Abraham won’t visit IU, still considering Hoosiers

Moses Abraham won’t visit Indiana as planned this weekend but will still make his decision on Sunday and will be considering the Hoosiers as one of six teams in the running.

The 6-foot-9, 235-pound four-star forward has a tournament this weekend so he won’t be doing any visits, his guardian Joe Boncore said, but he still wants to make his decision. Georgetown, Maryland, Indiana, Tennessee, Seton Hall and UCLA are the team’s on Abraham’s radar, and of those three, he has only visited Georgetown, Maryland and Tennessee.

Boncore, however, said even he can’t handicap Abraham’s decision.

“I think everybody’s in the same boat,” he said. “To be honest, he’ll surprise me with whoever he picks.”

Boncore said the Nigerian-born Abraham wants to watch all of the conference tournaments before he makes a decision.

“He wants to go someplace where he’s going to make a difference,” Boncore said. “He’s a grown man. I just hope he makes the right decision.”


  1. If he wants to go somewhere where he can make a difference and IU is not the place, then I don’t know what school would fit that bill.

  2. Why choose IU and have a terrible experience losing every night out. His other choices are for programs that will win the next 4 years.

  3. Let the guy go where he wants/i’m sick of begging some of these players to come to IU. Let Coach Crean choose his own players, we don’t need these prima donnas. Maybe Moses has to check with his Mom or aunt or some body else .Go to Kentucky, Duke or maybe NC. Not NC now, there in bad shape now. This way in one year they can go to the NBA and make big bucks/thats all it is anyway. No loyalty anymore, win one for the gipper/them days are gone. Sports ahs changed so much fromyears ago and it won’t change either.

  4. Its too early to write this kid off, but aside from dicking around on his visit date, he hasnt done anything to ruffle feathers. If he comes great, if not, whatever. Move on.

  5. Realist u really think we will not win more games next year and if so espn will cover us. Since we have awesome tv ratings from one of the best fan bases in the nation. Next year will be better, I have no doubt our next four years will drive people like u to other teams.

  6. Was McCleod recruiting Moses? Just curious if this ties at anyway together with his dismissal.


  7. I just hope he does not read the Hoosier Scoop because if he reads he will not come to IU. I can’t find a College basketball blog of any sort that has this many negative so called fans. Do you guys intend on running every recruit away from IU? Based on the crap posted on this site what player in his right mind would come here? What replacement coach for the one we just lost would want to come? The Hall was full of fans last Saturday who cheered their team. I guess many of you negative folks must not go to games much but prefer to use your computer to sling your crap about IU basketball, its players and its coaches. You all should start a club and make your own web page called the IU Haters and coach and player Bashers.. Listen don’t go away mad…. Just go away!

  8. His own guardian claims he can not handicap the recruits decision, and also states no matter what choice is made it will be a surprise for him too. Would have been more honest to remain silent than tip-toe the ridiculous. It sounds to me AM won’t be help on the way.

  9. Joe Boncore told the Georgetown site that he was going there. I would think that would be his logical choice. We can try for someone else after he tells us no.

  10. I hope your lifes aren’t as negative as some of the negative comments,if so you have miserable lives..

  11. you just don’t get it!,

    If this blog changes the mind of a recruit, Then “they just don’t get it!”

  12. Steve,
    I do not know about the negative label you are throwing around here but you make a good case to be labeled as “softie”.

  13. I think that a great article by the HT would be:

    1. What was recruiting like before the internet?
    2. What is recruiting like today?

    Perhaps interviews should be included. The interviews would probably be anonymous, to protect the guilty but there are so many people here who have very little real knowledge about the entire process works.

  14. Ever been to Georgetown? I have many times. I cannot imagine why any athlete would have any desire whatsoever to be in that environment, in that city. Yuck.
    Moses, having just come from Nigeria, would do much better personally in a town like Bloomington.

