Wisconsin 78, Indiana 46 (Crean, 2 Technicals)

Crean thinks about jumping back into the fray.

You see the story above (in the headline).

Wisconsin once again had little trouble handling the Hoosiers.

But this time, Tom Crean flipped out.

He was hit with two quick technical fouls midway through the second half.

He had to be restrained by players and assistants before eventually making his way to the locker room.

When he arrived, he body-checked the ever-loving crap out of the door there.

We’re waiting for his post-game press conference. We’ll have more on that later.

UPDATE, 12:24 a.m.

Dustin Dopirak here. Tom Crean said a good bit in that press conference without actually saying it. He wouldn’t say exactly what happened to get him the technical, but made it pretty obvious that it didn’t have that much to do with officiating and he was making a point to his players.

“It happened,” Crean said. “I don’t know really what else to say. I’m not going to be evasive, but I’m really not going to be able to say much more than that. I have a responsibility here, and it wouldn’t matter where I’m coaching. But here, there is a passion, people are used to a certain thing. So am I. There’s going to be a mentality that we’re going to play with and I’m going to coach with.”

The players said they got the point.

“He was definitely trying to make a point,” freshman forward Derek Elston said. “He doesn’t need to do it like that any more. He kind of got his point across and he got it across in the locker room. And we just gotta come out and fight. … He just told us to be a team that needs to come in here and fight, really. He doesn’t want anybody to just lay back and take this as just another loss, or whatever.”

AUDIO: Crean talks more about showing passion

AUDIO: Derek Elston says Crean doesn’t have to do that anymore

AUDIO: Jeremiah Rivers calls Tom Crean’s technicals “an outcry of his passion.”

Crean argues with Jim Burr.


  1. i just posted this in the comments under the live chat, but I’ll throw it here too:

    just to tie everything together, Isiah Thomas received his first ejection tonight when he pulled a Mike Davis and ran out on the court to shout at an official.

  2. Bill, i’m sure BTN and their website will have it, and ESPN might have it too since Wiscy is a ranked team.

  3. Well a lot of you wanted to see this happen. I guess he just finally
    had enough poor play and bad calls. Sometimes when your ranked
    or a star player thing go all your way. Maybe some of them fire will get into the players who need it the most! Go Coach!!

  4. The Hoosiers were the second worst team on the floor tonight, the officials were the third worst…and it wasn’t even CLOSE!

    Great to see the fire, wish a little more of the crowd would have still been there!

  5. It didn’t look like he did anything to warrant an ejection. He didn’t leave the box and was just jawing. I’ve seen coaches get away with a lot more. Either Crean baited the refs into an ejection; this is a no tolerance legacy of Bobby Knight; or the refs sucked and were pissed that Crean was right.

  6. He baited O’Neill on the second one. He tried to get it three times down the court and O’Neill finally looked at him. I THINK Crean said ‘you suck too’ and that got him #2 and the ejection.

  7. Thanks Bobbie, the camera angle in the national broadcast sucked worse than the calls. That makes me think he was baiting the refs… In 2009 he said that he has had maybe three technical fouls in his career… He’s too controlled and calculated for this. Maybe this was a Bob Knight type move to fire up his team or get them to work together and communicate like they need to for once.

  8. Great to see Coach Crean finally pick up a T! Also good to see him get a standing ovation on his way out after getting tossed.

    Tough to beat a veteran Wisconsin team when they shoot 55% (73% from 3) and we only make about a third of our shots.

    Here’s to hoping we can win at Iowa, beat Northwestern, and steal one in the B10 tourney to win 12 games and double our win total from last year…

  9. I think Kip and Bobbie Sue have it correct – this appeared to be an intentional attempt to get a pair of technicals (at least the second one) by CTC. Trying to inspire his team.

  10. Did anyone else see the security tell Harbough to go back to the locker room five minutes after crean got tossed?

  11. As far as I’m concerned, I want this season to start over. The next games we have will determine our future. If nothing changes and the players do nothing, then I’m seriously worried about the program. If it takes us playing Mike Santa again, I’ll take it if it lights that fire under our butts. Maybe this episode has shown us the first sign of a fired up Coach Crean that IU fans so desperately seek to love.

