At 2:35 p.m., we have a new target time

A source close to the situation says Moses Abraham could now be making his decision around 7 p.m. today. Not exactly sure why, but that’s the latest time we’re hearing.

We’ll stay after it.

UPDATE, 3:34 p.m.

It should be noted this 7 p.m. thing is by no means a hard deadline or a promise. Source says he thinks it could be around 7 p.m., hopes its by 9 p.m. but can’t say that it will definitely be today.

Bear with us.


  1. Nice work!!!…What kind of player are we really talking about now?…Is he starter material?..How is his jumpshot/or post skills?..Is he a project?(jobe)..Is he a difference maker?…Thanks!

  2. Trying to find that out, STL. Rob, not totally sure. I think he’s a bit raw, but he’s not Tijan raw. He’s really good defensively (so I’m told, because I haven’t seen him live) and he’s got trainers that are going to work on his offense this spring and summer.

  3. It’s sad that Dustin and others lost a lot of sleep and have spent the past 36 hours sitting and waiting on the decision of an 18-year-old. It’s also sad that this about the tenth time I’ve checked The Scoop to see if the kid has made up his mind. Guess we’re just looking for any kind of good news that would give us a little bit of hope for the future.

    I’ll check back at 7.

  4. I recommend you check back at 8, Hoosier.. lol, 18 year olds typically aren’t on-time.. obviously.

  5. I may have to cheat and take a breath between now and 7 this evening. If you hear a big exhale out of Cary, NC you will know from where it came.

  6. Anyone else feel that a 7 p.m. announcement tonight is good for G-town and bad for us? I would have felt better if Moses was announcing after visiting with Coach in person Tuesday.

    It sounds like Moses flirted with the idea of coming to IU but in the end is going with the campus he knows best. Just speculation on my part, but I will now be surprised but happy to see him wearing the candy stripes.

  7. Mike,
    I agree that this looks bad.
    He has a chance to meet with Crean in-person Tuesday but is pulling the trigger tonight.

  8. Mike and DCDave – I hope you’re wrong and being an optimist I’m thinking Moses just wanted time to tell the GTown family personally that he’s attending IU instead.

  9. I consider this another great study of the idea playing time matters more than anything to a recruit.

    If Moses chooses IU and he’s as good as suggested he will be a virtual lock to start and at the very least play significant minutes immediately.

    If he goes to G’Town, he’s walking into a tourney team that already has solid players, has a 2010 four start PF coming in and a 2011 four star PF verbally committed. His playing time is nowhere near a guarantee.

  10. Sam makes a great point. I guess we will have to just wait and see how much playing time means to Moses.

  11. As I mentioned in a post a few days ago, I spent 21 years in the DC metro area. The Georgetown campus has an intercity, big-city feel to it. Congested, political crime-infested city. I would not want my own kids attending school there. For someone coming to the US just recently, at a still young age, MA would do much better in the environment at Bloomington. IU fans would embrace him, as they did Jobe. He would be an instant hit, and the excellent opposing coaches in the league (Matta, Izzo, Tubby and Bennett) would immediately respect him. He would make IU a force in the league, and would fit nicely with the top players we already have on the roster. What more could an 18 year old, new the our culture, want?

  12. Sam, I think you have spelled out the factors that enter into the equation well.

    I think indicators, such as Moses being reported to be at the G-town NCAA announcement party, not making the trip to IU really in my mind signal G-town. I think he considered us but in the end people typically stick with what they know or are comfortable with.

    I give Coach credit for getting us an additional listen but I feel this one is over. I hope I am wrong. Guess we will find out for sure at 7 p.m.

  13. Maybe he would be afraid to play in such a restrictive system as Georgetown’s which severely hampered the superstar abilities of one Jeremiah Rivers. rivers is a flat-out stud whose brilliance was stifled by the GU handcuffs. He’ll show JT III once he gets to the NBA.

  14. Mike, I hadn’t heard that about him attending the NCAA party. That wouldn’t be a good sign. Is it 7pm yet? 🙂

  15. The only person with an uglier shot than Rivers, in my 5 years here in Bloomington, was Lance Stemler. That guy’s shot was so flat that Erick Suhr or Daniel Moore could goaltend him, no problem.

    In his defense, though, at least he could hit an occasional 3 pointer.

  16. Rob,

    You really wouldn’t want your children to go to georgetown?

    Listen I love IU but georgetown is on par w/ Ivy league schools when it comes to academics. I hope Moses comes to IU as much as anyone, but let’s not put down other schools. Let’s just hope Moses likes us a little bit more!!


    Georgetown, congested, crime infested inner city feel? Have you ever even set foot on our campus? I went to Gtown, love it to death, but it is the richest, safest, yuppiest neighborhood I have ever been in. I guess hot girls, laying out on the front lawn with swaying trees in the summer, walking through cobble stone streets and shopping in high end boutique stores on M-Street would just be too much for your kids to deal with. If you lived in DC for 21 years and think GTOWN is dangerous, you are a moron.

  18. Lol! When I read the Jeremiah Rivers comment as a reason this recruit should go to IU, I had to step outside to control my laughter and not bother my coworkers. The closest Rivers will ever get to the NBA is sitting next to his Dad at a game. I wish he would transfer, can you transfer twice?

  19. Matt,
    Whatever. You know everything being a GT grad, of course. DC is a wonderful city, no crime, no filth, no idiot politicians, no mayor drug user, no cement jungle there. Huh, uh.
    If GT is your entire world, good for you. Personally, I am pleased that I found there is much more to life than what you list and what DC has going for it. And yes, there are better options for my children than Georgetown, all things considered.