  15. I don’t want to elaborate too much, but let’s just say that Mr. Abraham will be receiving an anonymous envelope in the mail containing $5, some Arby’s coupons, and an autographed picture of Mike Giomi that just might tip the balance to IU…

  16. Mr. Don Taylor — I pretty much agree. I am kind of tired of the ol’ lottery pick, which is what it seems like with half of these guys. Go where you want, whatever. It seems like you have to roll out red carpets and wipe their nose when they sneeze. If they want to come to Indiana great, if not oh well. I’m seriously getting a little annoyed with all the hype, especially with this Selby kid. If I hear one more article about this kid I’m gonna scream. Its like he has these schools on pins and needles, constantly reminding everyone who still has “A CHANCE”. you know the deal—he has it down to four schools now—are you lucky enough to be in the Josh Selby sweepstakes???? He’s got a school in every time zone, you know he has to keep his options open. I’m thinking that Selby will be the first kid ever who plays for two universities in the same calender year. Play for Arizona cause it’s warm and trendy there, then fly to Kansas to practice so he has a chance to win a national title with Bill Self. Its getting to be a joke. The kid will probably be gone after one, maybe two years tops. There is zero loyalty and it all starts with the money hungry coaches and universities. No wonder these players act like this, their just following what the big people do.

    What happened to routing for a team when you where a youngster and when you were a senior you got an offer from that school and you let everyone know that this was the place for you instead of this lottery pick crap, wait till the last minute, press conference, ready….smile….the camera’s rollin!!!! Im gonna puke!

  17. RHF and Don,

    Maybe you both should take a break from paying attention then.

    From what I’ve read and seen, there’s no reason to believe that Abraham has been any sort of prima donna.

    There’s nothing wrong with being prudent in your decision making when it comes to college. In general, these players aren’t calling mulitple press conferences per year to announce whose still in the running. When that sort of information comes out, it’s often in response to a reporter or media outlet contacting the player for an update.

    Things change. Sooner or later, you have to either adapt or cut yourself off. I, for one, still thoroughly enjoy watching college basketball. The talent level is high, and I don’t fault players one bit for jumping to the NBA when they have the chance.

    The real creator of this problem is the silly 1-year rule. Either make it two or three years, or abolish it and let the megastars go pro right away.

  18. I’m tired of getting our hopes up for little-known projects. Mind you, I’ll be happy if this guy signs, but man, I feel the same as a lot of these bloggers… we are going to be vastly improved next year, and once our Fab Four are juniors everything will take care of itself and we won’t have to beg for scraps.

  19. There is a reason recruiters get paid a lot of $$$ and its not because a kid goes where ever he rooted for as a kid. Where you go to college is an important decision for these guys. I’m glad there are kids like Elston and Hulls who bleed crimson but at the same time we need to woo recruits. Its STILL INDIANA but we have to sell it.

  20. I’m going to go out on a limb here. I say he will announce for one of the schools HE ACTUALLY VISITED.

  21. Who cares about Moses, if we get him great, if we dont fine, let the 4 freshman and the sophomore play,IU is going to be just fine, cant do it over night with roth and Creek hurt!!

  22. I do have to say, most of what Casey had to say about the process is true. I mean, I’ve never actually spoken to Abraham because Boncore has been fielding the inquiries. You could say he’s taking his time, but really he isn’t because he grew up in Nigeria, he’s been in the U.S. since Thanksgiving, and all the sudden he got 40 scholarship offers when he showed up. And since then, he’s, you know, had to figure out how to play with his team, learn the game a lot more, and go to class in a brand new country. It’s barely fair that he’s had to make a decision as quick as he is.
    But as Casey said, a lot of the stuff they say comes about as a response to reporters, and reporters call because they know readers want to know, and readers want to know because they know recruiting is the lifeblood of any program. So really everything gets accelerated and it looks like players are dragging schools along when really, they’re just taking their time making a decision that will affect, you know, the rest of their lives, and they have to tell the reporter guy something when he calls because they don’t want to be jerks. And since its on the internet, the news cycle is 10,000 times faster, and if one reporter calls and posts something, every other reporter on the beat has to do the same.
    The only people who know if the teams are getting dragged along are the coaches, and by NCAA rule, they’re not allowed to talk about it publicly, so you therefore never get both sides of a story unless the kid actually signs and both sides aren’t nearly as interesting.
    Will Moses Abraham come to Indiana or not and will he be good if he does? I don’t know. What I do know is he was studying to be a priest before he came to Nigeria, and his plan is to study economics in college so he can go back to Africa and help his home country. This is not a young man who wants a red carpet.

