Pitino linked to Nets job but denies report

Louisville coach Rick Pitino is interested in the New Jersey Nets’ head coaching job, the New York Daily News reported today.

Of course, Pitino came out and flatly denied the reports.

“I can’t keep talking about rumors and untruths,” Pitino, whose team visits St. John’s Thursday night at Madison Square Garden, said on the Big East conference call. “All I can say is in the past nine years I’ve never had one conversation with a pro team. I had one conversation with a college team and that was Providence College. There’s absolutely no truth to it [the Nets story] and I shouldn’t address it.”

There’s one important line there, the one that keeps this is in the “more than a rumor” category.

“… I’ve never had one conversation with a pro team.”

That is, not to say, that Pitino’s people have not had conversations with someone connected to the Nets. The Daily News reported that there has been no direct contact, which leaves indirect contact (agent, manager, family member, friend, etc…) as an available option. And, remember, that Pitino was linked to the Sacramento Kings job last summer.

The Nets have made it pretty clear that they are not interested in Pitino. That is not to say that there is not a NBA team out there (the Clippers come to mind) that would not mind getting in the Rick Pitino business.

So why does this matter to Indiana University? Because of one high school junior named Marquis Teague. Louisville is the heavy favorite to land Teague, in large part because of the relationship between Pitino and Teague’s father.

If Pitino is gone, you have to think Louisville is out of the running. That leaves Indiana and Kentucky (and the few stragglers) gunning for Teague’s services.


  1. I’d be shocked if this weren’t bogus. Hasn’t Pitino learned from the debacle with the Celtics? And the Nets are TERRIBLE.

  2. Could he be escaping his affairs through this move? I would expect a NBA coach could find a good Italian restaurant in any city.

  3. Sypher flu is still uncurable in KY…it has infected everyone….Rick is just testing what type of grass is greener on the other side probably….then again this is probably a rumor….

    The bball side of his life is easy compared to all the bs of getting caught cheating on your wife and the whole country knows it……

    This is nothing to be able to deny compared to other aspects of his life….

    UK Leads for Teague BTW…even thought Pitino’s son told my friend 2 yrs ago Teague” all but has comitted to UofL” …True Story, too….

  4. Last spring the Courier-Journal in Louisville reported that Pitino had talked to the Sacramento Kings, so either he is lying about not talking to any pro team, or the CJ was way off.

    I told someone before this season started that this would be his last year at Louisville. I still stand by that statement.

  5. The nets maybe terrible, but they are young and most likely will have the number 1 pick in the draft and I believe John Wall will be a huge impact at the NBA level. Good opportunity for a coach if a team will commit several years to you. Build and develope the young team around Wall. The nets will be alot better in a few years.

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