Our old friend may be in trouble

Remember Kyrie Irving? Many of you spent the summer following his every move, hoping and wishing he would become the star that would lead top prospects back to Indiana.

That didn’t happen. He’s headed to Duke now. And now his high school may be in some trouble.

Videotapes show that Kevin Boyle, the coach of St. Patrick’s (Elizabeth, N.J.) was in the gym for six open gym sessions prior to the season starting. That’s a no-no, according to New Jersey’ state association rules. The punishment could be the suspension of Boyle and the removal of St. Patrick’s, the No. 5 team in the country, from this year’s state tournament, the Newark Star-Ledger is reporting.

Michael Gilchrist, the No. 1 junior in the country (who was listing Indiana but seems to have lost interest at the same time Irving did), is also on the team. And it appears that Chris Washburn may have tipped off investigators. He had two sons transfer to the school over the summer but never played in a game and are back in Texas.


  1. I thought it was about me, but then realized they said “friend”, a word that couldn’t be farther removed from what the IU fanbase thinks of me.

  2. Heck, I thought it was about me. Who cares anyway? The kid’s high school will be in trouble all the while he’s headed to Duke anyway. He didn’t violate the rules, his coach did. This is how ridiculous some rules are anyway. How many other high schools in America conduct open gyms prior to a season starting with their coaches present? I’d say quite a bit. I agree that it was a little over the top to secretly film the whole thing.

  3. That 3-star forward Verdell Jones is putting up better numbers than I am. I wonder if I’d be doing as well as he was if I decided not to bolt from my commitment to IU.

    Of course, I love being on a winning team, but man, maybe the whole “star” thing is a tad bit imprecise.

  4. Yeah, Devin, I agree. I am another one of the Sampson Sophomores to have bailed on IU once my surrogate father was booted and had to take a job as the janitor for the Bucks.

    I also am happy to be on a winning team. However, I am very impressed with Verdell and his blossoming at IU. I’m not sure if you or me would have been able to put up the same numbers.

  5. Hey guys!! I was hoping it was about me. I’m not sure if anyone even remembers Coach Knight bringing me in to be the enforcer! 2 sport IU star…ok maybe that’s a stretch.

  6. Oops, wrong room. Where did that balding, good-natured country-boy quarterback go? I have another kiss for him…

  7. when i coached high school ball the head coach was allowed to watch open gym as long as he didn’t say anything to the players. but, you know…

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