Wisconsin 83, Indiana 55


Indiana was beaten before it stepped on the floor of the Kohl Center Saturday afternoon. It never threw a single punch, never really even bothered putting up much of a block, didn’t move around the ring at all. Wisconsin won 83-55 after easing up on the Hoosiers before heading to the locker room for half time.

The Hoosiers (9-15, 3-9) have lost sixth straight. They once again showed very little gusto on defense, and Wisconsin shot 50 percent from the field. It consistently kicked out for wide open 3-pointers, hitting 10-of-25.

The Hoosiers turned the ball over 21 times, leading to 29 points for the Badgers. This here box score says so.

Not a whole lot else to say. Had to figure Wisconsin, a top 15 team coming off a rare loss at home, was going to want this game.

You also could have reasonably expected Indiana to show a bit of determination, too.

It did not.

More to come.

[4:30 UPDATE]

Hey, Bo Ryan is here first. I hope slips into a Philly accent at some point.

He’s fairly pleased with how his team responded to a loss to Illinois. Thought the Badgers were in control from the beginning.

Ryan says the game of basketball still confounds him. You watch film of a team game after game, and it doesn’t seem to be the same team.

He’s trying to correct that with his team.

“You gotta try to be consistent as much as you can,” he says. “That’s pretty much what we hang our hats on.”

On the turnovers:

“Tom’s team is developing. . . We did take advantage of getting in passing lanes and making good reads.”

Now we’ll wait for Tom Crean to speak.

[4:45 UPDATE]

Or not. Wisconsin’s players have come out to the table to fill the void.

Trevon Hughes was also happy with bouncing back from the loss.

“Basically, we just hate the way it feels,” he says. “We just hate losing.”

Sticking to the game plan was most important, and the plan was to drive and force IU to collapse. It seems Hughes thought his team would score more at the rim, but the 3’s were OK with him.

Hughes is cracking up at somebody in the room next to the media room. Winning really changes the atmosphere. I’m trying to remember the last time I saw an IU player smile.

Interesting quote from Mike Bruesewitz, who looks exactly like he should with a name like that:

“I just felt like when the shots went up nobody checked me. I felt like I could just go get rebounds whenever I wanted.” He had seven in 18 minutes.

[5:00 UPDATE]

Here’s Tom Crean.

“Obviously not very much went well for us today,” he said.

He’s proud of Verdell Jones for playing through the flu. He’s been getting IVs for the last few days, and even needed one this morning.

Crean’s looking forward to the day when his team’s have a defensive mindset that allows them to compete in tough road games like this one.

“Our defensive on-the ball energy wasn’t even close,” he said.

The turnover problem comes from lack of communication. IU doesn’t have guys who say in the huddle, “Let’s get this right,” when it’s not a time out huddle.

As for the “mentality” problem, Crean says this: “There’s no other way to look at this than as a stage. It’s just something we’re going through.”

Crean must have read this blog before coming in here. He says that the Hoosiers take the first punch and don’t have the wherewithal to punch back.

On Watford: “Christian needed to play today to learn that he can play through it, that he’s not tired.”

AUDIO: Bo Ryan talks about bouncing back from the Illinois loss

AUDIO: jason Bohannon, Trevon Hughes and Mike Brusewitz discuss their easy win

AUDIO: Tom Crean talks about this “stage”

AUDIO: Daniel Moore says “we aren’t trying” to do this.

AUDIO: Jordan Hull says he’s never been through anything like this

AUDIO: Christian Watford talks about playing through it

AUDIO: Verdell Jones said it’s a pride thing


  1. I keep reading about how much better this team is than last year. Explain, please. At least last year’s team played hard.

  2. Why does everyone point to the players? When a team plays this poorly, i.e., doesn’t even show up defensively, it is the coach’s fault. Creen is a cheerleader pacing the sidelines, jumping, waving, clapping. There is no evidence of coaching.

