A brief, and not really detailed, update on Abraham

I spoke to Joe Boncore, Moses Abraham’s guardian, earlier, and there wasn’t much he can say because Boncore didn’t go to Bloomington with Abraham on the visit.

“He says he likes it out there,” Boncore said. “It’s going to be a tough choice for him.”

Abraham made an appearance at the Indiana baseball game on Wednesday, arriving at Sembower Field with assistant coach Bennie Setzer to meet Indiana coach Tom Crean, who was already there with his family. Abraham sat with Crean for several innings, then left with Setzer and IU guard Maurice Creek among others.

Boncore said Abraham will return to Washington, D.C. on Thursday.

Boncore also confirms that he is not, in fact, the coach at Progressive Christian Academy in Temple Hills, Md., where Abraham plays.


  1. I hope he bonds with Maurice and knows that with he and Watford in the front court, and Maurice and Hulls in the back court, we could have a good team.

  2. Coach Crean better figure out how to get a commit before Moses leaves Bloomington. My guess is if he leaves with no decision the odds really drop off for IU.

  3. Coach Crean need to get a commit from Moses before he leaves Bloominton. If he leaves without a decision I believe IU’s odds drop way off. Georgetown will be waiting.

  4. Well, if he does opt for Georgetown, I wonder if he will enjoy those great Georgetown football games against powerhouse schools like Bucknell and Colgate. Not sure if they even have their own stadium.
    Bloomington is the proper home for Moses. CTC needs to seal the deal.

  5. Despite the weird committment rumors, which are not the kid’s fault, Moses has done this the right way. He’s checked out Bloomington and been given the royal treatment by coaches and future teammates. He gave IU the least it deserves…which is a chance.

    He should go home and talk it over with those closest to him.

    If Bloomington felt right to him on his visit, then he’s going to choose the Hoosiers whether he officially made that choice in Bloomington or not.

    If not, he’ll go with Georgetown, and we’ll move on. I hope he comes to IU, but in the end, it’s what is best for him…not just IU. Hopefully it’s the right match, but we will see.

  6. Well said, HoosierSmitty! We often forget these are 17 & 18 year old young men. Let’s hope whatever he decides it will end up being in his best academic and basketball interests.

  7. I hope he comes to IU, but if not/we march on to next year. IU will just have to keep looking for the best kids, it will happen down the road. I think IU will win allot more next year and that helps recruiting allot.

  8. In case anyone checks this page, its over….its all over. Moses Abraham has choose Georgetown over Indiana.

    Joe Boncore, Abraham’s adviser, had what he called “a long talk” with Georgetown Coach John Thompson III and former Georgetown Coach John Thompson II. Following that discussion, Abraham chose to commit to the Hoyas.

    This was from Yanda, a writer from the Washington Post. I’m gonna go puke now!!!!!!!!

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