So what was up with the fireman’s helmet?

Not sure if any of you caught this (I know I didn’t), but apparently Indiana brought a fireman’s helmet to Saturday’s game at Minnesota. It was the job of one of the players at the end of the bench to bring it into the huddle at every timeout.

Assistant coach Tim Buckley was asked about it Monday when he filled in for Tom Crean on the Big Ten teleconference. He said it was the first time the Hoosiers had used “that particular prop” but that it it was part of a recurring theme the Hoosiers had discussed throughout the season. However, he said he would leave it up to Crean to disclose the theme itself.


  1. The basketball program is burning down to the ground and they are hoping Alford will see the hat and come put the fire out.

  2. You said it, 4guards. If only we could get Alford, he’d be able to do for us the same thing that he did for Iowa. Man, they were such a powerhouse under his leadership. I bet he’d even bring back the nuthuggers, just for old times sake.

  3. New Mexico (coached by Steve Alford) is ranked 10th. Please don’t talk about Iowa. Alford is no more there as Bob Knight (or Mike Davis, Kelvin Sampson) is here at IU. All of that is ancient history. It no longer applies.

    If you want to judge Steve Alford and his potential impact at IU as of right now, please check the national rankings. Thank you.

  4. It no longer applies? So we can just conveniently forget about that part of his coaching career. Ah, nevermind all those L’s that was just something in the past. I’m going to start forgiving Charles Manson cause it was in the past and we should all forget about that, I’m sure he’s much better off now.

  5. Just wait ’til he has to go get his own players. Other than poaching from other teams, he never really was able to do that too well.

    Ah well, a lot of them will transfer anyway.

  6. Well, I guess these mostly are his players. Hard to keep track when he’s in the middle of nowhere and can’t make the tournament. But, I guess we’ll see him during the opening round this year.

  7. I see you’re stuck on stupid. Make an effort and free yourself. If Alford’s Iowa record mattered then he wouldn’t be able to bring New Mexico where they currently are: 10th in the nation. But he did. And all that with a team that was picked to finish 76th.

    Now a few words about trolls: anybody who is offensive is a troll. You think you are not a troll simply you are a fan of Tom Crean. If you are offensive you are a troll. And I am going to eat you alive, one by one.

    Two questions for everybody, trolls included:

    (a) RonB said: Crean’s salary was high because he was already one of the best paid coaches in the nation. Very good! What were the objectives for this highly paid coach once he was hired? Does anybody know? Does anyone want to venture a guess?

    (b) Clarion said: Crean’s tenure here is like Painter’s at Purdue. By that standard next year we should expect the following record from Tom Crean’s Hoosiers:

    2007 Matt Painter 9–7 (4th) 22–12 NCAA (2nd Round)

    Does anybody care to agree/disagree? Once again, the point is: when should we expect something concrete from our highly paid, highly touted coach, and what is that?

    Thanks for your thoughts if you care to share any.

  8. sorry luke, but try again. Coach Alford has been there 3 years. They only have one senior on the entire roster.
    25-3! You guys should be salivating at what he is going to do here. It will be the first job he has had with all the advantages IU offers.

  9. Yes, we’ll see him playing at Brigham Young soon, then in the first round of the NCAA. I totally agree with that and look forward to it. Until then his Iowa record and his current national ranking sort of cancel each other nicely, with one observation: there is no Iowa in his future, but there is New Mexico.

  10. Come spend a weekend with us in exciting Henry County!

    The rooms are a little outdated as is the style, but who wouldn’t want to go back to a place in time where Steve and Indiana basketball mattered? It’s always 1987 here.

    Rooms include mini-bar, cable tv, hair gel, comb and brush. All rooms also include free swimming trunks. Sorry we only have size extra-small. Rooms designed in cream and crimson, black and gold, red and white, yellow and black, different red and white and gray. We can also get ya a deal on paint! We know a guy!

    For our special guests, we have a don’t ask-don’t tell policy for inappropriate behavior.

    Also, if you check-in and decide you want to go to another hotel in the middle of your stay, it’s ok, we understand. Just come to the desk and we’ll sign your form. Also, free local phone calls. Not sure who you’d call, but Steve really hates phone bills. Ha! Don’t we all?

    We hold an NCAA tournament party every time Steve is in the field. Or, at least I think we’re supposed to, I don’t remember.

    And, if you lose your room key or lose something else, don’t worry-losing happens. We won’t run ya out, we ain’t no Iowans.

    So come on down. You don’t have to check in often or stay very long, but even if it’s just a night once every 3 or 4 years, we’ll be so excited to have ya, we’ll talk about it forever.

    Any Iowans driving by on 70? We have a whole barn full of merchandise priced to sell.