  3. There is no doubt this years team WERE improving at one point during the season. Obviously losing Roth then Creek has made a impact on the teams ability to development which they were doing nicely until the game after Purdue. Since then there is no doubt this team has quit. Not every player though, I far as Im concerned Jordy Hulls is still player as hard as he is capable of. Elston looks like he is still playing hard even though he is still committing turnovers. Rivers has been done since Illinois game. Watford, well his body language has let everyone know that he is done. Jones now is hanging his head after every missed shot, bad pass, etc… Pritchard, he has been on another planet all year. Bobby C was a bruiser all year, he was going to make it tuff on the opposing player even if it meant some hard fouls, he is now doing his best matador impression (give him a red cape, OLAY’). That pretty much sums it up from what I can see, they have better talent than last years team for sure, but the effort has been forever lost. DD’s post game comments, “those kids wearing the Indiana jersey’s have no pride, absolutely no pride right now for themselves or for the University the represent” (paraphrased). I’m not sure how to fix the problem, but I know a lot of it starts from the get go. IU has had no fight from the beginning ever since the Purdue game. When the team has given up before they have stepped on the court they are taking there responsibilities to Indiana, responsibilities of receiving scholarships, responsibilities to themselves for granted. I would not be at all upset if Crean started (and I’m serious) Moore, Hulls, Elston, Bawa, and whoever else hustles the most in practice. The other guys should be benched for the entire game, entire game — let them know that it is not OK and if thats the effort they are going to give then they can watch from the bench. If TC feels they will betray him and want to transfer then he doesnt have a strong hold on the team anyway. What would it hurt at this point? Really??

  4. TC has the same intensity that he has had all year. He has clapped and paced the sidelines like he has all year. We are running the same sets the we have run on offensive all year. Therefore we have played with intensity all year, except for the games since Purdue. So how is this Creans fault. Is he the one letting the players run down the lane untouched. Is he the one giving Ohio States’ Buford break after bread?? You might no like the way Creans coaching style but this has absolutely nothing to do with that, this has everything to do with NO EFFORT. There is no doubt jcbach, we see this totally different.

  5. Dan Dakich post game remarks says it all… this team is not fighting anymore and they play with no pride.
    The rumblings among the alumni and fan base are getting more harsh. Alford might be here sooner than I ever thought possible.

  6. Yeah, Dakich knows a thing or two about getting his team to fight and play with pride – or not so much.

    I guarantee that Alford wouldn’t take the job even if there was a vacancy – which there is not.

    If you keep running coaches out of here, no one is going to want that job and no recruit worth anything would even consider IU since they wouldn’t know who their coach is going to be a year and half later.

    I support Crean, I support the players, I support IU and I look forward the recovery of a winning tradition.

  7. It sad to see the team run out of gas like they have the past few games. This is not the path I expected IU to take after that Penn State road win. But, Crean isn’t going anywhere. His contract buyout would be off the charts for IU.


    As for Dakich, he was great IU player most remembered for his defense on Jordan. However, I’m not completely sold on Dan Dakich as an analyst and as a radio show host. He needs to lay off the “props” and “my man” references. His schtick is pretty stale for my palate. On a recommendation from a blogger here I listened to him and Tim Doyle go back and forth on a podcast. It was very hard to stomach. I will say though he seems to be pretty successful with it.

    What I’d like to see is us squeak out two to three more victories and go out with some forward progress. Hopefully that’s not too much to ask.


  8. Alford plays tonight at Utah if he’s a good coach let him win there first before you offer him the contract. Dakich said it was the players that were playing with no pride, not the coach. He said the coach was bringing the usual intensity and pride but he couldn’t play. So he exonerated Crean and thus he remained his usual rambling self. I love him and that’s what BTN deserves.

    It’s going to get worse before it gets better., that’s just the way it’s going to be. Currently Tom Crean is in a cul de sac. Definitely not by choice. The rest of the season is going to be grueling.

  9. I don’t fault all the Crean “clapping” because when a team is down so much or so fragile the harsh criticism can be a negative influence quickly. The schedule does not allow you to compare the first half of it to the part we’re in now because the first half was a cakewalk compare do what is going on now. So basically, if the schedule would have been more balanced we would never have started so well.

