Abraham meeting with IU staff

East Coast recruiting guru Adam Zagoria said on his twitter account that the Indiana basketball coaching staff is meeting with Moses Abraham, and the Herald-Times has confirmed this information. Today is the first day of the contact period, so the IU staff can legally meet with him face-to-face. No new timetable on his decision is being reported at this time.


  1. I have never seen anything like this before. I guess it goes with the situation I.U. is in. Come on Moses lets roll

  2. Regardless of where they’re meeting, that’s good news. The more face-to-face time we get with him, the greater our chances.

    Although seeing our campus and getting a feel for Bloomington is important, it may be much more important for someone in Abraham’s situation to develop a meaningful connection with the coaching staff. Maybe he’s looking for more of a college family than he is a pretty campus.

  3. I like it that Crean has been able to stretch this thing out long enough to land a face-to-face meeting. That’s very encouraging.

    Being realistic, this almost certainly means that he will also be meeting with Georgetown coaches. Let’s just hope JT3 is too busy getting ready for the NCAA to participate.

  4. Ah yes, the intrigue continues… and for the record, I am initially in favor of GFDave’s “MoAb” nickname.

  5. Can Bawa and Moses be the Bash Brothers……if he comes

    Also, can we have a charity game of Bawa vs. Tijan?

  6. Honestly, I doubt there is much need for follow-up meetings with G’Town staff as he knows them already. He will have enough information after this meeting, save the trip to B’Town to visit in person.

    Its decision time, Mr. Abraham. You already know what you are going to do…just let yourself do it.

  7. I doubt Moses would want to be associated with Bawa and Tijan on a statue.
    It would be hilarious to watch the Bawa vs Tijan charity game though.

  8. THAT — we can all agree on.

    Then they can re-enact the smack-to-the-eye tactic Tijan busted out one game. I think it really threw our opponent off to see one of our guys abusing his teammate like that.

    Especially since they’re both gargantuant.

  9. Bawa vs. Tijan…call it “winnabe vs. Mingori” have a little Air Up There remake IU style

  10. They are all from the African continent. They could make his transition to college ball have a more “home” feel. A call from D. Wade would be a little better than DJ White, IMHO.

  11. maybe thats how we should decide who gets to keep the scholarship? Bawa vs. Moses. Pritchard vs. bobby C. Roth vs. anybody playing at the SRSC.

  12. Courtesy of a post on Zag’s blog several days ago:

    “Whoever lands Abraham could get a two-for-one situation because Boncore might send 6-9, 237-pound Gabriel Williams to follow Abraham next year. Williams, who is in the Class of 2011, is on his way from Nigeria.

    ‘He’s on his way here. This kid is the same size as Moses and they grew up in the same town. I’d like to keep them together. They’d be quite an imposing front line,’ Boncore said.

    Boncore also coaches Jordan Goodman, a 6-9 sophomore shooting guard whom he called ‘the next Michael Beasley.'”

    …a bit more incentive to go hard after Abraham and get in good with Boncore.

  13. The only thing slightly bothersome is the assertion that “Boncore might send” one of his players somewhere.

    It makes it sound like he’s making the decisions on behalf of the player.

  14. good to see that im not the only one who thinks roth is not very good…. i do not understand all these people who think getting him back will make us better… he was not very good for us his freshman year takeaway one game….

  15. how about that,

    I don’t think anyone thinks Roth is an amazing player.

    But judging his performance in a year where he’s relied upon to be anything more than a spot-up shooter isn’t really fair.

    His role is to play in a system that allows him to get open and take threes. If IU can be that kind of team with the return of Creek and the maturation of our younger players, then Roth becomes valuable as someone who can hit big, deep shots and doesn’t have to worry about much else.

    …kind of like that Humphrey kid who played with Florida a few years back.

    And you can’t take away that “one game” where he drained NINE threes vs. Ohio State. That’s proof that if he can get the right opportunities, he’s capable of going off.

