Selby won’t visit IU again

Maeshon Witherspoon, five-star guard Josh Selby’s mother, wouldn’t go so far as to formally declare Indiana out of the running for her son’s services, but she did say that her son will not take an official visit to Bloomington.

“I don’t see time with the schedule for us to make a second trip out there,” Witherspoon, who handles all media inquiries regarding her sons’ recruiting, said Monday via text message. Selby took an unofficial visit to IU in the fall.

A report said that Selby, a 6-2 guard from Lake Clifton High School in Baltimore, had narrowed his list down to four schools — Arizona, Kansas, Connecticut and Kentucky.

Witherspoon wouldn’t say that was a done deal, however.

“Not sure right now,” she texted when asked if those were the only four schools still in the running.

She did, however, confirm that those are the four schools to which Selby had taken an official visit or was scheduled to visit. He  visited Arizona earlier this season and visited Kansas this past weekend. He reportedly has visits scheduled to Connecticut on Feb. 28th and Kentucky on March 7th. Selby will not take an official visit to Syracuse, another team that had been on the list.

Witherspoon was asked if IU had done anything or failed to do anything that took them out of the running for an official visit.

“No, they haven’t done anything wrong,” she texted. “It’s just timing.”


  1. Steve Alford’s New Mexico Lobos is now ranked 12. Purdue (4), Ohio State (9) and Michigan State (10) are ranked better, which means Steve Alford’s team is not considered better than ALL the teams in the Big Ten, just better than Wisconsin (14), Illinois, Northwestern, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, and Penn St (all of them unranked).

    On this blog there are a lot of so called experts that keep invoking the past to defend Tom Crean and to argue Steve Alford’s inability to coach. Let me show you how much those opinions matter. At the beginning of this season Rivals picked New Mexico to finish 76th. You can read it here, excerpt below:

    76. New Mexico
    CONFERENCE: Mountain West
    BEST PLAYER: F Roman Martinez
    QUICK TAKE: The Lobos’ home court, known as The Pit, provides a big advantage. But the Lobos have to play better on the road.
    BUZZ: New Mexico lost its top two scorers (Tony Danridge and Daniel Faris) from a team that went 22-12 and reached the NIT last season, but the Lobos return their other three starters. That makes them one of the conference’s more experienced teams in this season of upheaval for the MWC.

    They also picked New Mexico to finish 4th in the Mountain West Conference.

    And New Mexico is now ranked 12th, 9-2 (23-3) and leads their conference with five games to go in the regular season. You can argue about Alford’s tenure at Iowa until you get blue in the face — the truth is that it has ZERO RELEVANCE when it comes to use it as a predictor for how Steve Alford’s New Mexico was going to perform this season. The record speaks for itself.

    Likewise I don’t know what’s left of Tom Crean’s so called “solid record”. I am afraid he’s in a quagmire much stronger than his ability to stay afloat.

    Of course Clarion’s reaction to the above will be this, or this, or this, or
    this, or
    this, or
    this, or
    this, take your pick. Which is why I wrote it, too.

  2. And that’s pretty much it folks, it’s over, it’s over…

    Well, did anyone expect us to land Selby? It would have been a steal.

    Let’s see if we can get an established juco or that rebounding machine out of Florida.


  3. Korman,

    I feel that you or Dustin need to write a well crafted piece about the dynamics of Alford going to New Mexico vs. Crean coming to IU. Maybe throw a little Pat Knight and Texas Tech too. It’s just a shame to have so much comment space of this blog taken up by lengthy irrelevant arguments and factoids about basketball programs other than IU.

    That and the fact that many of these arguments have been on repeat for the past few months.

    Nice job on the The Big Show today with Dakich. Way to represent the scoop and the Herald-Telephone.


  4. ^ I second that. Steve Alford is a representative former Hoosier and it saddens me to read what some are saying here, i.e., that he is not a good coach and will never be a good coach. I don’t see him replacing Crean any time soon (or, for that matter, ever!) but to insist that Alford was, is and will always be a bad coach is simply nonsensical — and that’s the purpose of my previous post.

  5. rebounding machine out of Florida? That is comical. He is just an undersized forward at the next level.

  6. 4guards,

    Looks like those writing classes that I took at Second City have paid off. My humor is multlifarous at best but I’m glad I wrinkled your brain on that one.


  7. With no indication that next season won’t be a repeat of this one why would a we expect a 4 or 5 star player to come here. Watford already has one foot out the door. This could get worse!

  8. the total speculation in the last few days just kills me. Luke, how does Wat have one foot out the door? Because of a picture in the HT???

  9. I certainly don’t hold Josh Selby’s choices as surprising. Although not visiting Cuse conjures a question or two.

  10. The postings of 4guards and him numerous aliases have truly destroyed a quality blog. The HT staff puts in hard work, but the site is littered with trolling trash from the likes of 4guards. Will the community ever revolt and send a message to the HT that we are sick of this? It’s not hard to identify and ban them. Until then, I’ll look for other sites to get my IU news from.

  11. “Watford has one foot out the door”

    That isn’t true. I had breakfast with him at Denny’s this morning and he has 1 pinky and 3/4 of his left big toe out the door. He wants to play for New Mexico.

    I just looooooove the transfer rumors ’round here!

  12. PARPP,
    I only post under one name although I used to post under stevealford. You should have a clue what you are talking about before you make accusations. Please look at other sites, it will make all our lives easier.

  13. speak for yourself 4alf. trolls like you are what we need to get rid of. there is some really good dialog that takes place here, but lately its all crap from trolls that get a kick out of ruining alfords good name. btw sprinkling in a few rational posts here and there doest make up for the crap you post. you aint pullin the wool over anyones eyes

  14. Steve Alford = Buzz Peterson. Peterson was all the rage after taking App State to the Big Dance. Tennessee hired him and they lulled in mediocrity during his tenure. He’s now back at App State and thriving. Same ‘ol song and dance.
    If Alford were to come to IU it would put the AD in a tough position. After he inevitably repeated his experience at Iowa, how do they fire the homeboy legend? He might hang around longer than RMK did after his efficacy failed.

  15. ^ Appreciate the comparison but what is your definition of “thriving”. He’s not ranked, 10-4 (16-10) in a conference that has no ranked team (nor will ever have) and has no win over a top 25 team. Not even close to where the Lobos are currently…

    So — maybe you’re right. But since you have nothing to back up your claims about what you think might happen you have to admit that there’s a tiny chance that you might also be wrong (about what Alford could do if he came back to IU)!

    I think it’s hard to say either way. But maybe we’ll know more at the end of the season… I’m very happy for Alford though, and I hope Tom Crean will have the same success here at IU soon!

  16. Contrast or compare is the conjecture and if not equal certainly parallel for coaches understanding were they have the most success and the memory of the reflection in the rear view mirror of where they did not. Chet the scenario you describe is more than valid without being right or wrong.

  17. Maybe some of you knowledgeable jock types can enlighten me. I have been an Indiana basketball fan for over 60 years, and I get the feeling watching this year’s IU team that aiming at the basket is no longer basic. These guys seem intent on crashing the boards and just throwing the ball at the backboard, hoping to get fouled, I guess. I wish I could remember the phrase Bobby K used in commenting on a Purdue game: something about the admirable intent of the Boilermakers in going aggressively at the basket but with an intent that involves aiming.

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