  10. We have become the Northwestern of the Big Ten. TC claps therefore he has great intensity and is a great coach. Give me a break. This guy is a joke and now we are the joke of the conference. Go IU Basketball! Never thought I would say this but I can’t wait for IU Football to start. Excuse me, now I have to go puke!

  11. Maybe it is time to go deep to the bench and send a big time message to this team?!?

    Brett Finkelmeier – PG
    Verdell Jones – SG
    Steven Gambles – SF
    Bawa Muniru – PF
    Tijan Jobe – C

    That starting 5 couldn’t get any worse than what we have seen since the Purdue game.

  12. I couldn’t but think of Jordan Crawford during the game today. He was such a wuss, thank God he left — because he would have certainly contaminated this fine group of players we’re having.

    I also thought of Malik Story and Nick Williams; I don’t know why, because they really wouldn’t have fit here. Here, Coach Crean has been very clear: if you don’t pull your weight (and then some) you’re out! Look at the determination and fight our players are putting on the floor every single night. You think Story and Williams could have kept up? No, so they left.

    What’s good is that Coach Crean has a clear plan for the long term and Jeremiah is providing the much needed short-term leadership that is so necessary in moments like this. Seven more losses and then we can soar back into the summer.

    But Crean is a very resourceful and creative coach. Don’t be surprised to see him try to move Indiana into the MW conference — where it’s SO MUCH EASIER to reach the level of success he has promised! I’m not worried. The program is in good hands.

  13. I’m NOT sold on Tom Crean. He’s a CHEERLEADER and FLOOR WALKER. Give him a pom-pom. The boys aren’t to blame…. where’s the leadership? I agree — IT’S THE COACHES FAULT! How can he be a creative coach when he’s getting OUTCOACHED in several games. UR speaking politics of moving to MW conference and we’re talking IN basketball. We got excuses and motivational speeches last year, WE WANT WINS this year. Scoot over CREAN and let Coach Jacks in ur spot.

  14. Unfortunately, having players get older doesn’t always equate to players getting better. These guys are going to have to make a serious commitment to getting better, plus they need some additional help from quality recruits if we are going to vacate the doormat position. I sure never thought I would be using the word doormat in reference to IU basketball!

  15. Losing to Wisconsin AT Wisconsin is not like losing to a fifth grade YMCA team. Don’t make it sound like the Hoosiers should have won the game, but let it slip away. Wisconsin will win at Indiana, too, but probably not so convincing. Crean is a good coach and he’s beaten Wisconsin before. He doesn’t have the talent here that he had at Marquette. Blue Chips don’t put Indiana on their A-list anymore. Face it.

  16. ^ Ted in Texas, I bet you haven’t seen the game. Wisconsin stopped playing hard at halftime. Had they played hard they’d have scored 120+. The total lack of fight in our players and ridiculous, absent defense (for three games in a row) is what nobody can understand and complains about, not a loss (away) to Wisconsin.

  17. Wisconsin already had 27 points with over 13 minutes left in the 1st half, if I recall…thought they’d crack 100, but Bo Ryan doesn’t coach like that. By the way, Pat Knight looked good tonight with Tech, but A&M has a pretty good team this year.

  18. Also if Clarion says it three times it might happen even earlier. Story and Williams will be juniors when? Jordan Crawford is already a junior? How many other players will be far away from Bloomington when they start their junior year in college?

  19. Oh, OK, sorry about that. Alford too is ahead at Utah with 15 minutes to go in the second half. Let’s hope whatever it is Crean will come up with something. As Korman said the team doesn’t seem to enjoy playing together, which is a bit disturbing… ?!

  20. Apples and oranges. All that matters is Alford’s record in the Big Ten. Don’t tell me how great he’s doing in youth league. For the record, I hope he does great, but I already know what kind of Big Ten coach he is.

  21. Chet, you know what kind of Big Ten coach Alford is, huh? Gee, I bet all the Alford-haters in Iowa City don’t think Steve’s so bad after seeing the way Lickliter has run the program into the ground. Compare Alford’s record at Iowa with Lickliter’s at Iowa; you’ll find a HUGE difference. Alas, Steve would probably never come back to IU since the Hoosiers passed on him at least twice in the past when he was the obvious and best choice. He’s proven that he’s a winning coach EVERY place he’s been. By the way, what do you know about Crean’s ability to coach in the Big Ten at this point?

