Abraham making decision late tonight

A source close to the situation says Moses Abraham, the 6-foot-9, 235-pound Nigerian senior forward playing at Progressive Christian Academy in Temple Hills, Md., will make his college decision around midnight tonight. The source says Abraham has narrowed his choices to Georgetown and Indiana, and that he will meet with IU coach Tom Crean late tonight. Crean is in the area to watch signee Victor Oladipo and his DeMatha team play for the city championship against Ballou.

The reason for the late decision, the source said, is so Abraham can meet with Ejike Ugboaja, a 2006 Cleveland Cavaliers draftee who still runs camps in Nigeria and introduced Abraham to his guardian and trainer, Joe Boncore. He will fly in from D.C. late tonight.

CORRECTION, 5:30 p.m.

The source says the meeting will actually be by phone. The next NCAA contact period does not begin until Tuesday so any in-person contact would be illegal.


  1. Meet with CTC late tonight + midnight decision? Is it possible? Read the Wash Post article today and you’ll get an idea of just how good a kid this would be to have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tom Crean’s Tweets might be telling:

    “From the cornfields to the Capitol we are out and about today. We need to get the guys added that can help us get back to Selection Sunday.”


    “Size, toughness and athleticism is the ingredients of the day.”

  3. This stuff kills me…yet is awfully fun. John Thompson Jr. (that’s the Dad) says this young man has the best shot blocking instincts he’s seen since Patrick Ewing. The article also lists the 4 people MA has connected with during the process, and CTC IS THE ONLY HEAD COACH OF THE 4. Oh please oh please oh please oh please

  4. i hope we can get Moses but i think it’s a shot in the dark, we’re going to have to show we can win before we get these guys! but here’s hoping i’m wrong! hard to beat out a team that will be a number 2 seed in the tourney!

  5. Here’s what I want to know: how on Earth has IU become a recruiting force in the D.C. area, deep in Big East and ACC territory? We have Creek and Oladipo, Rivers transferred from G-town, we’re in the hunt for Abraham, and in the recent past, we had Marshall Strickland.

    Chris, Dustin, and Hugh: any ideas when/why this happened?

  6. The source says he will meet with Crean. However, this is a dead period. No contact is allowed. This part concerns me. Obviously, he will NOT meet w/ Crean.

  7. Obviously Dustin understand NCAA recruiting rules. Creen is NOT allowed to have any contact w/ a recruit in person.

    Bogus journalism

  8. Read and comprehend! The statement did not say Crean was going to speak direcly with Abraham. He can speak with Boncore, I think.

  9. G’town has a 4 star PF already for 2010 and another 4 start PF for 2011. Maybe that helps IU’s cause.

  10. They can speak by phone. It’s an evaluation period, not a dead period, but also not a contact period. My apologies for the misleading post. I heard the word “meeting” and that Crean would be in D.C., assumed the meeting would be in person and didn’t check the recruiting calendar. Maybe I misunderstood something, maybe the source misunderstood something. Regardless, I contacted the source again and straightened things out. Again, my apologies.

  11. My impeccable source (my dog) tells me that Moses will pick IU or G-town depending on who gets the higher NCAA seed this afternoon. Maybe G-town ill have to give him to us either way as a ‘player to be named later’ in the Rivers/Ewing Jr. trade.

  12. I just read that this guy is likely to go to G-town – he cancelled visits to Tenn, Kentucky and IU – he was scheduled be in Bloom for the last reg season game against NU – but he cancelled – I can’t imaging getting a guy who has not made a visit.

    But it would be awesome !

  13. He got sick. THats why he couldnt visit IU.

    It’s between IU and GT, he is talking with his confidant this evening and probably making a decision tomorrow.

    WOuld be a nice get for sure. SOme talk of a suprising choice and that he is intrigued with being a piece of the rebuilding puzzle.

  14. Douglas, he took a visit to Tenn. and it was good from reports. I believe he was to visit btown the same weekend.

  15. Moses will commit to Gtown tonight. Sorry fellas. He was spotted on campus a few hours ago. Tell Rivers we say hello and he is missing a trip to the final four this year.

  16. Southn Illinois,

    yeah I think they are….this site was posted on one of their boards. So of course they are taking that route.

  17. Everyone thinks if he doesn’t come to IU that we “lost” him. We got in late on this guy and it would be a huge coup to snag him.

    If his guardian already has G’town connections and he’s already in that area, I just don’t see it happening. He never took a visit – and in this day and age that is just odd for a guy to commit without a visit.

    It’d be an awesome addition to 2010, but let’s not get carried away.

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