    Kob – just trying to make the point that for a kid like Moses, just coming to the US, the environment of a Bloomington would be a better fit. Yes, their academics are great, but do you think for a minute that is a criteria for Moses when choosing amoung the options before him? Do you think he has the ability to make it at GT? If not, he won’t be playing there for very long.

  20. I dont mean to burst anyones bubble, but, we are acting like MA coming in will immediately turn us into a terrific winning team. That is not going to be the case. Yes, I would love to see MA come to the 812, however, if he does not then we are okay. Lets not act like this kid makes or breaks IU. He is a great recruit, yes, but all this attention for an 18 year old who has been in the states 2/3 of a year is ridiculous. We have a team that needs to be developed- our best five to put on the floor this season seemed to be four freshman (Elston, Hulls, Watford, and Bobby) and a sophomore Verdell. We have Bawa who can develop into something great within our team. I dont know, I just think its silly to give an 18 year old defensive recruit this much attention.

  21. Josh – you may be right. But ironically you’re on this blog/forum reading about him and commenting about him… peace.

  22. Ironically? Irony supposes incongruity and discordance- What would be ironic is if I had been posting relentlessly resting my IU fanship on an 18 year old named Moses, while also trying to come up with clever parallels in Biblical times. Now that would be ironic- the fact that I check to see if he is coming or not- not irony. If you want to pick a fight then come out of your mothers basement and do it with real people. Don’t be a blogging tough guy. Nobody likes that. I am sure you have paused “world of warcraft” to see what I respond. Hope you level up!

  23. Sam – Georgetown’s 4 star recruit coming in 2011 is a teammate of his. Check youtube for highlights. He’s got some work to be done, but nonetheless, would be a great addition. Also, he’s got a teammate from the 2009 class at Maryland. A couple strong connections.

  24. Josh- I didn’t see enough “tough guy” language in that guy’s post to warrant your pretty harsh “tough guy” response (which included a token “mother” reference).

    Needless to say, I agree with you in not making too much of a stink about Moses. Everyone did the same thing a few years ago with Emmanuel Negedu, and the guy is now sitting on the bench at Tennessee with heart problems. I think that the most important recruits of Crean’s first 5 years will turn out to be the class of 2009 – the guys you named, plus Verdell. These kids are the real deal, not only because they all have high potential, but because they will probably be here for 4 years a piece, which brings tremendous stability and leadership to the program. I am telling you, once these guys get a little bit stronger and more confident, the wins and the recruits will take care of themselves.

  25. There is nothing wrong with getting excited about a recruit like Moses. This program needs every “win” we can get. We desperately need help in the middle and it sounds like this guy could lend a hand.

  26. I think that it is the opposite. Abraham has the oppurtunity to meet with Crean tomorrow however, is going to decide on us tonight and doesn’t need that extra time. He is taking so much time to allow Georgetown to get their time and not to rush into the IU decision. Call me an optimist, but that’s how I feel it will work out.

  27. Rob, What makes you say IU is a better fit? Do they not have big cities in Nigeria? Do they not have schools in Nigeria? What makes you think he can’t make it at GU? Please elaborate.

  28. Don’t worry Rob. Your dirtbag kids couldn’t get into Georgetown if the school spotted them 1000 points on their SATs.

    Georgetown campus has an congested crime-infested feel? Either you are stupid, or confusing the school with WG in Foggy Bottom.

  29. Col. Hans Landa- thats a pretty low blow calling somebody’s kids dirtbags. you aren’t making georgetown look any better

  30. I have no clue where the kid is going. I do know that Georgetown has a long history with kids new to this country. I’m not at all familiar with IU’s experience in the same regard. While I’m a Georgetown homer, if Mr. Abraham is a bit of a “project” (as I’ve seen him mentioned), I’d assume that he’d be better served from a basketball perspective by joining the Hoyas as every guy is not so much a position player but a well-rounded basketball player. Our offense requires that every player (at least ideally so) be able to handle the ball, shoot, run the floor, etc. IU’s system seems much more specialized from what I’ve seen. Not that that has anything to do with where Moses will end up, just an opinion.

  31. And to the poster that mentioned Georgetown having an inner-city, congested, big-city feel to it must never have either a) been to an inner-city part of a large city and/or b) visited Georgetown’s campus or anywhere remotely in the vicinity of the campus. Admittedly, there are some dangerous and run-down parts of DC but they aren’t anywhere near Georgetown campus. Personally, if I were a kid that just came to this country and I had any desire at all to learn about the country and what it has to offer, I’d take Washington, DC in a heartbeat. Who’d have any interest in the Capitol, the White House, Arlington Cemetary, the Mall, the Lincoln Memorial, the Kennedy Center, the FBI Building, the National Labor Relations headquarters, the National Gallery, the National Air and Space Museum, the Library of Congress, etc., etc., etc. Additionally, there are a bunch of other colleges and universities in the area meaning that there are college age kids all over the place. Now that I’ve written that out, that guy is right…. it does sound terrible in comparison to IU.

  32. Mr. Col Hans Landa (Great another Star Wars freak) is a GTown reject. He is bragging on Gtowns message board how “he is working us over”. Whats the matter Hans little hot under the collar? How do you guys let a run down, diet coke drinking flunky like Crean come to your town and steal your recruits?? Looks like JT hasn’t done a good enough job keeping an eye on his, “lock of a recruit” as far as your board see’s it. Dont worry I’m sure MA will end up at GTown but it was fun watching you guys squirm in your seats!!!! You aren’t working anyone over by the way, we can spot a Hoe-ya when we see one.

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