  22. He did: 68-65 OT at Utah.

    New Mexico (15) is now 9-2 (22-3)

    I guess Alford knows how to motivate his players.

    That — and it’s MW where all teams are above average (much like in Garrison Keillor’s fabled Wobegon). In that conference everybody beats five ranked opponents per year and gets to 20 wins by the end of January. So: shuttie! This is Big Ten country, real basketball country, where if you beat Minny at home you storm the court, baby!

  23. Wow our fans are more dumb than KY fans. What an embarassment to be associated with the likes of 4anus.

  24. The real question, I think, is how much better would Alford be doing right now under the same set of circumstances and with the same players. IMHO best case scenario is just as good but not any better. Anybody that thinks what Alford inherited when he took his new job and what Crean inherited when he took his new job is in bad need of a brain transplant. The cases of where the new coach comes in and things look like a messiah has arrived only to find out at a later date that it could not be sustained are too numerous to even start naming off. Perfect case in point is Mike Davis. I rest my case on that point. Alford seems to be doing a very good job and I am truly happy for him but if memory serves me right he done pretty good when he first arrived at Iowa too but could not sustain it over the long haul. Time will tell if this will be the case again and for what it’s worth I hope he does continue to do well. The bottom line here is he is not at IU and is not going to be at IU anytime in the next several years at best so instead of pissing and moaning about something that is probably not ever going to happen get behind the team that we have or find another team to support but don’t come running back waving your cream and crimson flag when and if Crean gets things turned around. This does not mean people should not feel free to say how they feel but there comes a point when droning on and on about things that everyone knows is not going to happen becomes very tiresome and counter productive. This will be the last time that I do the comparing Alford to Crean thing because anybody that thinks this is how we are going to get back to where everyone wants to be is not worth the time it takes to type something about it. In a year or two if things are not any different I will be the first to admit I was wrong and the people calling for Crean’s departure were right but……if it is the other way around I fully expect all of the naysayer to be big enough to step up and say that they were the ones that were wrong.

  25. IUMIKE1 I’m with you. What did Coach Crean say BEFORE the game? He said: “I like our mindset. … We know that we need to go out there and play not only hard, not only competitively, not only smart — but with great energy.” Is that what you saw on TV? Because that’s exactly what I saw and I say it’s obvious Coach Tom Crean knows his team. And it’s good that today they finally played hard, and competitively, and smart and with great energy — because for one Coach told them to do so and for two, frankly, it was about time. Coach also said: “I’m um um um … um um … very encouraged with our guys. Their mindset is regrouping, and in a good way.” And it showed today, against Wisconsin. I don’t expect many to admit it — but I saw it. It was there. And I know you saw it too, and this is all the more impressive in light of the fact that the mess Crean has inherited from Sampson is getting worse and worse every day.

  26. Crean is a HORRIBLE coach. There should be no more excuses about lack of talent or the team is young. Crean is a pathetic X’s and O’s coach. IU’s offense is frustrating to watch. The offensive sets are at a high school level. Bloomington South runs a more efficient offense. All Crean can do is cheer-lead and bring enthusiasm; however, enthusiasm doesn’t win games. IU made another HORRIBLE coaching hire. Crean isn’t the coach to rebuild IU.

  27. Everybody always talks about how Crean is a terrible X and O’s Coach which I agree with, but why do they usually leave off the recruiting part?
    The 08 class was god awful which I could understand. The 09 class has waste of scholarships in Bawa and Capo. He never plays Elston for some reason. The 10 class contains 2 guys that are the 3rd best players on their high school team, if even that with Oladipo.

  28. Embarrassing to say the least.Cant wait to see what another year of experience, A healthy Mo Creek and 2 Incoming Defenders will bring to the table for next year. If at this time next year we are still in this boat I will then start to get nervous.

