Abraham commits to Georgetown

Moses Abraham confirmed a Washington Post report that he has committed to Georgetown just hours after returning to the Washington D.C. area from a visit to Indiana. The 6-foot-9, 237-pound forward said “It was a tough decision,” but when asked why he chose Georgetown over Indiana, he said nothing for several seconds, then asked that he be contacted again later.

Abraham had narrowed his choices down to Georgetown and Indiana about a week ago, and was set to make his decision on Sunday, March 14, but pushed it back until the following Tuesday when the NCAA calendar allowed for a meeting with Indiana coach Tom Crean. Crean convinced him to visit Bloomington, and Abraham was in town Tuesday and Wednesday and arrived back in Washington today.

Sources close to the situation in Bloomington say that when Abraham left today, he did so with a plan to speak with friends and family about the visit and to discuss with them making a commitment to Indiana. That apparently changed when he landed.


  1. HoosierB – We didn’t waste time on this kid. Basically it comes down to the fact that his ‘guardian’ made this decision FOR HIM. He loved Btown, IU and the players.

    I just hope that he doesn’t regret it because of what the guardian has done. Sad that a kid can’t make his own decision about his own life without politics coming into it.

    GOOD LUCK MOSES and best wishes young man!

  2. IU seems like they cant get anything right. Cant win ballgames, cant win a recruiting battle….on and on. Well, its over and done now. Good luck to him, hope things work out and I’m sure they will, but I really wish IU could finally win a big man recruit. Now Im wondering if because TC spent so much time recruiting MA that maybe we let Yegeute get away. Really dont know what to think, I do know we need a big man in our line up and preferably a big man with skills. Seems that commodity is slowly dwindling away. Thinking of next years line up without the presence of a big really brings me down. I know it will be better, but we need a big desperately. Anyone agree?? Feedback, please!!!

  3. For myself this was not a very surprising outcome. He has chosen to go to school in the area he lives in. It is the only place in America he has known for what has it been four months since his arrival here. His guardian is his closest confidant. No, this isn’t very surprising.

  4. For the life of me, I cannot see why anyone would choose to live in D.C. and go to school at a campus surrounded by congestion, smog, political stench, etc. Oh well, to each his own. Maybe that is what he likes. However, I agree with intheknow – guardian made the decision for him.

  5. decided to enjoy the view from the bench at gtown, instead of being an instant starter at btown.

  6. disappointed and dont understand this uncles thinking but best of luck to them. being an IU fan of course i think IU is the best choice. i guess he prefered an urban school environment at a big man university.

  7. Big disappointment but we will move on. I think he just had too many people in his ear trying to push him to Georgetown. Best of luck to Moses. Georgetown has a great history with big men and I hope he finds success with them.

  8. Disappointed…yes, but still have a really postive outlook on the future of IU and CTC. CTC had very limited and time while recruiting Moses, yet it took his guardian to get him to Georgetown. Give CTC time to rebuild his recruiting relationships within Indiana and contine to pick up some talent outside the state, and IU will be back on top.

  9. Remember it has taken Matt Painter 6 years to put Purdue back into the national spotlight; yet, Matt Painter did not walk into a program and try to rebuild it with 2 walk-ons coming back. And was not excepted to “return to glory” in 2 years or even 3 years. CTC already has 1 top 10 recruiting class under his belt at IU with last years class. Many more will be on the way.

  10. I guess “because it’s Indiana, because it’s Indiana” doesn’t hold much sway when you go 16-46 the past two seasons.

  11. Bummer…if Bawa doesn’t transfer, Crean is going to have to make commitment to developing and giving this kid some serious minutes next season.

  12. how did last year’s IU team beat this Cornell squad by 15, the same Cornell that is now playing Kentucky in the sweet sixteen….MosesAbe, is not good… not a loss. Carlino reopening, good thing for IU, he is decent and a good kid, but IU will need to actually recruit some high talent to win, and the 133rd player in that class was not the answer…sadly I’m guessing it was because Carlino realized “wow IU sucks, I want to play for a winner”

  13. Not exactly a banner day in IU hoops recruiting, unfortunately. Because of the makeup of the roster, Abraham’s decision is a bigger disappointment than Carlino’s, but all we can do is to continue to hope for better things. I think these issues have more to do with our record and tournament performance the last 10+ years than anything else.

    Also, I just need to say that I am utterly sick and tired of the player-bashing comments that occur each time one of these young men doesn’t choose to come (or changes his mind). These are YOUNG men facing a specific type of pressure that I’m betting the bashers have never faced. It is a joke that you take their decisions as a personal shot when these kids wouldn’t know you from. How about showing a little class IU “fans”? Remember, high school kids DO read these blogs.

  14. We keep looking, we need more kids from Indiana. I don’t like recruiting kids from other countries anyway, all politics. Kids have to do what they think is right,maybe IU can still get a good solid player. If not, thats the way it goes.

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