1. Hugh – with the changes in today’s society, had this incident happened today would knight have been fired on the spot?

  2. IMO he should have been suspended back then and would be, theoretically, suspended today. Maybe a whole lot of trouble could have been avoided if some of this stuff had been addressed with minor punishment when it happened. Most of us who have raised children know what I’m talking about here.

  3. Aruss,

    Probably not. Highly successful players and coaches have a different set of rules. But he would have had to apologize and GFDave is right, probably would have served a suspension of some kind.

  4. I was there, sitting in the balcony that day. It’s a shame that all of the good this man did during his tenure @ IU everyone seems to want to focus on this moment. The days since September of 2000 have sure made me appreciate every one of those years Bob Knight was at IU. It sure isn’t the same. And Hoosier Hysteria is dying right along w/ it.

  5. Hugh,
    You are liked by me (whoopee) for a lot of inconsequential reasons. Such as you hold the same moniker as was my Dad’s and also is the middle name of my oldest son. But I also hold fast and will argue for your trait as the most genuine in establishing the affect you desire by the words you choose at the sports desk for your writing. Now it is only my observation today, but today must be a damn nondescript day in the world of sport.

  6. Stop rubbing it in my face that Sir Knight is no longer at IU. Why don’t you go write for a Purdue paper, meany.

  7. I was watching the game from home in Columbus. Hard to believe he didn’t face more disciplinary action.

  8. One of the greatest coaches of all time but this photo sums up the paradox. A man admired for teaching young men, having discipline etc yet he often behaved like a spoiled 12 year old.

  9. GFDave is so right. Had they addressed that incident at the time who knows how it could have played out for IU and Bobby. It may have saved him from himself.

  10. I agree with GFDave. But Lyndon is right on. At least The General had true passion for the game, the players, IU and winning. I am afraid that is missing these days.

  11. No point in arguing about Myles Brand.

    Tossing a chair across the court was bad.
    Pulling the team off the court, Russian Nationals, was bad.
    Choking Neil Reed was bad.

    What is acceptable behavior to you 4guards?

  12. Millport
    Hanging banners while running a clean program and graduating student athletes who represent IU well on and off the court is acceptable.

  13. unbelievable…Sounds like the Germans when they were excusing Hitler for his actions because he was helping the country get back on their feet…The ends DO NOT JUSTIFY THE MEANS…

    Coach Knight was a good coach but why in the world would we not apply any of the standards of society to him just because he was a good coach…

  14. I get the feeling from reading the comments above that people think nothing happened to RMK as a result of this game. He was in fact suspended for a game (Iowa) and he apologized. The suspension was doled out by Big Ten commissioner Wayne Duke, however, not by IU.

  15. The guts to risk the punishment vs. the guts to reprimand. RMK vs. anyone, going face to face. Or as someone once said:

    Regardless of any or all the analyzing of actions taken by coach Knight, the one constant is he always does as he wants to and will never do what he does not. Depending on your site of observation those actions are good or bad but RMK’s compass is always pointed in the same direction.

    I don’t want to say more.

  16. Really, don’t waste your time on 4guards and his various noms de plume. He has yet to string together a coherent thought and I doubt that any are forthcoming. Anyone who would put even a screen name to, “Coach Knight didn’t need saved. IU needed saved from Myles Brand”, doesn’t deserve any response.

  17. for all coach knight did to build the program, let’s not forget that he also is the one responsible for tearing it down. his teams accomplished little in his last dozen years here as they usually played like they couldn’t wait for the season to end. most top-tier recruits wouldn’t play for him, and who could blame them? aside what was easily observed from a fan’s perspective, i suggest reading ‘season on the brink’ for a behind the curtain view of the nightmare of playing for coach knight.

    probably like many fans, i’m torn when thinking back on the knight years. in fact, i borrowed on many of his basketball philosophies and practice drills in my 20 years on the sidelines. although i never understood his lack of ball pressure in his later years, which his teams paid dearly for, i sure loved watching his offense. god, do i miss his offense in light of what we fans have had to endure from iu teams since his departure.

    if he could have mellowed with age like the rest of us, he would have brought unparalled glory to iu basketball.

  18. I agree with most of what you say, coachv, but his last dozen years? I would say his last half-dozen at most. We’d still die to be there now.

    Unfortunately, I think most of the rest of what you said is about right. But I’d say 1988-1994, we were still regarded among the elite. After that a slow decline, but nowhere near the lows of the present.

    And, while your points about them being tired and him needing to mellow and all that are probably true, if that incoming class of ’94 could have produced things may have been different. They were highly touted and good at times, but ultimately disappointing. Maybe Knight’s fault, maybe not, but if we would’ve been still at the top in the late ’90s and making deep NCAA runs, I don’t think he would’ve been fired. Of course, one member of that class had a particularly damning impact on IU and especially Knight.

  19. Well, thank you, sir. It makes me sad, he was my boyhood hero. Oh, what might have been.

    I still admire him most for some of his better personal traits, most of all being he is who he is. He’s the same be it with a clerk at Marsh, with a recruit, with a President of the University or the President of the United States. And lending the quiet helping hand without fanfare. That said, I guess he had some bad ones too.

    Unfortunately, I think he’s one of the most tragic figures in sports.

  20. Coach Knight holds a special place in my heart regardless of his temper tantrums.

    We owned and operated a BBQ restaurant in Bloomington for many years. Knight sent the foreign teams to us to eat after the games. We hosted the Italians, Russians (sneaking shots of vodka while our piano player played Back in the USSR), the Czechs (complete with KGB who drew their guns when we shut off the lights to present one of the players with a birthday cake). We did the same for a Russian player, but warned the KGB ahead of time so no one would get shot!

    We also hosted the 1984 Olympic team. And the coaches picked the team at our place in the wee hours of the morning. I have a picture of Michael Jordan with hair eating our ribs!

    We hosted the team one Christmas Eve when they were in hot water with Coach and not allowed to go home.

    The team came in quite a bit. I don’t remember the dates, but when it looked like we were a shoe in for the NCAA title, Knight would call us from wherever they were playing and ask us to be open so they (the coaches )could come in and eat ribs and discuss strategy.
    He was always a gentleman in our place and so kind to my family.
    When he found out that we were going to have a partner who wanted the restaurant to be a total bar and the team would not be legal to come in, he invited my husband and “his lovely wife” (that would be me) to dinner. We never took him up on it, but how sweet.
    I know he did a lot for IU and that is what I want to remember about Bob Knight.

  21. Great story Kathye. These types of stories are endless with Knight. Once again, he wasn’t perfect, and you were either a huge fan of his, warts and all, or you simply couldnt stand his way.

  22. My thanks, too for the story Kathye. I, too saw Coach’s good side in a couple of brief encounters on the streets of Bloomington – just a decent “regular guy.” However, my best friend at IU was the son of a sportswriter who angered Coach. Later Coach attacked the writer, half his size, in a locker room and threw him into a wall. The best and worst guy in the world, I guess. He could coach some basketball in his day (which is gone) however – no one disputes that.

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