  29. Talkin about how bad the players are, hmmm makes you wonder what Creans doing to them behind closed doors, maybe they are rebelling, lol If you wanna someone to do a good job you gotta make them feel good about doing it, Crean is a monster, very two faced and pits players against players, he needs help. Maybe they shouldve gave Crean a mental evaluation before sealing the deal, lmao. HITLER CREAN SUCKS, IU SUCKS

  30. whats with all the dopes on the forums lately, when are we going to a ip based log in system so we can weed out the idiots. hitler crean? are you kidding me? hes the players #1 advocate and hes probably too encouraging with them when they need a butt whippin. none of us know what its like to coach ncaa hoops but you dopes sure do make it sound easy.

  31. Im tellin it like it is lala, maybe they can find a login system to weed out Creans a** kissers like you. The team doesnt need a whippin Crean needs one, like I said you gotta know whats goin on behind closed doors. If you dont know that then shut the heck up!!!

  32. and what do you know you lame internet troll? if you knew anything or were a fraction of how important you think you are, you wouldnt be here trolling. you are scum to IU basketball far worse than sampson. youre afraid of a log in system, because you would be banned in a heart beat.

  33. Its pretty clear that game was an F U from the players to the coaches, they’ve mailed in the season.

    I don’t think Crean’s message is getting through which is the coaches fault. Not to mention, this team is quite a bit more talented than last but isn’t showing it on the court. That comes down to coaching and the ability to coach up players.

    From the pic it doesn’t look like Watford is happy. If Watford and others transfer, IU is screwed. Its going to be tough to convince star players to come when good players are leaving.

    I’m getting to the point where I’m not sure this thing is going to turn around anytime soon

  34. This fragments below are posted here in response to a personal request by my friend the one and only Hoosier Clarion (read the whole piece here):

    SALT LAKE CITY (AP)—After starting the Mountain West Conference season at the bottom of the standings, No. 15 New Mexico is on top headed into the final stretch.

    New Mexico led most of the game but could never pull away by much. It was only the Lobos’ second win here in their last 21 visits.

    New Mexico was coming off a win at UNLV—another place the Lobos have traditionally struggled—and escaped the daunting two-game road trip still alone in first place in the Mountain West. The Lobos haven’t lost since opening the conference season 0-2.

    The Lobos came dangerously close to leaving Utah in a first-place tie with BYU after going just 10 for 28 in the second half and missing six of 13 foul shots. The poor shooting allowed Utah to stay close and force overtime.

    Alford is the first coach in New Mexico school history to beat Utah twice in Salt Lake City.

    Clarion you know I’m not trying to say Utah is a powerhouise (The Lobos beat five ranked teams this season if raw basketball power is what we want to talk about). This is just about the mental aspect of the game. You know it’s hard to keep on winning: on the road, in OT, against a traditional rival who thinks they can beat you no matter how high ranked you are (e.g., MSU at Illinois a week ago).

    Hats off to you-know-who! He’s bigger than the MW ocnference now. (He always was.) Fun to watch his accomplishments this season. I have a feeling there’s more in it for us Alford fans than just what we’ve seen already.

  35. lala I am not afraid of anything or anyone it has nothing to do with facts and the truth. If im trollin what r u doing? I dont care about being banned this is a free country with freedom of speech, I have my opinion and u have ur narrow minded oppinion. My opinion is simple…Crean sucks and so do u!!

  36. Lets see….Tubby Smith’s last year at Kentucky he was the highest paid coach in the country. The top Five looked like this:
    1. Tubby Smith- Kentucky
    2. Rick Barnes- Texas
    3. Thad Matta- Ohio ST.
    4. Tom Izzo – Michigan St.
    5. Tom Crean- Marquette
    In 2009 the top paid coaches look like this:
    1. Calipari- Kentucky
    2. B. Donavon- Fla.
    3. Bill Self- Kansas
    4. Thad Matta- Ohio St.
    5. Tom Crean- Indiana
    Marquette was going to sign TC to a ten year contract before he left to come to Indiana. I am not saying that top pay=top coach but it does mean a lot. In the business world to command top pay means a lot. Normally it means you are at least as good or better than your peers. Many say why did IU pay him so much and give him a ten year contract? Well it is because he was already one of the highest paid coaches and to get him to come to a horrible mess at IU they had to pay him well. I am sure when he sees some of the crap said or written about him he may wish he had stayed at Marquette but he came here because it was Indiana. He said he wanted the job because knew he could win a championship at IU! The fans wanted a top coach just like we want a top football coach now. To get one you have to pay top money. I have heard that on this site hundreds of times. Do you really think a top football coach who will have lots of seniors and juniors could turn IU’s football program in a year and a half? It will take time. TC came here and had no team! IMO he is a good coach trying his best to turn our basketball program around. Be realistic did you really think we could beat# 13 Wisconsin at their gym where they hardly ever lose? We will get better but not just at the pace some of you want. This is IU and Coach will rebuild it the right way with good kids. Hang in there!

