AAU coach: Indiana not recruiting Mobley

Felix Taylor, one of forward Brandon Mobley’s AAU coaches with the Atlanta Celtics, said that Indiana has not been recruiting Mobley. Mobley recently told a Savanna, Ga., newspaper that he was close to signing with the Hoosiers.

Taylor also said that David Williams, who verbally committed to Indiana before opening up his recruitment, will play for North Carolina-Greensboro.


  1. This falls more into my line of thinking. Something just did not add up. Apparently it was Mobley himself just doing some advertising.

  2. UNC-Greensboro…that sounds about right. Good luck to him, though. That school is in the Southern Conference, right? Not a bad mid-major conference with Davidson, Chattanooga, Appalachian State, Wofford, etc.

  3. One of my boys won the Southern Conference wrestling championship last year. He made it to the third round of the NCAAs afterward, beating a wrestler from U of Michigan 11-4 in the process. Stephan Curry is proving his worth in The League as is Kevin Martin (WCU). App State had their big win at the Big House. And, of course, it’s where TO started…It’s a solid mid major conference.

  4. Any chance that Mobley could be thinking about joining IU as a preferred walk-on like Daniel Moore did a few years ago?

  5. Ike – Because we are so much better than UNC – Greensboro right? I remember from my childhood some story about glass houses and throwing stones. Maybe you could look that one up, should be some good reading for you.

  6. 1TrueFan – IU is a better landing spot for some players than UNC-Greensboro because the fan base is avaialable. 22,459 fans attended UNC-Greensboro home games last year – 1,872 per game.

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