Purdue 78, Indiana 75

A flag.

Tonight I am reminded of movie franchises that use the same generic theme and tweak the storyline just enough for fans to have a little bit of interest in the next offering. Yes, I’m looking at you National Lampoon and American Pie.

Indiana lost. Late. Again.

Verdell Jones got a decent look to tie the game, but his deep 3-pointer hit off the back of the rim and bounced high into the air and away from where it needed to land.

Prior to that Indiana had allowed a 9-0 run after leading 69-66, missing three front-ends on 1-and-1s. The variation on the theme for this night was that Jordan Hulls and Jones missed those free throws; they’re usually reliable.

Purdue’s veteran team calmly pushed to victory.

IU fans must feel as though they were made to watch the latest installment of the American Pie series. No one deserves that.

Of course the difference is that the Hoosiers are learning and building and clearly getting better. The American Pie people are simply bilking a trite concept for more than it should ever be worth.

We’re waiting for interviews. We’ll have more basketball-related analysis as the night goes on.

Here’s a picture of Kelsey Barlow, a Purdue freshman, demonstrating what to do if you get Buccetto’s pizza stuck in your throat.

And, less exciting but perhaps more revealing, a box score.

[9:30 UPDATE]

Here’s Matt Painter, the Purdue coach.

He thinks his team got “caught up in the emotion” a bit and didn’t carry out assignments on ball screens in the first half. Thus Tom Pritchard’s ability to get easy lay ins in the first half.

Down the stretch, Painter leaned on his three junior star players and they made plays.

The key, Painter believed going into the game, was the rebounding battle. The Boilermakers won it by four, and won on a late possession. That’s not coincidental, he offers.

Assembly Hall is the toughest venue in the Big Ten, Painter says.

Purdue held Tom Pritchard scoreless in the second half after he had a season-high 13 in the first. That was the product of better assignment basketball, not a switch in how the Boilermakers defended.

AUDIO: Matt Painter talks about winning despite shaky defense

AUDIO: Tom Crean talks about not getting enough stops

AUDIO: Verdell Jones calls his missed 3-point attempt “selfish”

AUDIO: Jeremiah Rivers says the Hoosiers are “right there.”

Jordan Hulls.


  1. wow what a game!! the improvement is noticeable, and im excited for the future. the downfall is losing these games has to be killer for the players psyche.. its hard to feel like winners when they lose these close games! just keep your head up and play hard!

  2. This team has to get a break someday soon! Or hit a FT under pressure.

    Totally classless move by Barlow making the choking sign. Purdue plays hard and has a very good program. But that was crap.

  3. I dont know, im exhausted with keeping up with this team. These guys have played basketball their entire lives, shot free throw in pressure situations but for some reason seem to come up short time and time again (sorry for the pun).

    Lavin said it best of course paraphrasing, “it’s like IU knows that they are not suppose to win games like this, so when it comes to these pressure free throws they miss cause they feel like they are the ones who is suppose to lose the game. Purdue on the other hand is calm and collected – they feel they have been here before and should win the game.” Hate to admit it, but Steve Lavin is so right. Its like you can just sense them being nervous about the situation.

    Tom Crean had nothing to do with Hulls, Elston, and I think Dumes all missing the front of one and one’s. Freshman, seniors — should it matter — havent these guys done this their entire life. I can understand a miss here and there, but these guys are playing at a Division 1, highly recruited, major college basketball program and this free throw problem has been an ongoing issue the entire year. UNREAL

    I am tired of these moral victories and I’m tired of these guys having control late in games just to throw it all away by missing free throws, bad defense, turnovers, or missed free throws or missed free throws. Were do they go from here??? Another TC postgame speech about how well they played, how bad the team hurts, how much they are growing…. for what, for what???? MORE MORAL VICTORIES, HOW BOUT SOME REAL VICTORIES. It almost hurts more when they are this close.

  4. If the No.7 team in the nation was anyone other than Purdue, we’d all probably be really pleased with the Hoosier’s effort.

    I still am, but it’s just a tougher pill to swallow when we lose to our little sister.

    Anyone who’s been hating on Crean should swallow an even bigger pill tonight. If you honestly think he isn’t taking our program in the right direction, you might as well stop watching now.