    DISCLAIMER: All offers void where prohibited (Iowa). Results may vary, or be disappointing altogether. In the case Steve Alford returns to New Castle, you are on your own. Anyone who doesn’t realize this is a joke is an imbecile and will be tried as such in a court of law. The preceding only describes a vision of how the Inn might best represent its namesake and in no way comes from, represents or is officially tied in any way to the beautiful Steve Alford All-American Inn in New Castle.

  11. Can we please quit talking about Steve Alford on this blog. This is starting to get a little hold.

    Congrats, he is having a good season. Good for him. However, he will never get the IU job due to his time at Iowa so let’s please move on.

    4guards, I think you are on the wrong message board. You will find yours at

  12. stuck in something,

    I also said in the same post Pardont did not have to start rebuilding from the depleted state as was IU. Now your use of my post is correct. But since it was not supportive to your argument I can understand why you left it out. Keady did run their program into the ground but he did not burn and bury it like KS did at Bloomington.

  13. Steve Alford Inn, that’s great. I can promise you 4guards doesn’t get it but that’s OK. It’s a comfortable place for him.

  14. Stuck on Stupid, are you really comparing Little Stevie Ballgame to Charles Manson? How dare you! Stevie spends a lot more time on his hair and buddy, it shows. And while Chuck excused murder in the name of his religion, Stevie only excuses beating women in the name of his. No comparison.

  15. Just to change the subject from Alford to some actual Indiana basketball information.

    It does seem as if IU has fallen off for sure. I think a lot of it has to do with our youth. The grind of the season is something that no one could prepare them for, once they lost a few games I really feel like it started a domino effect with these guys. Not to mention they had to play four ranked teams in a short period of time and it hasn’t been pretty.

    I am going to completely change the subject for a minute. I’m sitting here watching UCONN vs. West Virginia. Devin Ebanks had verbally committed to Indiana, correct? Look at the way he has been able to walk into that program and hasn’t had to be “THE MAN”. He has been able to concentrate on what he does well like rebounding and defense. Devin has even had his fair share of problems since landing at West Virginia. I just think that we would of expected much more from him as a freshman and sophomore which would have put undo stress on him and everyone else, kind of what we are seeing from Watford and the boys. They are not ready to lead like we need them to lead. Who do they have to rely on? I think in three years it will pay off big time, but until then its very difficult and frustrating. There is a big difference, even with a really good freshman, when they can walk into a program and not have to have huge expectations put upon them immediately. I really think people need to lay off Watford especially. He is a great ballplayer and he should not have everyone expecting him to play like a sophomore or even a junior and thats exactly what people do. What you think your seeing in the team getting worse, I think is really nothing more than a bunch of freshman and sophomore’s that have hit a wall and have no one to turn to. Just hang in there, Crean is working his tail off to get some players in here to mesh with these youngsters, and when we finally get Roth and Creek back this will be a totally different team. I still think that this season, as bad as it’s been, is eventually going to come back to really help these guys out later in their career’s, as long as they don’t transfer and thats why we have to continually have their backs and cheer them on when it seems it couldn’t get any worse. Hopefully this is a different point of view that you haven’t thought about that might ease the pain. Believe me man I want to win as bad as anyone, but ripping the coach and the players is not going to put any W’s up any quicker. Not to say you are ripping the coach or players, but there certainly has been a lot of that going around lately. Go IU!!!

  16. Clarion,

    I thought you agreed to leave the name calling and food fighting for breakfast with your wife?! Regardless, there was no intention on my part to misrepresent you. In the interest of space I mentioned the essence of what you proposed. If you remember your quote generated considerable debate, because it was (on the whole) based on questionable premises (Painter’s start date as head coach, to be more precise).

    Now that you made your clarification I need to ask: do you or don’t you expect Crean to have a 20+ wins season based on your purdont slash Painter comparison? If not next year it will have to be the year after, because any later than that and it would be unacceptable.

    My feeling is that you (like many others) don’t ask anything of Crean and you’re simply content to sit, wait and clap clap clap your lack of interest and ambition into oblivion. Am I wrong? Be specific, please.

  17. If you dont know how to complete a sentence using proper english, just wondering but does that make you a troll? If does the what the one by one yes. Oh sorry, Im offensive I must be a troll. When you call people names like troll, does that also make you a troll? With all your confusing rules I’m a little confused.

  18. 4 guards. you make me HATE one of the best PLAYERS to ever play at this university. hope he loses in the first round and you go crawl under a rock, and start praising Dan Dakich and Ray McCallum as GODS.

  19. Tan Cream is 4-28 in the Big Ten. Excuse me I just puked in my mouth. But anyhow if we hired Tom, I am sure Coach Alford’s numbers at Iowa look very good.

    Why would anybody praise Ray McCallum?

  20. Now I know who these trolls are. They hve the same MO on Peegs. They are trolls there as well always trying to stir crap up with attacks on Crean.

  21. * stuck in ???,

    I made no reference as to Painter’s HC start date, but other posters did. I only mention the first two seasons upon his return back to Mackey.