  12. I hate to say it but this should of happened long, long ago. TC has got to realize that you have got to stand up for your players. This is the reason why I cant stand Izzo, Webber, and a few others. They cry, they wine and they keep the ref’s in check. This is the BIG TEN. I’m not saying that this is the reason why these teams win, but they let the re’s know early that cheap fouls are not going to be tolerated. Bob Knight was the master. I dont think Crean wants to coach this way, but sorry buddy if you dont you are going to get run over every game.
    That was the cheapest technical fould on Pritch that I have ever seen. He picks up two fouls on that play. This is what I mean, you have got to stand up for these guys. This team has lost all confidence and I’m afraid there are bigger problems in Bloomington right now. This has to be the reason no one can enter their practices. Why is the media forbidden? No one can get a read on what they do, how they plan, what they work on and all you ever hear is how hard they play in practice. I think its a bunch of bull… My deepest fear has come true and it pains me to say it, but this team if miles behind where I thought they would be at this point. Who would come here, I afraid for any recruit to witness this poor execution. So goodbye Teague, goodbye Moses, and goodbye to any recruit that actually thought about coming to this inept program!!!

  13. Anybody seen Hoosier Clarion?–Didn’t think so. Listen everybody is frustrated, however Wisconsin is really good and we are not. I have been calling for TC to show some life and finally he did. Now we will see if his players can respond with two winnable big ten games.

  14. I also think that this was long overdo for Coach Crean. Earlier in the season he eluded to he needed to be there for his team. The players seem to hint at the practices are tougher and tougher after a loss. To listen to the majority this was a sign a frustration and even Tom Pritchard showed signs of exactly that. But you see Cousins from UK, almost every game if no “T” called.
    I am looking forward to a Tom Crean “angry motivational speech”. I do not mean to draw parallels to RMK but I love the passion and holding people accountable. I love Bobby C getting in Rivers’ face after a bad pass. Rivers was possibly built up a bit too much coming into the season and then was broken when he missed those late free throws in December. The biggest disappointment was the inconstancy throughout the year and there was not anyone that was not affected. Chalk it up to growing pains, I hope, as I look forward to Sunday to see our reaction. As the world turns….or may appropriately the young and the reckless…

  15. Dustin/Chris (or anybody else) – has video of TC’s technical made its way on to the internet yet?

  16. You know these comments about frustratin and everything else is a complete understatement. I have been supportive 90% of the time with this team. It over, as I fan I have every right to voice my disappointment. Many times I was positive when things were down, if I’m going to be a fan there are going to be times when its not always happy-go-lucky. The fact of the matter is that there has been very little to be excited about especially of late. This team is pathetic, the coaching is pathetic, the turnovers are pathetic, from top to bottom this has been a colossal meltdown. Ever since the Iowa game in which Crean admitted he overlooked, this team has been in a free fall. How do you overlook an opponent? How does THIS TEAM overlook Iowa? WHAT? He is paid a boat load of money, therefore he is ultimately responsible and when he is asked the tough questions he gives short, stubborn answers. Open the doors to practice, answer the tough questions. This time of year there are NO FRESHMAN, they have been through the fire at this point. Is this the team rebelling against Crean? Are we looking at a mass exodus at the end of the season? Something is big time wrong here. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. WRONG+WRONG=WRONG. Maybe we would have some more answers if he would open the door at practice that way we could really see what they are working on, really see whats happening, really see how different this team is (as Crean and the players claim).

  17. Why would my being on here or not be a topic?

    I would suggest what we saw last night from Coach Crean resembles the intensity he brings to every practice. That gives good reason as to why practices are closed. What better time to get T’d up but at home while being ravaged by the team I consider the most dangerous in the B10. This should not have been a surprise, neither the score or the coach’s action. I will agree the officiating was suspect but had nothing to do with the outcome of the game. But young teams should not expect the officiating to help them. The brother-in-law gave the pregame talk and then watched from the stands as the coach created what should be an effective impact on his young team that their competitiveness should also rage. It was clearly coaching.

    I read the despair accounting the worst time in IU BB history and remember back to March 1986 and thought at that time losing to Cleveland State had successfully harmed the program. But with players having time to grow, mature, learn and the experience coming from those three with good coaching made me forget how devastating I thought the loss was.

    This team is on a long route in the right direction.