  37. tell it has no inside info like he likes to portray. all hes got info on is inside alfords crack which you and all your other aliases push non stop on this forum. crean will not be gone for at least 2-3 more years, and for a troll like you, youd prefer that IU struggle more just so you can flame him here. how do you call yourself a fan? you cant see any of the logic rational for why the team is struggling, all you can do is keep posting nonsense about how great pat knight and alford are at coaching.

  38. ronb, good post, but the trolls have nothing to say about sound logic. their sole purpose is to slam IU basketball and our coach. they are no better than UK or PU fans coming here to get a rise out of true IU fans. notice how they disappear when we play well, and creep out of their holes when we struggle. the trolls are excited to see IU play bad and the players get frustrated, how is that being an IU supporter?

  39. You know there really is no defensible argument here since SA himself understands were he can be successful and it happens to be at a Mid Major conference. Even though some of you boys have not figured it out his most recent relocation demonstrates that he has. He is happy to be out of the B10 and Iowa was equally happy to see him leave.
    His actions are indisputable facts.

  40. Iowa was happy to see him leave? Iowa has been decimated since he left. They may never get back to where he had them.

  41. Iowa was extremely happy to see him leave. He left Iowa in decline after receiving it in fine order from Dr. Tom Davis.
    SA’s actions are indisputable facts. He understands his level of comfort in relation to the level of competition. He has figured it out but you sure haven’t.

  42. 4guards,

    Not that you care but:
    Ralph Miller – 6 years – 651 percentage
    Lute Olson – 9 years – 651 percentage
    Tom Davis – 14 years – 660 percentage
    Steve Alford – 8 years – 589 percentage

  43. lala – I am ‘in the know’ and know alot about what is going on ‘behind closed doors’ and Tell it like it is – IS TELLING IT LIKE IT IS. They are stating facts and the truth. These young men are rebelling because of coaching and certain players (or player) being allowed to ‘run’ the show. Think about it. I know a lot of you out there think that they shouldn’t, but when you go in and bust your butt everyday – two or three times a day – and certain teammates get rewarded for things that you get bashed for – WHAT WOULD YOU DO? After dealing with this all season a human being who puts 100% into a job and program only to get smacked around and abused will only put up with so much. CAN YOU BLAME THEM? Coaching my friend – Coaching. Even the coaches are getting harassed by certain players who think they ‘run’ the show. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. DUH!

    So before you start calling people ‘trolls’ you need to get YOUR facts and just be quiet. It is all going to come to a screaming halt at the end of the season – I know because I am ‘IN THE KNOW’.

  44. in the know, troll, if you are so sure of your facts, then name names. Stop hiding and name people, oh wait, you dont have crap so you dont want to open yourself to a defamation lawsuit. just keep on making up stuff until you learn your lesson, you cant hide behind the keyboard forever.

  45. La La Land and Loosier Clarion who are you? Noone has to prove anything to trailer trash. You don’t matter just keeps sucking a**, who cares what you believe…. NEXT!!!

  46. You ALL need to get a grip. This is a long term rebuilding project. For those who think otherwise, please send us a postcard from FantasyLand.

  47. Hoosier Clarion, lala and Millport are simply stating facts while 4guards, tell like it is and in the know are simply stating their narrative on the way they percieve things to be or maybe more like it is the way they would like for things to be. If it types like a troll, sounds like a troll, acts like a troll and yes smells like a troll I’d say it’s a pretty sound bet that it is a troll. in the know, if you are so informed you ought to be able to put a helluva lot more of something in your posts to lend it at least some kind of creditability. Don’t be bashfull, show it to us, show us we are wrong for calling you a troll. We’re waiting.

