than coaching. And things do not look promising for the future. Creen in one poll had only 5-6th best recruting class in the Big 10. Am I off base here or are others worried?

  5. Tom will try to say that he didn’t have enough time to spend on the 2010 class. But logic will tell you that is an excuse and it is actually his 3rd recruiting class.

  6. It’s definitely concerning. We cannot continue to put up these kind of losses at home. Penn State, Northwestern can, but not Indiana. We need to know how this is going to be fixed, and when results can be expected.

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