  16. Roth would be deadly if we actually set screens and got people open. That’s not really his fault.

  17. Lets be honest Roth isn’t the second coming of anyone…but he is a fan favorite. I kind of like having an Indiana sharpshooter on the team. I say we keep him LMAO

  18. You guys truly provide an abundance of information for Scoop…Like a giant research team you don’t have to put on the payroll..I publicly commend you…They surely must privately commend you..Almost do sports journalists jobs for them. Just look all the evidence floating around. And it’s not just the runs…Much of this information has been fully digested..They’re getting a full diet of basketball fiber and all they have to do is flush into a regular newspaper much of these dropping’s ideas….Many of you have done I knew there was always a purely biological function attached to blogs. Korman is the small colon of best absorption the facts..4guards would be more near the exit area..Can only hope there’s the occasional fact-checking to eliminate/filter harmful toxins the water supply finally goes to print. It’s the circle of life.

  19. Any updates? I read that his parents flew in today to meet with Crean and help him make the decision. They’re also meeting with some NBA player they know.

  20. If Abraham is smart, he will get out of DC and get out into the real America….the midwest. Come on Moses!! We’ve had an Isaiah that led us so we are used to biblical characters. You will fit right in.

  21. Report: Moses Abraham to visit Indiana
    by Alex Bozich in Recruiting | March 16th, 2010
    For those of you without a NCAA recruiting pocket calendar, today was the first of the contact period. As such, Indiana coach Tom Crean traveled to the Washington D.C. area to meet with 2010 forward Moses Abraham.

    Shortly after the meeting, a source told Inside the Hall to “be prepared for some good news.”

    The good news, now being reported by The Herald-Times, is that Abraham will hold off on making a decision until he can visit Bloomington. What is not known at this point is when that visit will take place.

  22. Shortly after the meeting, a source told Inside the Hall to “be prepared for some good news.”

    Should that sentence be absorbed at the small colon or is it just waste accumulating in the lower 4guards? I can’t tell the difference…This is why we need deep analysis. A Kormanoscopy?

  23. Come home, Moses, to the “real America,” as jj said…a midwest Blue State.

    Cody Zeller, well, I really don’t care what he does. His family of corn fed Christian bean poles shunned IU long ago, and judging by the likes of how Tyler is playing at UNC, I don’t think we have much to be regretful about. Give me Moses; no Zellers and Plumblees, please!!!

    Digest this one for me please, Korman. If it doesn’t sit well, I’ll add some Metamucil for next time.

  24. That’s Husky right there knee deep in cat poop.

    I’m personally waiting for Roth to earn his reputation on the court. One game isn’t enough, anybody can get hot for one game. He’s also from Illinois, not Indiana as I think JB was saying.

  25. Zeller the most important?

    In terms of Indiana kids, Hulls and Elston are were far more important recruits and will be infinitely better college players.

  26. Hulls and Elston are really good players. I have a lot of respect for each of them. Neither are as good as Zeller though. That was actually a pretty outlandish comment on your part.

  27. I look at the Zeller kid as being important in two regards:

    First, he’s sort of a symbol of IU getting back to recruiting Indiana kids.

    Second, he can play and fit into Crean’s system as he is mobile for a tall guy.

    He is not a traditional big and never will be, imo. My opinion is also that he will never be the center piece of a team, but a good complementary player. You put him next to a big bodied banger and he can be effective.

    His brother at UNC is averaging 10 pts, 6 assts and 5 boards as a soph getting 17 minutes a game. He shoots 50% from the floor and 70% from the line. That’s not bad and is an indicator of what Cody can do.

  28. Outlandish. Hmmm. Cody is a 4 star recruit, just like Elston and Hulls (Hulls was 4 for scout, 3 for rivals). His value for the program, like GF said, is more symbolic than actual.

    If he turns out to be half as good as 3-star John Shurna, I’ll be shocked.

  29. That’s not exactly what I said. I said he can be effective as a complementary player. That’s far from just being a symbol.

  30. half as good as Shurna? So if he averages 9 points and 3 rebounds you would be shocked? Most would actually EXPECT more than that. I am shocked that you would be shocked.

  31. Yes, I am a bigot against my own race. And I prefer Catholics, by the way, which is definitely NOT what you find at BYU.

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