    As to being specific about when to expect a turn around season at IU, I do not know. I have never observed a program crawling out of such a waste land as IU was in when the starter’s pistol fired. Hence the ridiculous exercise of bloggers taking Coach Crean to task as if doing it from a position of power. My praising him will not keep his job secure anymore than my eating his butt will get him fired. After Purdont’s lost two years they started to experience success in the third. But they had several scholarship athletes left to start out and build with. As I have stated most recently and with certainty these Freshmen when Juniors will look nothing like they did as Freshmen. Maybe some real astute guy on here can tell you in what year we experience our next 22 win season, sorry I can not.

  22. Clarion, thanks for the “clari[on]ification”. I was saying that we either compare with Painter’s case and then there must be some similarities (i.e., at some point we start winning like they did because the analogy is in fact relevant) or there aren’t similarities (and we continue to play like we do for much longer) in which case the analogy is not correct. Because we can’t say that it’s like in Painter’s case only from the point of view of what went wrong. It has to match the highs too, not just the lows, or it’s not the same thing. That was what I was trying to say.

    Anyway, as always I appreciate you stay true to yourself and always provide an answer. Thank you. (Also your sense of humor appears to be intact.) And from what you say I gather two more years and we should see some improvement (2011-2012 and especially 2012-2013 which will close a cycle). I think that sounds reasonable, to wait until 03/2013 and draw conclusions then.

    P.S. Note the Lobos struggled with Air Force recently and they could lose badly at BYU, then in the first round of the NCAA tournament. That’s entirely possible. But what if it doesn’t happen that way? 😕

  23. I am happy SA is having a strong season in a location that allows him the four-lane highway to succeed; which is exactly why he left the Hawkeyes. He now can be every bit as successful as he was at So. W. Mo. St.

  24. Worst thread ever on the Scoop and that’s saying something.

    Agreed — as soon as you showed up, GF, it broke the record. Why does one hire an expensive coach with no experience in rebuilding a program from scratch, then give him no clear objectives, I don’t know.

  25. If you dont know how to complete a sentence using proper english, just wondering but does that make you a troll? If does the what the one by one yes. Oh sorry, Im offensive I must be a troll. When you call people names like troll, does that also make you a troll? With all your confusing rules I’m a little confused.

    You are not offensive, you are harmless. Don’t force me to try to say more.

  26. Mired with scholarship reductions for poor academics before he arrived, Alford’s teams have made dramatic improvement in the class room … two of the program’s top-four semester GPAs have come in the past three semesters: 2.87 in the spring of 2008 and 2.91 in the spring of 2009 … five of the six seniors that played for Alford have graduated, including all three in May of 2009, Tony Danridge, Daniel Faris and Chad Toppert.

    Alford came to UNM after spending the previous eight seasons as the head coach at the University of Iowa.

    In eight seasons at Iowa, Alford compiled a 152-106 record with a school-record seven consecutive winning seasons, and six postseason appearances. The Hawkeyes won two Big Ten Conference tournament titles (2001 and ’06).

    What they are saying about Steve Alford:

    “The University of New Mexico just created its first upset before ever playing a game. What a great hire for the Lobos-this guy can really coach. The university, the state, the team and the fans just got someone special. Steve Alford is the best human being I’ve ever been around.” John Calipari, Head Coach, University of Memphis

    Ahem … best human being he says?

    What about Tom Crean? Is he at least runner-up?

    If Coach Cal says so, hey — there may be something to it.

  27. Manson was directly involved in human loss of life. Alford in coaching basketball. (And you call me a troll?) Alford lost games while trying his best to win them. He learned from his mistakes and successes and found a way to win in New Mexico. Biographers will be interested in Alford’s Iowa record, I am sure, New Mexico fans don’t care about it as much as they do about how their team plays now. If Manson had been some physician ahead of his time trying to save lives through a risky procedure and losing them then while trying to perfect this procedure — but recently having much more success in saving people’s lives with a successor of that technique — I could understand the comparison. But as such … bringing up Manson to try to shoot down a successful season by a former Hoosier is absolutely disgusting.

  28. Criminalipari saying someone is the best human being he has ever been around ? First off hard to believe he would actually say something like that about anybody and secondly stop and think about who he surrounds himself with. Anyone with any kind of ethics at all would qualify for being better than the people he surrounds himself with on a daily basis. If nothing else the past has shown us that Criminalipari has a long track record of saying whatever he thinks people want to hear at that particular place and time and that includes what he said about Crean and IU after their game.

  29. So, aside from whose mom is ugly, and the rest of the pressing issues on this thread; what IS up with the fireman’s helmet?

  30. Thanks tOm cREaN iS The bESt. I am pleased we broke a record together:

    Best worst thread ever. Yeah!

  31. 4guards, Albuquerque is lovely at this time of year – sunny, warm, the mountains, the sunsets….and I hear that there’s a Walmart that’s looking for stockboys….I can soooo see you in a cowboy hat.

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