  5. Barlow’s move was classless and he, I’m thinking, will be remembered for it.

    Not only was it classless, but come. He had five points to VJIII’s 22. Classless and stupid.

    As far as the game goes, there were so many little things that, if done differently, might have made the difference. Watford really going after boards and then putting the ball back up weakly. River’s being careless. Dumes’ bad heat check moments. A few missed front end of one and ones by Elston, Hulls and somebody else (can’t remember).

    The roller coaster ride continues. I don’t see any reason we can’t go beat NU.

  6. Im sorry, I hate being negative. As an IU fan my entire life its hard to believe what I’m seeing. Cant believe whats happened and Im scared this program will never get back on its feet. Seems like we have been in the dog house for 5 or 6 years now. Sorry, I just wanted this game bad and not because I hate Purdue (I hate Illinois with a passion) its just getting to me, bad man— really bad…….

  7. Casey, I am not really sure how losing 3 in a row (1 at home to Iowa) is going in the right direction. Maybe you should lay off the pills.

  8. RHF, you speak from the heart and I appreciate that. I agree with what you say and know you are not alone!!!


  10. 4guards,

    I don’t think you and I have ever agreed about anything, and I don’t see it happening any time soon.

    My only curiosity is why you even bother watching the Hoosiers anymore. It obviously causes you nothing but stress and disdain for our coach and players.

    Why not become a Kentucky fan or something? You’re obnoxious enough to be one and they have some good bigs and win a lot. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

  11. I too am tired of moral victories. If you have played basketball most of your life then you should be able to make a free throw. I don’t care if you are a freshman, senior, or red shirted, if you play basketball at Indiana University then you should be able to hit a free throw. Not Crean’s fault that those guys can’t step up when it really matters. If the NCAA counted moral victories the way that a lot of people on here do, then I guess IU would be a #1 seed come March! Hate to be harsh, but when do the excuses end? Other young teams play and win games so why do we have to always come up with an excuse.

  12. Oh and please don’t bash me and tell me that I am not a true fan because of my critical comments from before. I have been an IU fan for over 25 years and have come to support and cheer this team on several times this year. Sometimes they are just so frustrating to watch.

  13. I haven’t noticed anyone claiming moral victories or making excuses on this thread.

    I see posts from people who remain upbeat and encouraged. Count me as one of those.

  14. The reasons for a team losing do not necessarily equate to excuses. There are a number of constants making up the reasons and those constants won’t change this season.

  15. KW,

    I think this one especially hurts because it was our rival that came into our building and beat us.

    Think about it…if UNC was No.7 — or Duke or MSU or anyone else, we’d be glad we hung in there that long.

  16. Agreed with RHF, both on the pain and the ignoring. That was a nice expression of the frustration and the ups and downs of watching this team. I think that tomorrow I’ll remember how well we played for so much of this game, but for now it still just hurts.

  17. Casey,
    I watch the Hoosiers because I have done so my entire life. I will never be a fan of any other team. However it is very hard to watch what is being done to this program and some major changes need to take place.

  18. As disappointing as tonight was, there’s no denying that we are headed in the right direction. I think we can realistically go 10-8 in the Big Ten and contend for an NCAA bid next year.

    The crowd at AH was great tonight. My friend texted me during the game to tell me that Lavin said this was the best environment he had seen all year. Great publicity for IU, hopefully some recruits were watching.

    Keep the faith guys, things will come around! Tom Crean is the right guy. He is a great ambassador for the program and does things the right way. If you want instant gratification, become a UK fan and root for a team of one-and-doners with a cheater at the helm.


  19. This team that is headed in the wrong direction, can’t hit clutch foul shots, needs major changes made to it and is frustrating to watch scored 19 points from 9 PUke turnovers tonight. The only thing stopping them from doing less is their own resolve and damn good coaching.

  20. 4guards,

    I understand your frustration. Everyone here is frustrated. No one likes enduring this process. No one likes watching this traditional powerhouse of a team have to “rebuild.”

    My point is though, you need to start realizing that, like him or not, Crean is not going to be fired any time soon. Why not face that fact and start supporting the team? You rarely post anything constructive, let alone positive.

    You really see no progress being made?