  48. Tom Crean career winning %- .601
    Steve Alford career winning %- .645

    ….since you like facts so much

  49. Absolutely correct, with this caveat. The majority of those years (11) wear in the Heartland, Missouri Valley and Mountain West conferences. Which I am sure everyone on here will agree can hardly be mistaken as the upper echelon in collegiate BB competition. He had a job in an elite conference once and……oh hell everybody knows he quit it after struggling to compete. When you are biased, blind and don’t know what your talking about facts have a way of continually coming back and bite you in the butt. Be careful setting down or enjoy standing up.

  50. lol thanks HC for posting that, I knew this was coming from 4g. but once again he proves my point, he never has a response to facts that arent convenient to his trolling

  51. Terrific points of view from ronb (on Crean’s salary being big to start with, thus the administration who hired him could not ask him to work for less given the state of Indiana basketball at the time, and regardless of who was responsible for that — certainly not Tom Crean) and Clarion (who always tries to think things in perspective and maintains that the MW Conference is a lower level perfectly suited for Steve Alford who has finally found his comfort zone in that average MW conference.)

    In the weeks ahead I will be looking for Tom Crean to find a way to bring this team where they seem to enjoy playing together like they did not so long ago… and for Alford to continue to stand bigger than his Mountain Dew conference and, come March, to win big at the national level. We’ll know more after their game at BYU later this month.

  52. Prior to being hired at Indiana, CTC had a winning percentage of .664 (190-106). After Marquette joined the Big East (a major conference), CTC posted a .690 winning percentage (69-31). Alford at Iowa (in the Big 10, another major conference) posted a .589 record (152-106). Outside of Iowa (in mid-major conferences) Alford has posted a .689 winning percentage.

    To me, these stats say two things.

    1) Steve Alford is a very good coach at the mid major level… And an average coach in a major conference. Why? And why should I believe that he would have more success here than at Iowa?

    2)It’s pretty damn hard to argue against the hire of Tom Crean. Yes, his career winning % has gone in the tank a bit since he got here but prior to that his numbers were outstanding. He has proven he can win in a major conference… He will win in the Big 10.

    Yes, CTC has a lot to prove here. But to jump ship at this point while we’re fielding a team of players that would be coming off the bench for most other programs in our conference… That’s the kind of fair weather BS I always thought was reserved for that foul smelling hole of a university about 2 hours to the north and half an hour to the west.

  53. Some more fun facts…

    Steve Alford has been to the NIT 6 times, making it to the second round twice but advancing no further. He made it to the NCAA tourney 4 times including a sweet sixteen run, and missed postseason play 4 times (twice during his stay at Iowa). His teams have lost 6 times in the first round of postseason play and 3 times in the 2nd, and then there’s the Sweet Sixteen.

    Tom Crean has been in the NIT 3 times where his furthest run was to the quarterfinals. He’s been in the NCAA tourney five times where his farthest run was the Final Four. He’s missed postseason play twice (once at Marquette in C-USA and last year at IU). Tom’s teams have lost in the first round 5 times, once in the second round, once in the quarters, and once in the semis.

    Similar numbers again with CTC having a slight edge in NCAA appearances, tournament runs, and years missed. Alford holds the edge in total postseason appearances and at the end of this year we can add on one more missed year for CTC and one more NCAA spot for SA… Looking forward to seeing how Alford handles this team in the tournament in March.

  54. Don’t think that reasoned responses will effect the frothing mouthed fanatics. I rarely engage them anymore as they are just getting tiresome.

  55. Let’s see what the future will bring.

    Steve Alford’s Lobos are 5-0 against top 25 teams this season. Who else is? I don’t care what conference you’re from, the record stands.

