1. These losses “sting” (sort of), but consider the context: a program re-building from scratch, whose only upper-classmen are castaways or journeymen, and who lost the presumptive Big 10 freshman of the year early on.

    Under these circumstances, I’m darn happy with their performance. I was ten times as pissed off watching a highly touted Hoosier team allow Wisconsin to stay close enough 2 years ago to get beat by a Brian Butch bank shot. I was twenty times as angry to see this same bunch lose by 29 points to Michigan State with no good reason and no worthy excuse. In fact, looking back at the last 5 years, it seems like the Hoosiers have made a habit of petering out at the end of the Big 10 schedule by scraping together (some) expected home wins and losing all the potential “game changing” road games. When was the last time we won at Wisconsin? At Michigan State?

    These things considered, I am mighty happy to see our young group showing us this much promise this early in their careers. Expectations weren’t high for this year, and yet we can already point to s signature win and a surprisingly competitive performance in-conference; to be able to say that is was only our own free throw shooting that cost us a win against #7 (Like Hummel said after the game) is a lot more positive than the crybabies of the scoop would lead you to believe.

    As I like to do, let’s compare this to our football situation: No signature victories in 3 years (GadFly and Clairion, please don’t tell me that our win against Northwestern two years ago was a signature win) and an abysmal conference performance. Especially when compared to Lynch, I’d say that Crean is progressing beautifully.

  2. FatThomas, I don’t intend to tell you anything. You don’t even listen to yourself:

    Husky Tom, January 23rd, 2010 at 8:50 am


    You couldn’t have picked a better time for your resignation. I am joining you.

    The Scoop community will be relieved.

  3. GadFly – you just told me that I don’t listen to myself. That constitutes telling me something. Apparently you don’t listen to yourself either:

    FatThomas, I don’t intend to tell you anything. You don’t even listen to yourself

  4. Tom is not a man of his word. Who would listen to him. And please never again compare the basketball program to the football program. Has it really come to that?

  5. Wow, I have created an Unholy Alliance between GF and stevealford.

    Alas, I haven’t gone back on my word – I did not promise to resign forever. Ever heard of Urban Meyer?

  6. Steve Alford wins again. He is now 21-3. Just imagine what he could do with hulls, creek, watford, and elston.

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