  21. There was NO moral victory to be had tonight. The game was there to win. The crowd was amazing and many players really played well in spurts. Completely winnable game. Please CTC, please work on free throws in the off season. Please emphasize it. Let’s not lose games next year because we can’t hit a respectable free throw percentage (is 70-75 pct. too much to ask for as a team ??) And lastly… HOW GOOD IS RIVERS LITTLE BROTHER ?? Is he THAT good… that you refuse to reign-in Jeremiah ? No other PG in the B10 could AIRBALL 2 LAYUPS and NOT get benched !! And his dad says in a halftime interview 2 weeks ago, he wishes he would “turn it loose a little more” ! ???? I hope little brother is worth it.

  22. You know, some people may see this as an excuse, but I feel like it needs to be reiterated in situations like this. Close to two years ago, our team consisted of Brett Finkelmeier and Kyle Taber. We won a single Big Ten game all last season. A couple of hours ago, we took a top 10 ranked team down to the last possession. Heck, if we were ranked in the top 25 and lost to Purdue, even that would be understandable. This team is making progress.

  23. People expected IU to win this game? Seriously? I’m happy it wasn’t a blow out.

    Like it or not, Purdue is one of the best teams in the country and this is an IU team that lost to Loyola MD at home.

  24. I get annoyed with blogs and other internet drivel that provide a place for, if not encourage, unsubstantiated personal attacks without any logic or reason.

    That said, I hate you fourguards/stevealford. Please go away.

  25. Casey, I respect your opinion. I do support the team, but not the coach who is running us into the ground. We disagree in the fact I believe he will be fired after next season. People are really fed up with his style of play and his losing.

    Wisco, My attacks are substantiated and backed by history. Crean has only won 1 tournament game outside of the Wade,Diener, Novak final 4. That is really all the proof I need.

  26. I am a die hard IU fan, have watched IU basketball for years and while it has been extremely difficult to watch this team play from time to time I see great improvement, especially last evening. The good thing about freshmen is that they become sophomores. The effort by Pritchard last evening is what all IU fans expect. Watford needs to learn to play hard ALL of the time and not just some of the time; he especially needs to learn that most B10 teams are going to come after you in the 2nd half. Watford needs to get a warrior’s attitude on the offensive end inside the paint. I do think that Rivers dribbles too much. But with young teams you’re going to see indecisiveness and some poor choices. However, with that being said I really liked the offense I saw last night and the effort. I hope to see more of the same throughout the remainder of the season. Go IU and CTC!

  27. Mods, what happened to scooping the scum away from this forum? If you are having trouble locating them, let me help: 4guards/stevealford

  28. Wow. I was expecting people to get on here and be upbeat today. The team lost on a last second shot to Illinois @ Ill. and had a chance to tie purdue on a last second shot.

    Instead 4guards is complaining about moral victories. We definetely need to get Steve Alford back right now. With his team’s free throw shooting percentage in his Mid-major conference, he would have the players hitting all their free throws.

    I can clearly say today: 4guards, you are an idiot.

  29. As for Bawa tonight, now I understand why he doesnt play. He has the quickness of a sloth, which is amazing considering his athletic build. There were many plays that he could have influenced last night, but his arms and feet are 3 seconds too late. I know hes a “project”, but can he be helped? I really want him to do well and contribute, but I now understand why Crean has been so hesitant to play him.

  30. Parpp, I think Bawa is slow because he is learning the game and is not sure of plays, where to be, etc. Looks like he is confused. That can be fixed! Jobe is slow because his reaction time is awful. Bawa will be a decent player but maybe it will take 3 years. Just my take.

  31. Jubilee, you must be some sort of born loser if you are ever upbeat after a loss, especially 3 in a row.
    The people who should be banned are the people who start personal attacks such as jubilee.

  32. Ignoring starts now.

    BTW, I think this team will make the NCAA tournment next year when Mo Creek gets back. He would have helped us in more than a few B10 games.

  33. Oh steveo, there you go again. CTC will retire from IU in about 20 years. I hope you keep posting so we can all watch you slowly twist in the wind.

  34. Next year, we should make the tournament, and losses like last night’s can be legitimately questioned. This year, however, is about sitting back and enjoying the progress, even if it doesn’t come in the form of many wins.