  18. I agree that it was long overdue to motivate the players but the officiating has been suspect at times on the home floor and I’m really surprised Crean hasn’t blown his top earlier than this. Yes IU is young, inexperienced, low on skilled players, and usually over matched but it’s clear that no officials give IU any slack even at home. Those offensive fouls on the screens by Cap and Pritchard were as nickel dimer as you can get. Rivers tends to reach and hand check way too much but to ring him up for three fouls in the matter of a minute was ridiculous. The last ticky tack foul on Cap for playing good defense was absurd. I mean, come on, the refs need to swallow the whistles when the game has already been decided unless it’s something clearly malicious or intentional. Are they trying to stomp on the already low moral of these kids? Are they trying to make up for all the years Knight made them look like clowns every time they came to Assembly Hall? Regardless, there is also way too much pouting and temper tantrums going on by the players when they get called out for sloppy play by the officials. Jones needs to watch this especially, if he has aspirations of being a Big Ten player of the year candidate his junior and senior years he needs to learn how to be a little more diplomatic with his reactions to officials and get back down the floor instead of talking back. When Elston was called for an offensive foul and started jawing there was a sideline shot of Crean talking calmly to him but behind Crean Tim Buckley was screaming at him with an expression that clearly said shut the hell up and get your ass down the floor. That was priceless. I’m sure there is a lot of good cop/ bad cop coaching going on with these young guys. Let’s hope at some point a fire gets lit up under them…..hopefully for these last few games. It would sure help to have some momentum to build on for next year.

  19. RHF,

    Clearly if only Crean would make the practices open to the media/public, everything would be better. Then the REAL coaches like you could pick apart every drill that is done and every instruction that is given and we would then be on the right track. Come on. The real problem is lack of talent. Crean can’t make the players catch the ball instead of losing it out of bounds. He can’t make them hit open jump shots or layups. He can’t stop them from dribbling into traffic or a double team. Sure he could take those said players out, but then what. The next group of players come in and do the same thing. He has to continue to recruit more talented players and make sure that our core 4 or 5 players stick around.

  20. Where did I say, everything would be on the right track if he opened practice? Where? Why is it you feel you need to put words in my mouth? I love when people cant come up with their own point of views so they just put words in someone else’s mouth.

    So here you go BIG BRAD. We beat Michigan, we beat Minnesota, we beat Penn State. We almost beat Illinois on the road and almost beat Purdue. Now of of a sudden we don’t have talent on our team. Was that before we were 9-10 and 3-4 in the Big Ten or after? I mean that’s convenient now isn’t it. Im sorry that you aren’t able to see the big picture here, Brad. How do you go from being 9-10 to losing 8 straight and by 30+ points to Wisconsin at Assembly Hall? If you cant see that there are big problems within this team right now you arent looking very hard. Yea, its so easy to say…… the real problem is a lackof talent. That is about 1/5 of the problem. Now tell what the other 4/5’s of the problems are and we can have a conversation. My point about closed practices is that as fans, and as reporters are concerned you cant get a real feel for this team when your able to be part of the meat and potatoes of what they do. Practice is were it all happens. If you have ever played basketball or coached you should know this. Games are cool, but practice is where everything goes down. In two years under Crean, we have no idea what they do. I have no idea if they run drills, scrimmage, practice free throws, etc.. I’m sure they do, but it’s only a guess now isn’t it. It has nothing to do with anyone picking anything apart. What does that have anything to do with what I said? What is it with the practice comment that you dont like anyway? If IU is winning games or we are at least competitive then I’m all good with it, but when this team has totally fallen off the cliff something has got to give. Last years team with Daniel Moore running point never lost this bad at Assembly Hall. Now all of a sudden you have a brilliant idea: We need more talent, well well big Brad… why dont you just go out on a limb and tell me something else I dont know. I mean as a Real Coach I need something a little more than that crap. My twelve year old could do better that that.

  21. It appears to me the rest of the B10 has more talent this year than last, so why should it not be a bigger necessity for us than any one of them. Whom of our top (healthy) players would start for any other B10 teams. I truly doubt opening practices would lead directly to either an extra win or an extra loss. A very young team w/o on the floor upper class leadership hit the mental fatigue point before half this B10 season was over. Good or bad coaching has not been out on the floor playing in any of theses games. Nothing said on here will effect coaches coaching or players playing nor the product they produce. Look how long it has taken Michigan and Minnesota to get to their present mediocre state starting from less tribulation than IU. Frustration caused by disappointment impacts these young players far greater than any of us.

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