  23. Casey, I’m simply stating my views on recruits these days. This really has nothing to do with AMoses. This has everything to do with with the general recruiting process that takes place these days, makes me want to yawn…big time yawn. So please, dont take my post so personal and please don’t tell me how this will effect a recruit in making his decision because he is going to read my post and change his mind. Sorry if my opinion upsets you to the point of telling me to cut myself off from college basketball???? Well, thats not going to happen and my opinion of recruiting still isnt going to change unfortunately. Yea its important, and yes kids should be thorough, and yes I’m glad that you have adapted to the ever changing game of college basketball, just dont know what that has to do with the point I was trying to make??

  24. I think part of the point of some of this discussion is that the superstar high school athlete who has been dreaming of playing for his home state school his entire life does not exist anymore.

    Maybe once in a blue moon with some luck. And it certainly is harder to find for Indiana. This isn’t 1990 and obviously local talent hasn’t been day-dreaming about being the one to rectify the program or whatever.

    Throw into that mix that everyone- recruiting services, reporters, bloggers, guardians, parents, players, high school coaches, college coaches, universities, apparel companies and more- has an important financial stake in these decisions and it’s no wonder it gets complex and troubling in some cases and some kids appear to be prima donnas.

    I think it’s kinda ridiculous and reflects poorly on our culture, among other things. That said, that’s the way it is. To operate under the ‘well just take whoever wants to come to Indiana’ mantra basically means we will never be that competitive again. I doubt Creek and Watford were just dreaming of the Hoosiers, but Crean went out and made it happen.

  25. RHF,

    I actually wasn’t the one who said your comment would affect a recruits decision. I think we can both agree that’s a ridiculous assertion.

    And the fact that you claimed you were going to puke is what prompted me to recommend a temporary leave of absence from being a spectator. If it really upsets you that much, you may want to divert your attention from recruiting.

    I understand your point about loyalty and fulfilling childhood dreams, but I think there’s more to it than simply the fact that today’s kids have no sense of loyalty.

    Think about how much the internet and national media have changed the recruiting field — and not just from the standpoint of covering recruits. Think about the fact that back when good ol’ hometown boys grew up in Indiana and never thought twice about going anywhere other than IU or Purdue. That was a while ago — before the ridiculous abundance of nationally televised games, and before someone could get on the Internet and find out every fact about any school in the world.

    Players back then were naturally more confined. Even though UCLA was good, a student from Indiana wouldn’t go there because he knew nothing of the school.

    Fast-forward to now, though, when a recruit who hears from a school 2,000 miles away can get online, take a virtual tour of the campus, watch 20 of the team’s games on television, talk with the coach on the phone and take an official visit to the campus. It becomes a lot easier for a kid to go somewhere outside his home state — and has very little to do with any sort of disrespect for his local school as much as it has to do with him being able to go to the best, most successful program without much limitation.

    Just some food for thought.

  26. The “good ol’ hometown boys” are still out there. We just do not recruit them. They all go to Purdue and Butler.

  27. Really, 4guards?

    That’s odd, because I could’ve sworn Indiana’s most recent Mr. Basketball and another finalist for the award are both playing basketball for IU.

    I also have no problems with Creek, Jones and Watford. In fact, I really like them. None of them are from Indiana. Should we not have recruited them?

    Also, Daniel Moore is a good ol’ hometown boy who always dreamt of playing for IU. So was Finkelmeier. Steven Gambles is from Indiana. Are you happy with what those players contributed to the team?

    I understand your point that many Indiana kids are well-schooled in the game and work hard. But we shouldn’t be recruiting only Indiana kids. And we shouldn’t exclude talented out-of-state players, either.

    Honestly, as long as a player has some skills, exemplifies strong values and doesn’t take his opportunity to play at IU for granted, I could care less where he’s from. And I’d argue that the types of players we’re recruiting moving forward all seem to fit that mold.

