A beautiful day for the beautiful game


Indiana 2, Louisville 1

Indiana withstands a late flurry, and Todd Yeagley is successful in his first game as head coach on the field named for his father.

During one scrum, Louisville was called for a foul. Otherwise it would have had an open look at the net. Saved by the whistle.

Then Chris Haffner, whose development could really be a key for this team, marked his man well and was there to stop a header destined for the top left corner of the goal.

[5:25 left, second half]

Indiana 2, Louisville 1

Hello, Joe Tolen.

The redshirt freshman from Evansville just made a run ahead of Will Bruin, who slipped a pass through two defenders and into open space. Tolen, alone at the 18, raced a few feet and slipped a shot under David Stockum.

Other thoughts from the recent stretch:

Tommy Meyer, one of Indiana’s center backs, again pushed forward for a scoring chance on  restart. Makes sense. He’s 6-foot-2.

Nothing really going for either team, though, as we head into the final stretch.

The game has gotten somewhat chippy. Not sure if that’s because these teams are heated rivals or if it’s more a byproduct of the slippery grass. When guys slide tackle, they go about eight yard right now and clearly don’t have much control.

[15:00 left, second half]

Louisville 1, Indiana 1

The Bruin-Purdie duo nearly strikes again, as Bruin one-touches a ball coming through the box and gets it to Purdie. But his shot skids along the ground and doesn’t find net.

Indiana’s defensive midfielder, Cameron Jordan, picked up a yellow card for a hard tackle.

Hoosiers coach Todd Yeagley is now giving some other players a run. Looks like Joe Tolen has joined Bruin up top, while Tyler McCarroll and Nick Blevins have joined the midfield.

[25:00 left, second half]

Louisville 1, Indiana 1

Gerardo Chavez tried to drop a shot under the cross bar from about 30 yards out, but Indiana keeper Luis Soffner reached up to tip it away.

The Hoosiers raced the other way, and Rich Balchan got a good look from the left side. His shot was deflected, led to a corner kick and a Tommy Meyer chance.

[35:38 left, second half]

Louisville 1, Indiana 1

Will Bruin finally connects.

Bruin raced down the field and got a foot on a pass from Daniel Kelly just before the ball could be pounced on by Louisville keeper David Stockum.

Kelly made the run from his spot on the back line. He’ll likely play that roving right back spot that Indiana has had some success with, most recently when Kevin Alston manned the spot.

[End of first half]

Louisville 1, Indiana 0

Well, Indiana showed more urgency on the defensive end after the goal.

Buck Tufty also got a yellow card for destroying Daniel Kelly (who crumpled to the ground, then popped up and is still playing.)

Something tells me, though, that a guy with that name does not respond to a colored piece of paper being waived at him. This is Buck Tufty we’re talking about.

[10:00 left, first half]

Louisville 1, Indiana 0

Louisville strikes first.

And a guy named Buck Tufty gets the goal. Terrific name, especially when said on an echoing loudspeaker.

Anyway, he was able to head a cross from Gerardo Chavez past Luis Soffner at 11:37. The Indiana players seemed flabbergasted by the whole situation, looking around as though somebody should have stopped the play from happening.

[20:00 left, first half]

Hey, Will Bruin did something good again.

This time, though, the play was started by Rich Balchan’s run down the left side. He moved the ball ahead for Alec Purdie, who was able to make one final speed burst to beat his man to the corner (that’s “B” on your controller at home.) When he got there, he lofted a ball into the middle. Bruin’s header found the far post, though.

The other really interesting thing so far has been the way Indiana’s white uniforms are staying pretty clean despite the muddy conditions. Kudos, adidas.

[30:00 left, first half]

Another strong chance for Indiana, created, of course, by Andy Adlard and Will Bruin.

Adlard sent a corner kick into the dead middle of the box, and Bruin got about two feet higher than anybody on the jump. He managed a clean header, but it rattled off the crossbar.

[40:00 left, first half]

These teams are not exactly fond of each other. The Cardinals walloped Indiana 4-0 during the 2009 regular season, only to end up having to play at Bloomington as the higher seed in the NCAA Tournament. They lost that game 2-0.

Indiana has had two strong chances. Andy Adlard curled a corner kick around toward the back post and created some trouble for the Louisville keeper, and Will Bruin’s cross found the head of Kevin Bick for a chance.


I’m here at Armstrong Stadium, where Indiana’s men’s soccer team will open it’s spring season against Louisville in a light drizzle.

Todd Yeagley was just announced as the head coach of the program his father built. Must be quite surreal for him right now.

IU’s starters, in case you were wondering, are:

G: Luis Soffner

B: Matt Wiet, Chris Haffner, Tommy Meyer, Daniel Kelly

MF: Rich Balchan, Cameron Jordan, Andy Adlard, Kevin Bick

F: Will Bruin, Alex Purdie


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