1. We are going to be ready for Bo and his lackeys tonight. No way we lose to them again! Let’s go men, CHARGE!!!

  2. And the question on everyone’s mind heading into tonight:

    How the hell are we going to avoid getting owned by Wisconsin?

  3. FINAL: WIS 78, IU 46.
    IU: Elston 12, 7reb; Watford 8, 5reb; Jones 8; Pritchard 4; Capobianco 4, 4reb; Dumes 3; Rivers 3; Hulls 2; Moore 2.
    IU: 18-51 (35%)FG; 0-5 (0%)3PT; 10-20 (50%)FT; 31 reb; 18 TO; 11 (17) fouls.
    WIS: 29-53 (55%)FG; 8-11 (73%)3PT; 12-15 (80%)FT; 32 reb; 14 TO; 13 (18) fouls.
    WIS: Hughes 17; Nankivil 14; Leuer 13, 7reb; Taylor 13, 5reb; Bohannon 11; Wilson 4; Jarmusz 3; Bruesewitz 1.
    IU: Tom Crean 2 TF (ejected 9:53 2nd)

  4. and just to tie everything together, Isiah Thomas received his first ejection tonight when he pulled a Mike Davis and ran out on the court to shout at an official.

  5. Great shot of Crean storming into the lockeroom after the ejection. Looked like he shoulder blocked the door. He spun around real quick too and looked as if he was going to do something to the Gatorade cooler. Unfortunately the camera cut away.


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