  28. I never said we should ONLY recruit Indiana kids, but next year we will have 2 scholarship Indiana kids (1 recruited by Sampson) with nobody from Indiana in that class. We need much more than that.
    and yes I am very happy with Moore’s contributions as a walk on player. Creek and Watford were good additions and we should continue to recruit out of state talent like this, but not talent or lack thereof like Yeguette and Oladipo and Shehey.

  29. Fair enough.

    I happen to think Oladipo and Sheehey will fill nice roles on the team. I can’t speak to Yeguette because I don’t know much about him or how he plays.

    I think ideally, Crean wants to close the Indiana borders. But for the immediate future, you have to realize that Crean is understandably behind on the 2010 class — especially in-state. When he came on as coach, Painter and Stevens had been recruiting a lot of these guys for two years already.

    He’s trying to fill holes now with intelligent players with good work ethic. I think moving forward you’ll get your wish and see more Indiana kids coming here.

  30. I’d like to add Davis virtually ignored Hoosier HS ballers for half a decade. His wisdom really hurt in-state recruiting advancing to the future.

  31. Casey- To your point about more Indiana kids coming here in the future, just look at the list of kids we’re recruiting for 2011 and especially 2012. It really comes down to the same tired point… You can either accept that recruiting and team building is a process that we’ve been set way back on and have the patience to let things play out or you can’t.

  32. 4guards–You did say we don’t recruit them. You made an absolute and unequivocal statement that we do not recruit good ‘ole Indiana kids. This statement is wrong and you know it. When challenged you back up and talked about one particular class.

    Tell us what proportion of the team should be from Indiana. All? That eliminates Quinn Buckner, Keith Smart, Scott May, Dean Garrett, Zeke and others from being eligible to play on Knight’s Championship teams. What’s your percent?

    You could get more rational responses to your posts with less certitude and flame on your part. I really don’t think you care though because almost everything you post is intended to be an attack on Crean. Just stating my opinion.

    I want Indiana kids too, and I think we are getting them and recruiting more. I agree with Casey, HC and HoosEyes in their POVs.

  33. GFDave,
    You must not have read my statement very closely.
    Read again my comment which is 4 places before yours.
    How can you say we are getting Indiana kids? We have 2 on the roster for next year (1 is from Sampson) and only one committed for future classes (2011). I am thrilled to have Carlino coming in , as he is my favorite commit we have lined up, but he is not an Indiana kid just because he played here one year. I would like for at least half the scholarship players to be from Indiana.

  34. GFDave, I cannot get into recruiting Indiana kids vs others. I grew up in the same city in SC as Ray Allen and he turned out OK and was not an Indiana kid and a class act by the way.

    What I do want to ask you Dave is if you would be up to tailgating with a few other fellow bloggers for a football game this year. Are you planning a weekend to trip? I want to do it when you can come. I know Mike P would come and maybe KevinK if he is in driving distance which I think he is. Others are welcome of course. I would love to get Korman and Dustin involved somehow. I will supply the food and try to get this thing off the ground. We would have a blast! More later…

  35. 4guards,
    Can you at least agree that is it quite clear Crean has made recruiting the state a priority for the 2011 and 2012 classes? I realize you believe we should have gone after some of the Indiana boys for this year (i.e. Hale), but is it really too difficult to concede that Crean was set way back in his recruiting efforts for this class due to the situation he walked into especially since the Painters, Mattas, Baby Brucies and Izzos of the world also recruit our state hard? Getting Jordy last year was a complete steal to me and Elston was already committed to KS, but not every Indiana kid thinks the same way as Jordy or was in the same position as Elston.

  36. Recruiting an Indiana kid just because he’s an Indiana kid would make no sense. I’ve got no problem trying to make it a tradition for Mr. Basketball (and the other elite players) to come to IU. As long as Crean fills the spots with quality players and quality people, I don’t care where they are from.

  37. JPat,

    Where, when, and what to bring?

    But please let’s eat pre-game. Sometimes I lose my appetite.

  38. KevinK, I will let you know as soon as I figure it all out. Glad you are in! Oh, always eat pre-game and I agree…

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