    Who in here isn’t anything but thrilled about VJ? The kid can flat-out play. I never expected so much out of a lanky, boyish 3-star last-minute signee.

  35. PARPP, I know what you saying about Bawa. But I don’t think it is physical slowness as much as things happen too fast for him to process mentally. He just doesn’t have enough experience to play intuitively. Maybe he can get there, but he needs to stay in Btown all summer and play a gazillion pickup games.

  36. Fourguards, you are at least just as dumb as I thought, maybe more so. My comment was irony within itself, it was not referring to anything you said, just the fact that I hate you. Look at it again.

    If you still don’t get it, strip down to your boxers, go lay in the snow and think about it some more. It’ll come to you.

    If you still don’t get it, just do us a favor and shoot some baskets in the driveway.

  37. GFDave, I can live with the fact that we agree in bball and not football…for now! You had a similar post to me about Bawa! It is snowing like crazy here in B town and they just revised the warning to 4-9 inches of snow!

  38. 4guards – we are just a season and a half removed from our program being completely blown apart. You act as if Crean has been here for 5 years already and still can’t win. Being driven into the ground? What coach out there would have been doing better starting from where we were last season? I don’t think we need to be celebrating moral victories, but we also need to remember where were last year and know that things are getting better.

  39. J Pat. How can we go on in such a state! What are we to do? I know, it just hit me! Be respectful and know that we both want the same thing and that we can disagree without running the other guy down. That might be it. In other words, you and I can go on as per usual.

    It started snowing here at 10am. 28 inches or more to follow. In the 29 years I’ve lived in NOVA we’ve never had a winter that was both this cold and snowy. Always one or the other. Our snowiest month, btw, is March. YIKES!

  40. 4 Guards:
    Freshman year stats:
    Diener: 8ppp 2apg 2rpg
    Hulls: 6ppg 2 apg 2rpg

    Wade: after sitting out freshman year 18 ppg 3 apg 6 rpg
    Creek: 16 ppg 2 apg 4 rpg before injury

    Novak: 7 ppg 2rpg .5 apg
    Watford: 12 ppg 6 prg .7 apg

  41. Dougy,
    What is your point? Are you saying Crean should have this team in the final 4 as well?

  42. when they are juniors they should be final four? are you too big of a moron to get my point?!? you said crean got to the final 4 with diener novak and wade. in wade’s 3rd year. would you be disappointed with an IU final 4 in 2 years??

  43. Wade only actually played 2 years.
    Sadly your point is ridiculous because IU is nowhere near a final four. No chance in 2 years.
    And yes I am disappointed with anything other than a championship.

  44. wow,iu fans are complete jerks, I have never seen such disrespect toward another team. You would never see this at mackey. The fans at iu were calling players names and even the jumbo screen was making neg references toward players. The fact is that iu fans have no class compared to pu fans. As far as barlow iu didnt even want him and he is better than any player on the iu team.

  45. The only positive thing I’ve ever seen out of Purdue was Keady. As long as he was in the gym RMK never looked like quite so much an a$$hole. Congrats on reaching mediocrity, though. I mean, you’ve never won anything, but it must feel great being pretty good for a change. You’ve got a great shot at number 3 in the conference this year. Who knows, maybe even number 2. Shoot for the moon. You can hang up another “NCAA Qualifier” banner. Go Boils.

  46. brett,

    Of course IU fans are jerks. If you seriously think fans at Mackey aren’t heckling the hell out of IU players, you’re an idiot.

    It’s called a rivalry.

    Rivalries generally aren’t fun if the two teams and their fans like eachother.

  47. As a season ticket holder at Mackey, I can guareentee that the same things don’t happen. Iu fans cross the line, they call people names like the Ahole chant and then call players names. What about earliet in the year when the racial chants were being tossed around. “Still a ——” real classy. Pu fans at Mackey don’t insult the opponents fans and or players. Iu fans should be ashamed by their behaviors. Casey your the idiot for not seeing the difference. Calling Hummel and Kramer names is funny considering they are better than anyone on the iu roster and work hard to be good. They are also great students. I admit the Barlow choke was bad but realize he wanted to go to Iu and they didn’t want him. He is also better than most of the iu players.

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