At 8:30 a.m., we hear something…

But not much. A source says that Moses Abraham pushed back his decision at least until today. At least part of the reason for that, the source said via text message, is that “Indiana is doing a great job.” The source said Abraham is talking to Indiana’s Tom Crean again this morning.

So when should we expect an announcement? No idea. The source said that’s “Up to Moses.”

I have to assume based on the time I was contacted, though, that there were a lot of us awake a lot later than the Abraham camp last night.


  1. Actually, it sounds like Georgetown was the team, but Crean’s making a very effective last-minute push.

  2. Jubilee,
    I will actually be very happy. I don’t want to get stuck with Yeguette or Wilkins. You know what is hilarious, is that the people who subscribe to the pay sites set around and wait for you guys to break the news.

  3. I wasn’t being sarcastic. I just know you would like this guy.

    Also, last night I didn’t enjoy the Georgetown people coming over here (might have been 2 or 3). I hate them now.

    If moses commits, does that mean yegette doesn’t have an offer anymore?

  4. I love how “Aruss” always posts right after “4tards,” who constantly tries to deny that he is Anuss.

    Where would this put our recruiting class if we get Moses? Yes, it’s only a 3-man class, but could we crack the top 25?

  5. Kitty Litter,
    You use that name because cats like to relieve themselves on you?
    If you would pay attention , Korman has already came out and said those were false accusations against me. I have nothing to do with Aruss.
    It would still only put one talented player in the class, so probably not too high.

  6. Yes, Aruss/4tards, I like it when people dig and leave surprises in my sandbox. Kitties always clean up after themselves, which is why they are superior to dogs.

  7. I equate this to every girl I asked to a dance in high school. There was more than one party involved and I had to do some hard convincing. “No, really my dad is letting me use his car.” “Sure I can get a date for your friend with the “good” personality.” “Promise, we are going somewhere nice for dinner after the dance.”.

    Anyway there was always a lot of lobbying, but didn’t always get the results I wanted. Here’s hoping Crean has better luck.


  8. Dustin, I appreciate the work that you guys put in to keep us (Hoosier fans)informed.
    Great work!

  9. The mere fact that Crean was able to delay the decision after Moses was seen at the Georgetown selection party is a victory in itself.

  10. If playing time is a major concern for AM, then he will come to IU. At GT, he could get overshadowed, and lose the spotlight. It will all depend on whether he wants to win right away, or can be patient for 2-3 years while rebuild and field a 20+ win team. AM will get that by his junior year.

  11. If Moses does sign with us, I surely hope that his post moves are smoother and quicker than his announcement. This is about as painful as a Todd Jadlow spin move.

  12. kurk81,
    There is nothing smooth about his post moves either, but he is a force on defense, which is something we need greatly. He can rebound also.

  13. Wow, a Jadlow reference? AWESOME! I wonder what he ever done with all his IU gear he became ashamed of?

  14. PB-

    When Sampson asked out his dates it usually involved a 3-way before the dance…Calipari tried to get lucky by letting his girlfriend cheat off an exam..She wouldn’t go all the way so he rudely dropped her in favor of taking his Kentucky Cousins to a dance. When you’re up against a Wall you tend to do whatever it takes…Crean has his good looks, a close friend that’s a doctor, and a pair of tickets in hip pocket to an ongoing production of Riversdance in Boston.

    Sometimes it just takes an Oscar’s performance…’cause it’s hard out here for a pimp.

  15. Playing time vs. Pedigree

    IU has the immediate PT and a real chance to make a name for himself. We could be a legitimate post season contender next year (NIT) if he is as good as advertised. In 2011, with MA as a soph, we’ll have a majority of guys with 3-4 years of experience and a guy like Carlino adding firepower. We could be very dangerous.

    Georgetown is Big Man U – and you can be sure some of those guys will be available to him. He’s had plenty of contact with them and probably feels very comfortable with Georgetown.

    It would be a tough call for any kid, let alone one who has only been in the US for a few months. His heart/gut probably say IU, but his brain probably says Georgetown is the wisest call. Trust your gut Moses!

  16. If Mo doesn’t make a decision today, it looks like he would be meeting face-to-face with CTC tomorrow. That’s the first day of a new contact period. I’ll like our chances much more if we get that far.

    FWIW, Randy Wittman is out here as an assistant coach to Flip on the Wiz. I wonder if he is helping Crean out.

    Thanks to DD for the late night work.

  17. Wow. I think if you want an example in how not to rebuild a program just look at Iowa. They should not have expected an immediate turnaround, especially given the level of fan support the program gets. Our game at Carver-Hawkeye this year was sparsely attended and the fans were disinterested to say the least.

    I wonder if Cody Larson, their 3 or 4 star PF recruit, signed a letter of intent for 2010. He is 6’9″ and 225 lbs. Might be a potential target.

  18. Good call Dave, a pick up like him would be interesting. Maybe Crean will hit the phones after the announcement, but Im not sure what recruiting etiquette 101 says about that.

  19. It would have to be initiated by the player.
    Don’t kid yourself, 4tards may like Moses as a player but he’ll be absolutely crushed if Crean manages to pull a rabbit out of his hat and sign him.

  20. If Moses want to help develop his skill set on the court he will be at IU. If he wants to ride the bench he will go to GU.
    GU has a top 50 PF (Nate Lubick) coming in next year and are a finalist for the #1 center of 2011 (rakeem christmas). Moses would get much more of an opportunity to show off his skills at IU.

    Come to bloomington Moses!!

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