1. I already submitted this question but nor sure it got there:

    Has Coach Crean discussed why Pritchard continues to get so many minutes and Elston se few? By now we know what Pritchard is going to provide and what his limitations are. It would seem that Elston’s numbers and defensive effort over 25 minutes would be better – and couldn’t be much worse. Beyond that, isn’t it time to see whether Elston has what it takes to play major minutes?

    Is there something else going on away from game day here?

  2. Saw a story in the Chicago Tribune that a source reported that the Big Ten has reached out to the University of Texas as a possible addition to the Big Ten.

    Does that mean Delaney made a call and left a voicemail or was hung up on?

    Curious if the Scoop heard anything on this?


  3. newsland33,

    I answered your question in the chat, so you can check there. But what I basically said was that Crean usually answers questions about Elston by saying that Elston needs to play more but that he’s behind defensively right now.


    I think the story actually came from the Lawrence Journal-World. The JW is a strong college-town paper with a highly respected sports editor, and he wrote the story using an anonymous Big Ten source. It’s probably worth giving some credence to. Here’s the link, in case: http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2010/feb/11/big-ten-making-overtures-texas/

    We’re operating under the understanding that the Big Ten is merely considering the possibility of expansion and working to set parameters for what it would like from a potential new member. That process was supposed to take a long time, and was going to preclude actual discussions with possible additions.

    Of course, we also operate under the understanding that a good number of the people we deal with each day are full of rotted Ro*Tel and have reasons to work in the shadows (if not a mere aversion to truthiness). So, who knows? We’ll just keep digging away.

  4. Expansion is a long process I know from experience as that is what I do for my company. There’s much research that goes behind deciding which market to enter, then the initial outreach, then the political factors need to be weighed. After that a great deal of “you help me, I help you talk.”

    It takes us atleast 12-18 months from start to finish. And that’s after we analyze each location within a model.

    Here’s a peek into a simple abstract model that some student at Lafayette did for his thesis. It’s on picking the next NFL franchise city. Interesting read if you have the time. Gives you an idea of what the process should be like.


    I would think the Big Ten would hire an outside consulting firm to help with the expansion process. There is a science behind it. But maybe the Ro*Tel food scientists and research department can help out. I mean they are the ones that designed a product that’s success depends on a complimentary one.

    Thanks for the answer man.

    Take Care,

  5. This exercise to expand the B10 started at halftime. The decision as to who they don’t want to consider took no time at all because it was always known. Hence the very early speculation is aimed at the right targets. The 12 to 18 months may now be a myth.

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