  56. Tired of this…Alford did not want to come here in the first place. I would not want to start all over again. We would lose at least two years again. Coach Crean is doing it the right way. His kids are doing well in Class and hopefully find a way to do it on the court. I dont think Alford had to go threw what this team has over the last two years. I know we have the right Coach and that is Coach Crean. He is doing the right way and do not want to have one and doners here right now..Go Hoosiers

  57. let’s be fair,
    That is a great point. 5-0 against the top 25 shows that he can coach against the best. No way to argue that.

  58. I really don’t get it. Two years ago we had a team of future drug rehab rec players, and last year we had a team of walk ons that had no business playing in the Big ten, and you guys are really coming in here complaining about losing to Wisconsin at Wisconsin. Sure it looks like they’ve given up! They are kids that are being witch hunted by the village people, the experts that sit on the sideline and complain about team full of young kids. I agree with the fella that said “I cant wait till these freshmen are juniors so every one will shut up”. Its coming and I see it. Crean started out at Marquette with two 500 seasons and had them on top the rest of the way. I knew and thought everyone knew that this would be a long term project meaning 3 years at the least. At the beginning o this season I strapped on my seat belt and was ready for a rough ride and here we are. The best thing we can do as fans is shut the F**K up and let it all unfold. If the guy doesnt get us to the sweet 16 by 2012 then Ill be in here too calling for his head. But until I know he isnt the guy based on a few good years and a clear shot at recruiting his teams I am in his corner and the kids corner.

  59. Who cares what TC done in the PAST we are talking about the HERE AND NOW!! They gave Crean a 10 year contract not 10 years to turn IU around. Keep it real we should see some wins all those statistics are black and white so what. But you have to look at the root of the problem, the commentator said most teams take on the personality of their coach IU is NOT (thank God). The team and Crean are not on one accord something is WRONG and it needs to be looked into is all I’m saying. If you cant stand the heat get the h*** out of the kitchen!!!

  60. A lot of you making comments need to get a life. You sure spend a lot of time saying nothing useful.

  61. Some people say: “Well, we lost to Wisconsin, so what? Leave Crean alone until 2012. No reason to panic yet! Tom Crean is hunted by the village people, the experts that sit on the sideline and complain.”

    From the same sidelines Chris Korman wrote this two days ago:

    Dakich is right, there’s not enough pride.

    With this addendum: There’s not enough of the right kind of pride. Many players seem to still believe in what they can do on their own.

    They just don’t believe that there’s a way to be better by subjugating their own needs and playing hard not because of their jersey and their number but because they have teammates wearing the same shirt.

    Still, you think, no reason for concern?

  62. Wow…i’m outta town for 4 days and everything blows up. 4guards I have learned that you don’t know basketball very well.

  63. We need some help from the alums like Calbert and Mike Woodson to recruit higher quaility talent! Or maybe there is another non quailifer out there with NBA All Star talent that TC can get to hit the books hard enough to quailify. We need help!!!

  64. theodore wrote “Alford did not want to come here in the first place.” And how do you know that? I don’t believe SA was ever asked all because Greenspan wanted to put his mark on the IU program. What a stain Greenspan put on it, especially the one named Samscum!
    If Crean can get IU basketball turned around in the next two to three seasons, then he will have shown himself to be an adequate choice. I will, however, always contend that Alford would have accomplished for IU what Painter has done for PU — and even exceed Painter’s ability to recruit top in-state talent for IU — and would have led the Hoosiers to the top again because he fully knows the pride and commitment of Hoosier championship basketball.
    Instead, all Alford will do is continue to excel and make himself the target of another big-time program, maybe even IU — finally –if a few more dismal years occur under Crean.

  65. Alford would not lock up the state, because he can’t win in the big ten. Which has been proven.

    Sorry but this is wrong. Alford is not the same, he’s aged, and learned from his mistakes. And currently Alford rocks, people! You don’t understand that — and I’m fine with it. But some of you seem to not want to accept that — and that’s hard for me to understand.

    If Alford came to the Big Ten now he’d be in the first three. How do I know? He’d be ranked, behind Ohio State and Michigan State, just like he is right now. End of proof.

    BTW let’s hope Crean has found his magic wand.

  66. Iowa aged him because it was his biggest mistake.

    He has learned to settle for being very comfortable in Albuquerque.

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